15 Grammar Goofs to Avoid – Here are some common mistakes to learn from.

Adjectives & Adverbs – Communicate with a richer vocabulary…learn and use these words!

Conjunctions & Transitions – Write compound and complex sentences. Join ideas in a more skilled manner.

Crazy Tales – Have fun, learn parts of speech, add to your vocabulary.

Frequently Confused Words
Frequently Confused Words 2

Good Readers…some suggestions

Importance of Pleasure Reading & Young Teens

It’s a Mad Libs World – Fun stories to practice parts of speech.

Library Search – Browse the MSES library online.Importance of Pleasure Reading & Young Teens

MadLits – Practice parts of speech, enrich your vocabulary, and have FUN!

Ninjawords – quick and simple online dictionary; provides useful synonyms

Paragraph Parts Poster

Reading Power – Resources to deepen reading skills and comprehension.

Subject – Verb Agreement Notes – rules and examples

Transition Signals – Make your sentences flow smoothly with transitions.

Visuwords – This is an unreal online dictionary!

Wordle – create word clouds

Writing Prompt Ideas – Here you find daily topics to write about & discuss.

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