September 24, 2018

September 20 – Thursday

September 19 – Wednesday

September 18 – Tuesday

  • Current Events (Wednesday)
    • Complete your editorial comic related to The Plastic Problem…be sure to sign your name on the front of your work…that way viewers can appreciate your cleverness.
  • Health Ed (Thursday)
  • Math (Thursday)

September 17 – Monday

September 14 – Friday

  • Have a great weekend!
    • If you need some ‘work’ to do, add a stanza or two to your poem about weekends.
  • Forms (ongoing)
    • 75% of forms have been completed and returned – well done!

September 13 – Thursday

September 12 – Wednesday

  • Many thanks for completing and returning the paperwork!
    • Click here if you ask, “What paperwork?”
      • Remember, there is no agenda fee for Mr. Bell’s class, and that there are two sides to complete on some of the forms.
      • Verification Forms (contact info) must be signed and dated, then returned.
  • Health Ed (ready to share Thursday)
    • Imagine situations that might prompt your amygdala to signal danger. Try to think of one situation where the danger is real and one where the danger is not.

September 11 – Tuesday

  • Welcome Back Letter
  • Forms – Please complete and return in a timely manner. Thank you! Be aware that some of the pages have information on both sides.
    • Our class will not be using the agenda. Instead, we will make our own version. Do not include the $9 cost of the agenda in your child’s school supply ($44) & Young Peoples’ Concert ($15) payment.
    • Make any changes to the verification form by writing them on the paper. All verification forms must be signed and dated.
  • DPA – Complete and return the off grounds Permission Form

September 10 – Monday

  • Physical & Health Education
    • BOKS
      • Off Grounds Permission Form
      • Sign up for the study if you are interested.

September 7 – Friday

  • Daily Physical Activity – BOKS study
    • Parents/Caregivers will receive an email. Sign up if you want to be part of the anonymous study.

September 6 – Thursday

September 5 – Wednesday

  • BOKS – Off Grounds Permission Form
    • Fresh Air Friday #1 is tentatively scheduled for September 7…will you be part of the squad?

September 4 – Tuesday

  • BOKS – Off Grounds Permission Form
    • Get it signed and returned so that we can explore our neighbourhood.
  • Full Day Tomorrow
    • See you at 08:30!
    • Dress for movement indoors and outdoors.