Reading Reflection…Part 1 & 2

Hi Class! Post this week’s reading reflection to our blog. Aside from a brief retelling of the big ideas, be certain to make several connections to your reading. Finally, pose a question for others to answer with interesting ideas.

Post your second reflection here as well. If it is a continuation of last week’s book, simply reply to your first thread.

If you are reflecting on a new book, start a new thread.

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138 Responses to Reading Reflection…Part 1 & 2

  1. Drew says:

    The book I am reading is called MONSTERS AND VILLAINS of the movies and literature. In this book there are facts about common monsters such as Zombies and Dracula. One that I found interesting is the one about Hannibal Lecter. What this book does is it tells you facts about the monster or villains your reading about and how they came to be. When Hannibal was little he lived in a castle. That castle was called Castle Lecter and it was placed in Lithuania when world war 2 was raging on. One day he was with his little sister and they were attacked and had to watch as his sister was murdered and then served for dinner. So after that he was determined to track down his sisters killers and kill them. Hannibal does not kill at random he kills only those who offended him.

  2. Gabrielle says:

    Dana, Ashley and Brent all just met up again. Dana just came from the art drop in centre. They were all walking to find a place to sleep. As they were walking they got attacked! Four people jumped out at them from behind a dumpster when they were walking through the alley. Brent attempted to fight back but he just got horribly beat up! His nose just started pouring out blood all of his face and shirt. Ashley also attempted to fight back. She got thrown on the ground. The girl kicked her in her rib cage. Dana was to scared to do anything. A guy grabbed her hostage. Dana thought she was going to get punched in the face but the guy started rubbing her face and saying “You’re a little dirty but you would do.” What I Think: This book is very believable to me because that sounds like something that would happen on the streets. Especially in the United States. It has very violent cities.

    • Mr. Bell says:

      Thanks for your post Gabrielle. Why do you say the US has very violent cities?

      Please pose a question related to your reflection for others to answer. Perhaps something about the perception of violence in the US is a possibility.

    • Shaleyea says:

      It is a good book, but the ending is even better! If I was in that position, I’d try some kind of move that would surprise them so I could free myself, and try and help on of the others.

      • Gabrielle says:

        Dana is the kind of person the is to scared to touch a knife. Never mind I put that wrong she cuts herself.

  3. spencer says:

    Today I read about the world tallest living human. his name was Leonid Stadnyk and he was from Ukraine. He is 8 feet 5.5 inches.If I measured up to him I’d probably be just above his knees. I als0 read about the worlds heaviest smoking country. The contestants were Denmark at 28%, Spain at 28.1%, Japan at at 30.3%, South Korea at 30.4%, Netherlands at 32%, Turkey at 32.1% ( it would be funny to see a turkey smoke), Luxembourg at 33% (I’ve never heard of that place), Hungary at 33.8% (It’s a very Hungary Turkey), Greece at 35%, and the winner is, by 1.3%, Austria. (Hey I’m Bruno, Movie quote some of you won’t get it). What would you people say to the worlds tallest person if you met him?

  4. JaXs0N says:

    GWR 2013. The longest snake was measured 25 and two inches in Kansas City. The smallest type of chameleons is the tiny leaf chameleon which are around 0.87 and 1.86 iches from head to tail. The most slam dunks in sixty seconds is 22 by Zac the parrot. The oldest gymnast ever is 86. Her name is Johanna Quaas. Most body modifications is held by Maria Jose Cristerna, she has 49 Peircing. If you met Jahanna Quaas in real life what would you ask her.

  5. CASSIE SMILES :) says:

    My book is called No Dogs Aloud. In this story this girl named Kristine. She had a family horse named Dandy. It was a old sweet horse then it passed away Kristine said to herself she would never go near another pet ever again. Then on her birthday her dad surprised her with a puppy she was furious and with a new baby sister in the house she doesn’t like the puppy because shes scared of loosing her. This guy named Matt Green he wants a dog and asked to go over to Kristine house to look what her dog looks like. She doesn’t want him too and he shows up at her house and her dad let him to with out asking Kristine if its OK. So she and him are kinda getting along. But right before he came Kristine lost the dog and yelling for her and she didn’t name her yet so she mostly blamed it on Matt because she was thinking about him so she yelled why did Matt do this. Then the dog came so she said the dog mostly named herself because she came to Matt but he grandpa said thats not a girl name so she called her Mattie but she calls her Matt. Matt picks on Kristine a lot and calls her Curly Sue. What do you think you think they like each other like more then friends or enemy? Do you think by the end they will be a couple?

    • Mr. Bell says:

      Thanks for your post Cassie! It seems like they could be friends because many books and movies start with conflict that leads to friendship.

      Quick Fix:
      – aloud (out loud); allowed (permitted)
      – ‘kinda’ is slang; use ‘kind of’
      to / too / two (click the link for some practice)

    • sydney says:

      Maybe it is a very twisted relationship though.

    • Jada :) says:

      Why does it say No Dogs Aloud when there is a dog on the cover of the book?

    • melissa says:

      I think they will be a couple its obvious that they do indeed like each other.

    • emily says:

      I would think that Kristine and Matt will not be friends and not enimies. You know what I mean? They will just be people that know each other. but your book is quite interesting.

    • JaXs0N says:

      Probably, they seemed pretty happy I guess

    • CASSIE SMILES :) says:

      I’m still reading No Dogs Aloud. What happened so far was Kristine had shorts on and went outside because she had to play with her puppy. Her puppy was jumping up at Kristine legs and scratching them she said go away! But that didn’t work so she was heading to the sliding door and she didn’t know the puppy was under neath her so she accidentally slammed the door on the puppy and the puppy shrieked and limped away from her. She came back outside and said I’m so sorry and the puppy limped away farther. Then they took the puppy to the vet and the puppy had to get a cast so it would heal. Kristine kept on saying I didn’t mean to or say I didn’t mean to hurt her at all. But her mom said it wasn’t your fault. So they had to bring the puppy in every time it rained because they couldn’t get the cast wet. So it healed and they went on.

    • THEbAnAnA53 (Issac) says:

      I believe that they will become a couple. After a while I think they will get along.

  6. emily says:

    My book that I already read was lullaby. And it was amazing And quite funny too. When Geamma was going to the beach with her boyfriend ,Alex , she noticed something in the sky. They were birds… really big birds. Geamma didn’t want to think about it to much. But later on the birds were pen, Lexi, and Thea. the girls that were trying to take Geamma away. because when Geamma drank the drink that the other girls gave her Geamma turned into a beautiful girl. But when Geamma gets mad she also turns into a nasty monster type bird…. and turns into a mermaid!and they all had to stick together or they will die… weird. Anyway pen and the girls found Geamma and pen fell into mud. she tried to do her enchanting voice to make Alex to help her up. when she sang all Alex did was tell her that “why are you singing in the mud. That’s just weird?! what would you do if you were in a spell where you had do be with total strangers. Or you would die.

    • Mr. Bell says:

      Thanks for sharing Emily! It would be bizarre to always be surrounded by strangers, but that would be better than no one at all.

      Quick Fix:
      – Geamma didn’t want to think too much about it. (use ‘too’ for very/extremely)

    • sydney says:

      I would try to escape or I would probably die.

      • emily says:

        But when you are under the spell you basically get whatever you want. boys, get to go under water for as long as you want, and.. well I don’t think that you would enjoy eating peoples hearts because thats what you have to eat like 4 times a year, and you would have good looks… I guess. 🙂


      I would run away unless they treated me like I was awesome.

      • emily says:

        so you would be a girl??? because only girls would be under the spell. besides the girls would probably eat your heart. Because thats what they eat… BOY hearts!…. bye drew!!!

    • Shaleyea says:

      It sounds interesting..Is it anything like the other book where the girl would eat human hearts? Anyhow, if I was stuck in a situation like that, I would stay with the others because most often in life the road to success will be hard, but if you stay on track, you will receive the greatest achievements.

    • Jada :) says:

      So what does the monster bird thing look like? Just a big bird or what?

    • JaXs0N says:

      I would be with strangers I don’t want to die I have a good life.

    • Rayne says:

      I would panic and say “I’m gonna die!! I’m gonna die!! I’m gonna die!!”……..then I would die.

    • CASSIE SMILES :) says:

      It would be awkward and weird to be with total strangers or die. That would so weird.

    • DYLAN says:

      I would tell them to die then run away.

    • :) kayLA says:

      Well i would stick with the stranger because i don’t want to die but i w ould get them to follow e to try and undo the spell.

    • THEbAnAnA53 (Issac) says:

      I would rather not die. Instead I would try to get to know them better and maybe befriend them.

  7. Shaleyea says:

    The book I am currently reading is called Heaven. It is the conclusion to the Halo trilogy. Bethany and Xavier have long since begun a loving relationship. From his discovery of the fact she was an angel, to the time he rescued her from the fiery depths of Hades. After all the adventures they have been on, they decides to marry. What would her brother and sister think? For they too, were angels knowing marriage between a mortal and an angel was forbidden. There would be consequences. Now the couple are on the run, leaving their old friends and family without any notice to keep them away from danger. They now make their way for Ole Miss university under fake names, hiding from a legion of angels called the Sevens.
    So far, I find the book hard to put down. All of the plot twists, and such. Just yesterday I came upon one of the biggest ones I have read so far, Molly, Bethany’s best friend at her old town was going to the same university. The question is, will Bethany tell Molly the truth? The dangers that would come with just a few simple words are surprising, but what would you do in a situation like that?

  8. DYLAN says:

    This week I was reading Guinness book of world records. there is a man that owns a zoo and his zoo has over 6 albino animals the most in one place on earth. he has very fascinating animals he has an alligator,monkey,gorilla,,kangaroo,blackbird,hedgehog and a squirrel. I just find it super cool that he has that he got that much albino animals in his zoo.

    • Mr. Bell says:

      Thanks Dylan for your post. Can you go into more detail about what is cool regarding these animals?

      What question do you have for your classmates to respond to?

      Quick Fix:
      – When typing, a space is required after a comma, period, exclamation mark, question mark, colon, semi-colon, and so on. This creates better spacing for the reader.

    • CASSIE SMILES :) says:

      Thats super cool about all though animals there in his zoo.

    • shace says:

      I have a question do hedgehogs actually run fast like sonic?

  9. Jake says:

    at this point in my story the two hero’s and heroine have met up with a second heroine and are now resumed venturing forth to the next goal on there quest after defeating a monster (witch was defeated by there new friend). I predict that they will have to face something much greater then this monster as it is only half way through the book I cannot say exactly what it is but if I where in there shoes I would be careful

  10. Kobe says:

    My book is the Rangers Apprentice chapter 16. In chapter 16 this young man is delivering papers to the ranger and said who is that in corner and the ranger never replied. So the young left and started thinking who the man was in the corner and started asking people who is the rangers helper. And nobody new then the young man started looking for the ranger and started watching ever step the ranger. Made and soon as the ranger leaves his gonna sneak in to his house to be continued.

    • Mr. Bell says:

      Thanks for sharing some good details Kobe! Do you have a connection to the story or perhaps a prediction for the outcome?

      What question do you have for your classmates to answer about this book?

      Quick Fix:
      – he is (he’s) going to sneak (not his gonna)

    • Jada :) says:

      Does anyone have any names? Or are they all just a man or young man

    • Shaleyea says:

      Was this book “Halt’s Peril” or another one you have taken out? I don’t remember the scene of the top of my head, but then again, there are eleven books..
      And I just thought you might want to know how good the latest book, “The Lost Stories” is. Can’t wait until they get it at the school library so I can read it again!

  11. Jillian says:

    My book is called Sabotaged, the third book in “The Missing” syries. Sabotaged starts at the place where Sent, left off . Jonah. Katherine, and Andrea are going back in time to Viginia Dare’s time, (the real identity of Andrea), but on the way there Andrea drops the Elucidator, so now it’s gone. Andrea blames it on Jonah because he was the one who bumped into her, but Jonah realizes she is lying so she tells them why she deliberately dropped it. She says that the night before, a man came to her and said that if she did what he said, and typed in the numbers he gave her, she would be able to save her parents. Her parents had died in June one year before. My recomendation to the author (Margaret Haddix), is to not continue the same story plot throughout the two trips back in time, instead think of a new way to twist it, to make it less boring. Overall I would rate the book four stars (* * * *), out of five.
    My question: If you were Jonah, would you be generous enough to go back in time (and risk your life), to reunite a person back to there original time??

  12. sydney says:

    This week I read about MockingJay the last book to the Hunger Games series. It was really good there was a lot of drama. Katniss was going to kill Snow in front of everyone but instead she pulled the trigger at coin. Now she is under survallince and is being watched this is part of her ” hearing.” Then 3 and a half days later they released her and she was let out. She made her way back to district 12 with Haymitch. They lived in the victors village again and did the same thing everyday. District 12 was cleaned up from the bombing and remodeled. Katniss sat everyday by the fire waiting for something to happen. Her routine consisted of her long term friend coming in the morning going hunting, sitting by the fire and then her friend would come back and make her dinner. One day she heard a noise beside her house and she decided to go and take a look at what it was. It was Peeta Katniss had not seen Peeta in ages. As they both did a routine each day they became soulmates. Katniss finds a note in the maill adressed to her it was from her mother , ” My mom is not coming back.” As Peeta and Katniss think to themselves , ” Our children dont now they play on a graveyard and i want to keep it that way.” I think that they will make a sequel to the book to show what happened after. I just want the movies to be coming faster. The next movie does not come out until November 2014….. NO. I loved the series I thought it was amazing hands down best book for Stepinhie meyer. Would you want to be in the Hunger Games do or die?

    • Mr. Bell says:

      Great question Sydney! I am curious to see what your classmates will choose.

      Is a book more or less enjoyable after seeing the movie of it?

    • Jillian says:

      I would be in the Hunger Games if the rules were changed. Instead of dying you are “fake killed”, so like by a plastic knife, and you don’t get a tracker shoved into your arm.

    • emily says:

      I would make a hole in the ground and stay in it so nobody would know where i am. 🙂 It would be so cool to kill people though. so when they come around you silently kill you!!! haha victory!

  13. Jada :) says:

    The book I am reading is called A Series of Unfortunate Events The Reptile Room and it is about three orphans who’s parents were rich but died in a house fire (but that is in the 1st book that I didn`t read). So far in chapter 5 the children Violet, Klaus and Sunny discover that Stephano is really Count Olaf. But Uncle Monty thinks Stephano is here to help with the big trip to Peru and that he is Monty`s assistant. Later on in this book the children try to tell Uncle Monty that Stephano is Count Olaf but have no luck because Olaf is always close and with his knife.

    I think the children will get the chance the tell Monty but will miss it and it would end in disaster.

    My question is that what if Stephano is there to kill someone or something? Because he always has his knife.

    • Mr. Bell says:

      Thanks for your post Jada! What type of disaster do you see happening in the end? Has the book given any details about Olaf’s knife other than he always has it? The title suggests some type of tragedy and a possible location. I look forward to hearing your next reflection about your progress.

      Quick Fix:
      – who’s = who is (knock, knock, who’s there)
      – whose = belonging to or associated with someone

    • Shaleyea says:

      I don’t think I would provide any useful answer since I don’t know about the character as much as you do. Say that one of Stephano’s old enemies is in the area, and depending on his attitude, it is a possibility.

    • Jada :) says:

      A Series of Unfortunat Events
      *The Reptile Room*
      I was right! Stephano killed someone. He killed Uncle Monty. But I am not sure how he did it because there is a snake bite insted of a stap wound. I think it is weird though because it make no sence because it is a big snake bite and the only big snake is The Incredibly Deadly Viper wich is a misnomer. Monty said earlier in this book ,” The Incredibly Deadly Viper is the one of the least dangerous and freindliest animals in the animal kingdom.” But poor Uncle Monty was found in the corner on the reptile room cold to the touch, pale as snow and two holes the size of the Vipers teeth in his neck. The childeren were sad, mad and shocked at Stephano and Monty. And to make things worse then they already are, Stephano was still planing to take the childeren to Peru. He shouved them in Monty’s little jeepwith the childeren hoping it would not start but if you know Montgumery as well as I do, he takes care of everything and anyone. So Stephano was driving down the road at a very fast speed, when they crashed in to another car. Violet’s arm had been hurt but I don’t know how bad because it has not said. The other driver was Mr. Poe the banker that cared for the childeren at the start. Violet, Klaus and Sunny climbed out of thee car and ran to Mr. Poe. They tried telling him that Count Olaf was Stephano and even made him show Mr. Poe the tatoo on his ankle but was not there. Stephano can’t get Mr. Poe’s name right but it is funny.( Toe, Moe, Yoe) So Stephano lies and said that they are getting a doctor to see what happend to Monty and thats why they are going to town. Mr. Poe wants to go back to Montgumery’s house and see Monty and then call a doctor. So they all go back but Mr. Poe and the childeren walk because the jeep is too small to fit all of them. As they walk down the road a car pulls up behind Mr. Poe. It was the doctor that Stephano call. Mr. Poe was suprized that he came so fast and I was wondering, what if it wasn’t a doctor? Was he a friend of Olaf that was an actor? I found him very starang and not very efficient.
      I am just half way throug the book and I am still wondering, will they still go to Peru? Will Mr. Poe die an cold death like Monty? Thease are the questions that haunt me.

  14. Issac says:

    The book I am reading is called Cryptids and other creepy creatures. The book is about unsolved mystery’s around the world mainly concerning ghosts and strange creatures that have been spotted. My favourite one is the Ogopogo because I swam in the lake where it was supposed to be. If you saw something strange and no one believed you what would you do?

    • Mr. Bell says:

      Thanks for your reflection Issac, you question is intriguing. If I had no proof (a photo or video or another eyewitness) I would talk to only the people I trust the most about what I saw.

      How much truth do you believe exists in these mysteries?

      Quick Fix:
      – use an apostrophe to show possession (the mystery’s conclusion was unforgettable); words ending in ‘y’ such as mystery will drop the y and add ‘ies’ for the plural form (the book is about unsolved mysteries…)

    • Kobe says:

      If nobody believed me i would of went to the lake and try and get pictures and show it to the people. So they now he is alive.

    • JaXs0N says:

      I would get freaked out and try to keep nagging then I would just forget about it.

    • melissa says:

      I would wait for it to happen again and video tape it as evidence.

    • Jillian says:

      I would keep it to myself because if you were to tell someone they could think you are crazy, or they could become annoying and insistent on you showing them what you saw.

    • emily says:

      I would bring the creepy thing to the person and shove it in their faces! so they would believe me. 😀

    • shace says:

      i would just leave it at that if no one believed me

  15. serena says:

    The book I am reading is The Forgotten garden. It’s about a girl who got abandoned on a ship and arrives in Australia at a dock. The dock owners take her in and they raise her when they first got her she is 3 years old. On her 25 birthday they tell her the truth so she is trying to find out her real identity. When she dies her grand daughter Cassandra she finds out that her grandmother Nan was not part of the family she new. So she tries to find out who she really was. I think it is a good book because it is sad and it makes you want to keep reading and that you don’t want to stop. At the end of every chapter you want to read more because it ends with something that leaves you in suspense. If you were in Cassandras shoes what would you do?

  16. tyler says:

    The book I am reading is called diary of a wimpy kid. The book is about this kid and his two brothers. My favourite one is the dog days because. he meats a girl that he likes.

  17. Kelsey says:

    I’m Reading the face on the milk carton. The Book is about a girl who is kidnapped from when she was little. Now her job is to find out who her mother is because she doesn’t want to live with random people. Where I am in the book is Jamie [the main character] has now found out that the people who have “ Kidnapped” her and they are really her grandparents. Now she is feeling a little more comfortable.


    Why does Jamie trust her grandparents maybe they where lying and they arnt really related to her?

    Does Jamie really want to meat her family maybe they are mean and thats why she ran away?

    What would you do if you where Jamie?

    I like this book because Jamie is a very adventurous character and she wants to know things and she snoops around the house looking for what she wants.

  18. jacob salo says:

    this week i read about the cryptids and other creepy creatures with Issac. this book is about the unsolved mystery s in the world. I thought the big foot was cool because i know the guy who shoot the famous big foot. what would you if you saw big foot

    • Mr. Bell says:

      Thanks for your reflection Jacob. Do you think Bigfoot exists?

      Quick Fix:
      – words ending in ‘y’ drop it and use ‘ies’ when plural (mystery –> mysteries)
      – Begin a sentence with a capital letter.

      • jacob says:

        yes i do think big foot exists i have hared a couple of his calls and they where not wolves or any other animals and saw a print

      • jacobey salo says:

        yes i do believe he exists because i herd a two of his calls and they where not wolves or any other animals and i saw a foot print.

  19. shace says:

    READING REFLECTION: my book is ripley’s believe it or not!? In my book I read about one of the worlds biggest man made hole. the mir diamond mine in russia which has a 1,722 ft drop (525-M) the mine is a3,937 ft (1200-M) diameter equivelent to 12 soccer fields it has found Russia’s biggest source of diamonds and its so deep it takes mining trucks to get down. AT A SAFE SPEED.

    • Mr. Bell says:

      Thanks for that amazing record Shace! What are your connections to this record. Do you like mining, driving big trucks, finding precious stones? What question do you have for your classmates in relation to your post.

      Quick Fix:
      – titles are capitalized; depending on the format your audience expects, either the first word in the title is capitalized, or all of the main words are capitalized (Ripley’s Believe it or Not)

  20. Gabrielle says:

    I’ve started reading a new book! This book is called Brian’s Return. It’s more of a second book to hatchet. I have been waiting to read this book! I was excited to read it because I thought hatchet was a fantastic book. So far in the book though it’s not as interesting as I thought it would be. Brian was hanging out with this girl. She invited him to pizza. A boy a school likes the girl. It turns out he was walking past the pizza restaurant. As he was walking by he saw them together in the window. He walked in and slammed the door on Brian. Brian couldn’t find any those items to fight back with. So he used the palm of his hands. The kid got knocked on the ground and Brian kept palm punching him. The police got called so Brian got driven home in the back of the police car. Brian has a counciler now because of that. On the first day of councelling Brian was having a good conversation with him. Brian was saying he doesn’t fit in with the real world anymore, he feels he wants to go back to the woods. Prediction: I think maybe Brian will go back and live there considering the title is named “Brian’s Return”. My question: Do you think Brian will go back?

    • Mr. Bell says:

      Great retelling of your story so far Gabby! Do you suppose there is a trick in the title? What else could Brian be returning to?

      How would you make the story more interesting? What were you hoping for?

      Quick Fix:
      – use counsellor (noun) and counselling (verb) to refer to someone giving advice
      – a council is a group of people (usually elected) to represent others and make decisions

  21. Gabrielle says:

    So far Brian has ordered over 200 bows! He is slowly getting used to them. I am not sure why Brian ordered over 200. I would think though so he can get a lot of practise. He said he was getting use to using lots of weapons. Brian now goes to Caleb’s house every day after school. Caleb is Brian’s councillor. Every time they talk they have tea and talk about the woods. I would think after a while it may get a little boring. Or you would run out of things to talk about. Brian has started a check list of everything he needs for going back to the woods. He carries the list every where with him. He frequently writes down ideas. I kind of thought was funny how he wrote down tea. My question: Why do you think Brian bought over 200 bows all for himself?

  22. sydney says:

    I read twilight Breaking Dawn it is the best book ever!!. Right now

  23. sydney says:

    Right now there is a fight going to happen and they have to leave isleesme. They are going to have to come back and fight a bunch of newborn vampires. Bella wants to be turned into one so she can also fight. Right now she has to go off into the trees so one specific vampire will not find her veronica. She is scared and hurt she doesn’t now what to do. she wishes she could be a vampire so she could have elite skills maybe one day she thought. They will be fighting till the death. Then the Cullen’s come and tell Bella that they have to leave. Would you put your self through that situation.

  24. THEbAnAnA53 (Issac) says:

    The second book that I am reading is called Goosebumps LETS GET INVISIBLE. So far in the book there is a boy named Max and his little brother he calls lefty and at Max’s birthday party they go up into the attic of his house and find a mirror and it has a light on top of it and when he turns it on he goes invisible. If you found an old mirror in your attic (If you have a attic) and it turns you invisible what would you do?

  25. jacob says:

    this week i read about the goosebumps say cheese and die again. this book so far is really good this kid named Greg banks and his friends find a camera and that camera has special powers and when ever a picture is taken something bad happens every time . if i found that camera i would take a picture and see that it was evil and i would put it back and never touch it again unless if i had to grab it for something. then i would warn others to not touch it and hope they would believe me .


    My next book is called The Falcon’s Maltesers, by: Anthony Harowitz. In this book a boy named Nicholas and his brother Tim Diamond ( Actually the older brother’s name is Herbert.) Tim was a police man but got fired for directing some one to the nearest bank. it probably would’ve helped if he hadn’t held the door when he was coming back out after the man robbed it. So Tim went into the private detective business. When he gets his first actual case he flunks it right away. They went to spend all the money and he had left the envelope on the table. If you were his brother would you have grabbed the envelope?

    • Mr. Bell says:

      Thanks for your reflection Drew. What would you do in this situation?

      Quick Fix:
      – be aware of compound words such as: policeman & someone

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