February 28 (Friday)
Rave: The Short Film Festival recap was fun!
Rant: Made it without ranting!
Review: Soon to be grade eight learners…course selection is happening soon. If you are going somewhere other than Valleyview Secondary, you need to contact the school. VSS will visit us next week to meet with you.

February 27 (Thursday)
Rave: After some initial indifferance, mathmaticians were actively involved in today’s lesson.
Rant: 🙂
Review: As things thaw, dry and clean footwear is expected in our classroom.

February 26 (Wednesday)
Rave: Many members of the MSES community wore pink today!
Rant: …nothing to rant about…
Review: Be aware of head lice…

February 25 (Tuesday)
Rave: Problem solving using speed/distance/time is improving!
Rant: …staying the course of a rantless February…
Review: If you have a last minute ski/snowboard permission form and $, please bring it in tomorrow.

February 24 (Monday)
Rave: Most learners completed the poetry sharing activity!
Rant: n/a
Review: If you are struggling with learning activites, take action rather than wait to be rescued!

February 21 (Friday)
Rave: The line up after recess and lunch is faster than earlier this week.
Rant: It’s Friday…no rant!
Review: If you are ill, under the weather, feeling off…please stay home. 

February 20 (Thursday)
Rave: For the FIRST time this school year, all learners were in attendance and on time this morning!!!
Review: Readers have an opportunity each day to bolster their skills…be sure to have something desirable to read at school!

February 19 (Wednesday)
Rave: The HTML workshop was informative.
Rant: Nothing…yet.
Review: We start the day with physical activity…dress for it (including appropriate footwear).

February 18 (Tuesday)
Rave: Investors had a good start on building their portfolios…who will be the Room 200 Tycoon?
Rant: Nothing to say…it has been a good start to a shortened week.
Review: Ski trip forms are due this week.

February 14 (Friday)
Rave: Some poets completed and turned in fantastic ‘I Heart Poetry’ anthologies.
Rant: …
Review: If you ‘left it (your work) at home’ be sure to bring it the next school day.

February 13 (Thursday)
Rave: The afternoon work block saw tremendous productivity!
Rant: Nothing to say.
Review: Tomorrow, if you choose to bring cards or treats (be aware of peanut allergies) and they are not for all classmates, please exchange privately. 

February 12 (Wednesday)
Rave: The ‘I Heart Poetry Anthologies’ are looking great! Hopefully all learners reach Friday’s finish line.
Rant: N/A
Review: Be mindful to wash your hands given all of the common things we touch during the school day (computers, basketballs, doorknobs…)

February 11 (Tuesday)
Rave: The hands on math activity about surface area and volume saw many engaged learners.
Rant: Nothing worth calling a rant.
Review: What are your plans for the skiing trips – in or out?

February 10 (Monday)
Rave: I Heart Poetry books are nearing completion and the writing is very good!
Rant: Almost had to rant about the floor today…
Review: Indoor footwear keeps our classroom smelling better than soggy shoes do.

February 6 (Thursday)
Rave: Classes lining up outside after breaks is calming the hallways.
Rant: Nothing to rant about…
Review: Our school’s snow safety rules and expectations haven’t changed…organize your ‘snow throwing/kicking’ at home on your time.

February 5 (Wednesday)
Rave: Students are demonstrating superb engagement with learning activities.
Rant: Day 3…no rants to mention.
Review: It’s still winter…indoor shoes make a difference in class for our safety. 

February 4 (Tuesday)
Rave: Choose Your Own ‘Word-venture’ is shaping up to be a fun activity – we share them tomorrow!
Rant: Day 2 of ‘Rantless February’…stay tuned.
Review: As we complete various activities for the film festival, please look for areas you can grow your skills and behaviours.

February 3 (Monday)
Rave: Your lay ups are improving!
Rant: It’s ‘Rantless February’ – we’ll see how it goes.
Review: We have our weekly visit to the library tomorrow.