Here are some useful links:

A Maths Dictionary for Kids – super site for terminology


Mathactive – many useful and interactive links

Wired Math


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  1. jordyn says:

    I think that voting online would be a better idea because it gives privacy to others by not letting other people see there vote if they don’t want them to.

  2. jordyn says:

    I think that voting at the age of 16 is a brilliant idea because 14 is too young and they may not understand it, but people who are 16 will understand it.

  3. jordyn says:

    I think that making people go to jail or to be fined because they didn’t vote sounds terribly wrong because people think that what people say on T.V is a lie and not going to happen. People also think its a waste of time and that they don’t care. It also sounds wrong in the first place.

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