December 18 – Tuesday
Rave: Our ‘machine’ ran smoothly this morning – well done!
Rant: If you need support for your ‘French in a Flash’  activity, see Mr. Bell…soon!
Review: Returning to school in the new year to a tidy locker is better than the alternative.

December 17 – Monday
Rave: Our first day in the Library was exceptional!
Rant: ‘IDK’ is not helpful when you are asked about your plans for this Friday’s field trip.
Review: Lockers must be clean before break…bring all laundry and food items home.

December 14 – Friday
Rave: The diamante poems about homelessness are fantastic!
Rant: If you are feeling unwell at school, don’t make others feel the same.
Review: When you are too ill to be able to attend to your learning activities throughout the day, perhaps staying home is a better option.

December 13 – Thursday
Rave: Today’s memory game in PE was fantastic!
Rant: If you miss a school day, do not expect to get caught up instantly. Be patient. Talk to classmates as well as your teacher. If you are well enough to be online, you can also check out the agenda section in our classroom blog. 
Review: Excitement for the upcoming break is growing, but does not justify poor, unkind behaviour choices.

December 12 – Wednesday
Rave: Our digital word wall building went extremely well!
Rant: Dry, indoor footwear is expected during this time of year.
Review: Swimming permission forms need to be returned.

December 11 – Tuesday
Rave: Our class was determined to green screen collaboratively – well done!
Rant: Our green screen ‘studio’ is small…but learners displayed tremendous patience waiting for turns.
Review: Circle graphs are due tomorrow.

December 10 – Monday
Rave: Today’s relay races were fun!
Rant: What make one think it’s okay to be profane in the classroom?
Review: Swimming permission forms are due this week…we swim next week.

December 7 – Friday
Rave: The ‘First Rate Lunch’ checklists are helping our eating environment.
Rant: The bookshelf sabotage continues…if you borrow a book, please shelve it properly.
Review: Take time each day to keep your binder and locker organized.

December 6 – Thursday
Rave: Reports went home today…great to see growth from all learners!
Rant: If you borrow a book from the class library, put it back on the shelf neatly!
Review: Dress for the weather…we are going outdoors for DPA!

December 5 – Wednesday
Rave: The floor has been surprisingly tidy after snacks and lunch…well done…for now!
Rant: If you are struggling, but unwilling to try a different (uncomfortable) strategy, you will continue to struggle.
Review: If $$$ is an issue for our class field trip to the pool, please let Mr. Bell know. 

December 4 – Tuesday
Rave: The data collecting for your graphing activities was fantastic!
Rant: The imbalance of our/your needs is unacceptable.
Review: Learning isn’t meant to be comfortable…there is discomfort when we don’t know something or can’t do something. Unwanted behaviour doesn’t make it easier.

November 30 – Friday
Rave: Today’s skate at the arena was delightful!
Rant: Nothing to rant about…well done!
Review: Permission forms for swimming went home today. Please return them promptly. Let Mr. Bell know 

November 29 – Thursday
Rave: This morning’s walk was terrific! It’s amazing how much more ground we cover compared to earlier this year.
Rant: Too many soggy students are not ready for the changing weather.
Review: We are skating tomorrow.

November 28 – Wednesday
Rave: 50% of the learners used class time engaged in expected activities this morning.
Rant: 50% of the learners were disrespectful and disengaged in expected activities this morning.
Review: Reflect on how one treats a guest to our classroom…

November 27 – Tuesday
Rave: The ‘Learner Cards’ were done well given the short turn around time to complete them!
Rant: Dress for the weather…some DPA will be outside throughout the year.
Review: Asking for help from your classmates and teachers is part of every learner’s job.

November 26 – Monday
Rave: Our game of obstacle-soccer was fun to play.
Rant: Bring your indoor shoes as soon as possible…the floors thank you in advance.
Review: If you are not reading because you do not have an enjoyable book, talk to Mr. Bell with you preferred topics.

November 23 – Friday
Rave: We had all the permission forms returned!
Rant: No need to be greedy when people are giving away ‘freebies’
Review: We are skating next week. Get your gear together.

November 22 – Thursday
Rave: The floor is being kept cleaner than earlier in the year – well done!
Rant: Stay tuned…it’s popcorn day!
Review: Tomorrow’s trip to TRU isn’t a luncheon…no need to visit concessions and vending machines.

November 21 – Wednesday
Rave: The pizza shop stories and book jackets are coming together nicely.
Rant: Despite starting the pizza shop story in October and ample working time since then, there are several unfinished pizza shop stories. Providing more time isn’t the solution; using time in class effectively is!
Review: Only a few permission forms to return for this Friday’s trip to TRU…bring them tomorrow.

November 20 – Tuesday
Rave: Bean bag juggling is fun!
Rant: There are still many permission forms to return before our class can go to the TRU event this Friday.
Review: Bring a pair of ‘inside shoes’.

November 19 – Monday
Rave: The integer spy game was fun!
Rant: Get your permission form signed and returned for the trip to TRU!
Review: If you’ve completed a learning activity after the deadline, be sure to get it to Mr. Bell…don’t simply throw it on the desk.

November 16 – Friday
Rave: ‘Twas a glorious day for exercise (DPA and skating)!
Rant: We have a FREE field trip next week requiring NO EQUIPMENT…get your permission form in.
Review:  Be ready to go outside next week while the gym is painted.

November 15 – Thursday

Rave: Our practice this afternoon was superb!
Rant: Maybe the school should start charging $ for extra copies…or we stop doing field trips.
Review: We skate tomorrow. 

November 14 – Wednesday
Rave: Rocks and Rings was fantastic!
Rant: Eat with dignity…being noisy isn’t okay.
Review: Wash your hands with soap. Cough and sneeze into your sleeves. Stay healthy!

November 13 – Tuesday
Rave: The class settled in for Books & Snacks in less than 3 minutes from the end of recess!
Rant: Be organized! Put learning materials away so that you can find them when they are needed!
Review: Look for your skates and helmet sooner than later…we skate this Friday!

November 9 – Friday
Rave: Well done artists & writers. Your efforts looked great in today’s assembly.
Rant: Some of the asinine lunch time eating behaviours crept back in the classroom today. Perhaps a live stream for parents to see could be arranged…
Review: School is closed this Monday. If you can get to the Remembrance Day ceremony this Sunday in Riverside Park, it’s worth it!

November 8 – Thursday
Rave: Today’s lunch eating seemed to work.
Rant: It’ll be interesting to see how much artwork we’ll have for tomorrow’s assembly.
Review: If you intend to enter your artwork or poetry in the Legion’s contest, your permission from is due early next week. See the link in our agenda.

November 7 – Wednesday
Rave: Operation Locker Clean was a success…it’s funny to see learners complain about the messes they created!
Rant: Four solar calculators sitting on a stand…one learner used it and off it ran…three solar calculators sitting on a stand…one learner used it and off it ran… If your child has collected our classroom calculators, please return them!
Review: Your artwork or poem goes on display at this week’s assembly (Friday).

November 6 – Tuesday
Rave: The ‘Choice Work’ this afternoon was terrific!
Rant: Some lockers need HazMat teams to clean them!
Review: We are skating next Friday (Nov. 16), get your form signed and returned!

November 5 – Monday
Rave: The first part of our class volleyball tournament was fun!
Rant: Perhaps the chalkboard in the opening of The Simpsons is the next step for some learners…
Review: Remembrance Day work is due this Friday.

November 2 – Friday
Rave: The science activity on chemical changes worked!
Rant: The dreadful behaviours at lunch continue. Time for Plan B.
Review: Our artwork and poetry for Remembrance Day go on display next Friday at our assembly.

November 1 – Thursday
Rave: Today’s PE game was fun and challenging…nice teamwork!
Rant: Today’s lunch hour and eating time was disastrous for many…why?
Review: If you are an active audience to unwanted behaviours (look at, smile at, laugh at, react to…), the behaviours will continue. It’s like when a parent reacts to an infant’s temper tantrum (like when an infant throws oneself to the floor, screams and yells), the infant will continue to do this to get attention.

October 31 – Wednesday
Rave: The Science-Art lab activity was well done!
Rant: Stay tuned…we’ll see how late learners stay up tonight and how much sugar learners eat…
Review: November is the stretch to term one report cards…show your best learning!

October 30 – Tuesday
Rave: We’ve got more than half of the accordion artworks on display.
Rant: There are almost half of the students yet to complete their accordion artworks.
Review: In your pencil case is complete, be sure to have it at school,  Wednesday.

October 29 – Monday
Rave: Today’s ‘Plan B’ eating time was peaceful…this shows that the group can behave in a reasonable, civilised manner.
Rant: We had to go to ‘Plan B’ because our class struggled with our guest teacher last Friday afternoon.
Review: This week marks 20% of the school year is behind us…we must be having fun because time is flying by!  

October 26 – Friday
Rave: It was a great week of supervision at recess. Students played joyfully!
Rant: Do the learners ‘draw’ in ink on the tables at home, too?
Review: Feel free to borrow any books from our classroom library. Kindly return and shelve them when you’re done. 

October 25 – Thursday
Rave: The volleyball serves have improved tremendously since last week!
Rant: Some students were not able to sign out library books because they have some overdue materials.
Review: Lunch time (eating) should be enjoyable for everyone in our ‘restaurant’. Patrons (learners) are to be seated and conversations (and behaviours) should not interfere with people at other tables. If you wouldn’t talk/act a certain way in a restaurant or at home, it mustn’t happen in our classroom. #reasonable

October 24 – Wednesday
Rave: The enthusiasm for our writing activity English is widespread, and the Block Game in French today was fun!
Rant: The ‘Recycling Rebel’  continues to put chocolate milk cartons in the wrong bin…and they do not RINSE them either!
BONUS RANT: Someone has removed (taken) many of the pushpins used to display our amazing accordion artworks in the hallway…if you know any details, let Mr. Bell know. 
Review: We have our book exchange tomorrow…if you are bored during ‘Books & Snacks’ and need some support to find something of interest to read, talk to Mr. Bell!

October 23 – Tuesday
Rave: The classroom was tidy after lunch today…well done!
Rant: Apathy, shoulder shrugging, IDK attitudes happen to all of us, but choosing to do nothing leads nowhere.
Bonus Rant: Banana chucking…future Olympic event? One wonders why some learners are ‘practising’ this during lunch time?
Review: Enjoy the fall weather comfortable…dress for chilly starts to the day, and warmth at the ends of days.

October 22 – Monday
Rave: Mondays are much easier with DPA/BOKS to start the day!
Rant: If we play first, then eat, why is there so much garbage on the MSES grounds?
Review: YPC concert #1 in one week…is your permission signed and returned?

October 18 – Thursday
Rave: For a short work week, learners had tremendous focus in class.
Rant: Get YPC permission forms signed and returned. If $ is an issue, please let the school know and we’ll find a solution.
Review: There is no school Friday.

October 17 – Wednesday
Rave: The accordion art on the board outside our classroom is amazing!
Rant: Do the learners leave partially chewed food on the floors at home too?
Review: Regardless of how much effort others put in to help learners during the school day and elsewhere, growth has to start with the learner taking action… 

October 16 – Tuesday
Rave: Perfect attendance for today’s class photo…hopefully all eyes were open.
Rant: Our class counting game couldn’t count past five.
Review: Kindness is easy to ‘do’ and it leads to more kindness.

October 15 – Monday
Rave: Everyone was active in our games of ‘Switch’ this morning.
Rant: Cold (& flu) season is gaining on us…be sure to prevent the spread of germs.
Review: Return permission forms for YPC series. Our first concert is at month’s end.

October 12 – Friday

Rave: ‘Twas as beautiful day to spend at the salmon run!
Rant: [no rant today]
Review: We will be outdoors for DPA  regardless of the cooler temperatures…dress accordingly!

October 11 – Thursday
Rave: Thanks to the giver of the popcorn!
Rave (Bonus): There were learners enjoying math word problems today…some even worked into the lunch hour!
Rant: There are still a few permission forms for the salmon run as well as the YPC that need to be returned.
Review: Dress for the weather at the salmon run tomorrow!

October 10 – Wednesday
Rave: Some learners are embracing challenges!
Rant: Some learners are not embracing challenges.
Review: Learning requires growth…growth isn’t comfortable. 

October 9 – Tuesday
Rave: Mr. Bell’s team won the contest during today’s assembly..too bad our class wasn’t on the same side of the gym!
Rant: Though long weekends are fantastic, getting back to routines is challenging for many learners.
Review: What will you be packing (and carrying) to the salmon run this Friday? Be sure to bring a snack and lunch as well as clothing and footwear to keep warm and dry.

October 5 – Friday
Rave: You could here the “Ah ha!” in class when we discovered some ‘Math Magic’…really it was a divisibility rule for multiples of 3, still, some learners were amazed!
Rant: If you borrow a book from our classroom library, please re-shelve it properly.
Review: Our trip to the Salmon Run is next Friday. Have you returned you permission form?

October 4 – Thursday
Rave: The pencil cases are coming together beautifully! Every learner is demonstrating perseverance – well done!
Rant: If you are not attempting the Problems of the Week, what do you need?
Review: Return your permission forms; it makes it much easier to organise field trips when forms are signed and brought back in a timely manner.

October 3 – Wednesday
Rave: Our sewing activity demonstrates that anyone can persevere when things do not go as planned!
Rant: Books & Snacks is a struggle for too many learners. Bring (or sign out) a book you want to read!
Review: We will go outside for physical activities even as the weather cools…be prepared!

October 2 – Tuesday
Rave:Our look at jobs and education was an eyeopener for some learners today when they connected minimum wage rates and post secondary tuition costs.
Rant: Some students were not ready for the elements at recess and lunch! 
Review: Thursday is photo day and early closure (12:20 dismissal).

October 1 – Monday
Rave: Thanks to the City of Kamloops for their presentation on recycling.
Rant: When the contents of a fruit cup are on the floor, what would a reasonable person do?
Review: An interim report went home last week. Please sign and return it. Let Mr. Bell know if you would like to schedule a time to meet.

September 28 – Friday
Rave: Orange Shirt Day!
Rant: Recess interrupted our awesome math activity!
Review: September Snapshots went home today…has your learner shared it with you?

September 27 – Thursday
Rave: The Terry Fox run was awesome!
Rant: There are too many students yet to record and submit their poem about weekdays and weekends…it’s slowing us down!
Review: Wear an orange shirt tomorrow if you can because #everychildmatters!

September 26 – Wednesday
Rave: Our first French class was fantastique!
Rant: At lunch, eat in a dignified manner…it’s surprising to think you leave rubbish on the floor at home after meals.
Review: Our Terry Fox Run is tomorrow. Bring a ‘Twoonie for Terry’ if you can.

September 25 – Tuesday
Rave: Students did a wonderful job discussing mindful and unmindful thoughts.
Rant: Many students need too many trips to/from lockers during the day.
Review: We are sewing pencil cases in our Applied Design Skills and Technology course. Students have been asked to bring an old pair of pants (or fabric if you are a sewing family) to build their own pencil case.

September 24 – Monday
Rave: Our first fire drill was better than most first tries…
Rant: …however, parents & guardians must get away from the building when the alarm sounds because…
Review: …safety rules apply to all and when adults follow the rules, kids do too!

September 20 – Thursday
Rave: Hoop Ball and Slam Ball were played with enthusiasm during PE today.
Rant: Several learners struggled to attempt both ‘Problems of the Week’ in Math; though it’s our first week of them, do nothing is not helpful.
Review: There’s no school tomorrow. With a long weekend disrupting our routine, get rested Sunday night and ready for a full week!

September 19 – Wednesday
Rave: All students turned in their editorial comic about ‘The Plastic Problem’ on time!
Rant: The bulletin board isn’t big enough to display the comics at the viewer’s eye level.
Review: We have our first library visit tomorrow. Encourage your learner to take a book for school and one for home.

September 18 – Tuesday
Rave: Students keenly developed their ability to find the average in a set of numbers…this will be useful for one of the Problems of the Week.
Rant: Stay hydrated…bring a water bottle to class…clean up your spills!
Review: All forms are almost in…well done!

September 17 – Monday
Rave: It was great to meet some parents after school. Thanks for stopping by!
Rant: Have a look at the day’s agenda, and bring your materials with you in a timely manner.
Review: Be sure to sign in at the office if you arrive late. The morning attendance is sent shortly after the 08:30 bell.

September 14 – Friday
Rave: Today’s ‘check up’ on too/two/to & their/there/they’re was a success for everyone!
Rant: Ample time to pursue learning activities is given in class. ‘Homework’ suggests you’ve wasted time during the school day.
Review: Stranger Danger – review safety strategies with your child.

September 13 – Thursday
Rave: Despite the cool weather, learners had a great DPA session.
Rant: Keeping the floor tidy at eating times is surprising challenging.
Review: Bare feet in PE is unsafe most of the time; wear your shoes!

September 12 – Wednesday
Rave: One-third of the forms were returned – well done! Plus, students remembered to inform parents that our class does not need to include the fee for the agenda.
Rant: Some forms have two sides. Some forms require a Yes or No choice (don’t check both boxes). All forms require signatures.
Review: If you aren’t paying for school supplies until a later date, please complete and return the form. Simply add a quick note to explain when your payment can be expected.

September 11 – Tuesday
Rave: We’re ‘in’ classes!
Rant: All students need to return the permission form to go off school grounds for Daily Physical Activity. Moderate exercise in our community is way more fun that laps around our field.
Review: We are trying a new agenda in our class using paper and a duo tang.  Students do not need to include payment for the school agenda.

September 10 – Monday
Rave: This afternoon’s grade games were fun!
Rant: Some grade 7 students struggle to eat in the classroom (throwing grapes, leaving garbage on the floor and table).
Review: Dress for moderate/vigorous physical activity…daily!

September 7 – Friday
Rave: Though they are eager to ‘get in classes’ the students have shown great patience and understanding while classes are configured.
Rant: Some students struggled to be respectful during today’s assembly.
Review: A letter and email went out today about a study connected to our daily physical activity program (BOKS). Sign up if you are interested in participating.

September 6 – Thursday
Rave: The amazing amount of students saying, “Thank You.” is heartwarming!
Rant: We start the day with 30 minutes of physical activity. Wearing footwear to move safely and comfortably is important.
Review: When forms are sent home, please complete and return them in a timely manner.

September 5 – Wednesday
Rave: Learners were open minded and able to complete reading and numeracy assessments today.
Rant: Permission forms for Daily Physical Activity off grounds must be returned.
Review: Talk with your child about setting some goals. Share them with the people that can help.

September 4 – Tuesday
Rave: It was great to see this year’s group of grade seven learners. Grade seven is an important year to set up and strengthen habits…learners are only one year from high school!
Rant: Though it would be nice to be in classes, we need patience this week as we determine who is here.
Review: Help your child get back into routine (especially eating and sleeping). Please return forms in a timely manner