January 31 (Friday)
Rave: Popcorn eaters kept the floor tidy – well done!
Rant: Books & Snacks seemed like Snacks & Snacks today.
Review: We’ve completed 50% of our journey…what successes have you achieved? What do you want to achieve next?

January 30 (Thursday)
Rave: Learners are creating some eye-catching infographics for healthy living and a healthy planet.
Rant: Some learners forgot the last part of last week’s math problems.
Review: Come to class prepared with your materials…the day’s agenda is posted.

January 29 (Wednesday)
Rave: Thanks to the students arriving to class prepared!
Rant: Being in class is important…being in class with your materials is better!
Review: Doing something is essential to achieving something.

January 28 (Tuesday)
Rave: The area & perimeter activities saw students engage in excellent discussions.
Rant: Unless one can share or show thinking (or produce something), it’s challenging to assess and give feedback…in other words, do your work and hand it it!
Review: If you hear/see students misusing our school (e.g. bathrooms), please let me (or someone at the office) know about it.

January 27 (Monday)
Rave: The classroom was clean and tidy after eating times today – well done!
Rant: The day’s events are posted on the board. Come to class prepared with your materials and tools.
Review: We have our visit to the library tomorrow…bring your books to return and renew.

January 24 (Friday)
Rave: Many ‘GreenLoops’ proposals were presented with confidence today.
Rant: Despite ample time, opportunity, and support, some learners were only partially done their proposals.
Review: The fields are soggy…stay dry or bring extra attire!

January 23 (Thursday)
Rave: Mathematicians were engaged in this week’s problems.
Rant: Sticking stickers on classroom counters is ill-advised!
Review: Playing in giant puddles during breaks makes our classroom stink!

January 22 (Wednesday)
Rave: Our latest version of Fiction 55 is producing some of the best writing (so far)!
Rant: Safety expectations such as, “Leave the snow on the ground,” and “Stay off the snow piles,” are non negotiable! 
Review: There was plenty of time to work on your learning activities…was there plenty of progress on your part?

January 21 (Tuesday)
Rave: Many thanks to the kind learner for cleaning up after the messy classmates at lunch today!
Rant: Take your belongings with you at breaks!
Review: Using time wisely gets things done in a timely manner.

January 20 (Monday)
Rave: The current events discussions in groups were insightful.
Rant: If you do not like pineapple on your pizza, you needn’t pick it off and throw it on our floors.
Review: Friday is the completion day target for your GreenLoops proposals.

January 17 (Friday)
Rave: We survived a week of indoor breaks. Expect to be outdoors next week.
Rant: Looking at the speaker is an important part of listening.
Review: Some lockers need cleaning (and we are only 2 weeks into the new year). 

January 16 (Thursday)
Rave: Despite being indoors so far this week, learners are finding enjoyable activities during breaks while also displaying terrific behaviour in the classroom.
Rant: Cabin fever is growing…hopefully it warms up enough to get outdoors at breaks.
Review: Friday is the last chance to publish your Winter Break Weekly paper.

January 15 (Wednesday)
Rave: Today’s Book Creator workshop was terrific – learners added a new tool to their collection…let’s see what they do with it!
Rant: Will you have attempted to solve the Problems of the Week? They are due tomorrow, yet many students have done nothing this week.
Review: Hopefully the temperature warms up so you can play outdoors at breaks…dress for the conditions!

January 14 (Tuesday)
Rave: The Winter Break Papers have improved – thanks for contributing feedback to your classmates!
Rant: Being inside all day doesn’t mean our work space can be messier.
Review: Plan some ideas for tomorrow’s story writing workshop!

January 13 (Monday)
Rave: Learners had excellent behaviour during today’s ‘in’ day. 
Rant: We may have several ‘in’ days this week.
Review: Bring activities from home if you are easily bored. Besides, “Boring is as boring does!”

January 10 (Friday)
Rave: The publishers that met the deadline have some sharp looking products!
Rant: Trying to win a staring contest with a screen is pointless (unless the battery is about to run out). Not knowing what to do is different than choosing not to do.
Review: Do not assume you will be inside next week. Be prepared to go outdoors. Emergency procedures are followed in all weather conditions.

January 9 (Thursday)
Rave: Mathematicians showed some excellent strategies with today’s guest presenter.
Rant: Take your belongings with you when departing the classroom at recess and lunch.
Review: Thinking time is important. So too is producing items to display, present, and turn in.    

January 8 (Wednesday)
Rave: Learners were excellent ‘curlers’ during Rocks & Rings today!
Rant: When moving to a preferred place to work on your activities, the location you choose must result in better work habits. 
Review: If you are unable to find a book to read from our shelves, bring one from home or let Mr. Bell know some topics you find interesting.

January 7 (Tuesday)
Rave: This week’s interview activity is engaging most learners.
Rant: Rule breakers are seeking attention. Rather than give them an audience, help them get support.
Review: If you have soggy feet, socks, pants… pack some extras that you can change into (or stop the actions that get you soaked). 

January 6 (Monday)
Rave: This morning’s interview activity was terrific!
Rant: We couldn’t sustain this morning’s energy throughout the day.
Review: Indoor shoes are an important safety consideration for physical activity in the gym; boots mark up the floor.