March 13 (Friday)
Rave: Today’s first attempt in learning field hockey started slowly, but saw some players build skill by the end of the block.
Rant: Learning something new is supposed to come with challenges. ‘No-try’ and ‘Insta-quit’ do not change the feeling of something challenging.
Review: Be aware of Covid-19 information from the school district and the province during spring break. 

March 12 (Thursday)
Rave: The space vacation posters look great!
Rant: Only 3 out of 23 posters have been completed…tomorrow is the deadline. BTW deadlines matter when travelling in space!
Review: If your locker is full of laundry, take some home today rather than wait until tomorrow.

March 11 (Wednesday)
Rave: Our guest teacher has many positive comments about our class!
Rant: Effective time management is an important skill to develop. 
Review: If you are starting your break early, ensure your locker has been cleaned before you leave!

March 10 (Tuesday)
Rave: The lacrosse workshop was terrific…finally, a good reason to run with a stick!
Rant: Time management matters. The more you do during class (especially in high school), the less you’ll have to do at home.
Review: We swim Friday…get your gear organized.

March 9 (Monday)
Rave: Thanks to the person taking the time to organize the microphone headsets!
Rant: If you shut things down early this week, does this mean you’ll end your break early too?
Review: Clean your lockers this week!

March 6 (Friday)
Rave: Things we cleaned and gear was returned in a timely manner today.
Rant: Somehow we managed to muddy the floors in our classroom when we weren’t there.
Review: Grade 8 course selections are due Monday morning.

March 5 (Thursday)
Rave: Bus behaviour to/from the mountain was terrific.
Rant: Clean up and rental return at the lodge were abysmal….thus 20 minutes late.
Review: Let’s try to do better, tomorrow.

March 4 (Wednesday)
Rave: Today’s symphony presentation saw some enthusiastic student conductors!
Rant: Appreciated concert etiquette means bathroom visits at intermission or between songs instead of during the middle of a song.
Review: Tomorrow is a regular school day regardless of if you are going to Harper Mountain or going to MSES.

March 3 (Tuesday)
Rave: Mathmaticians could compare the benefits and drawbacks of solving a problem by drawing a scaled down model.
Rant: If you were to walk throughout a house with mud on your shoes, how would that end up?
Bonus Rant: If you were to iron on an apple sticker to a table or floor at home, how would that work out?
Review: VSS course selection forms are due back this week.

March 2 (Monday)
Rave: Looking forward to the positive feedback from today’s guest teacher.
Rant: Hopefully there is nothing to rant about…
Review: We have a guest from Valleyview Secondary coming to MSES tomorrow to talk abour grade eight.