December 20 (Friday)
Rave: Our door achieved 3rd place! Well done!
Rant: Why would someone in our class leave a sucker stick on the underside of a table?
Review: Enjoy your break…try to get back to a school routine (eat, sleep…) before January 5th!

December 19 (Thursday)
Rave: The Celebration of Learning links are getting sent!
Rant: Bring a note from a parent if you are injured and unable to participate in PHE.
Review: Last chance locker cleaning is Friday.

December 18 (Wednesday)
Rave: Our cat & mouse game with basketballs went well!
Rant: Why would anyone leave bits of sandwich on the underside of our tables?
Review: Only a couple of days remain to get the lockers cleaned.

December 17 (Tuesday)
Rave: The latest Fiction 55 stories show growth since September – well done, writers!
Rant: Take care of your tools…put pencils in your locker rather than ask for a new one daily.
Review: You digitally formatted Celebration of Learning goes ‘home’ tomorrow…be sure to get an email address to send it to. 

December 16 (Monday)
Rave: We had a strong start to the week…learners were engaged in their activities.
Rant: Our walk was fragmented..how can we keep the group together? Or, is two walking groups the solution?
Review: Return your library books…clean your locker…before week’s end.

December 13 (Friday)
Rave: This week, the morning PHE activities had excellent student participation!
Rant: We are almost out of comedians and jokes for our door.
Review: You’ll need a clean locker by the end of next week…make a plan!

December 12 (Thursday)
Rave: The teamwork on display when adding and subtracting decimals was great!
Rant: Indoor shoes are expected. Puddles in our classroom and halls are unsafe.
Review: If you have questions about next week’s test on decimal numbers, fractions and percentages, please ask them sooner rather than later! 

December 11 (Wednesday)
Rave: Our ‘Magic Circle’ skills were fun to watch develop in PHE today.
Rant: Is there an ideal field trip (no/low cost + 100% participation + connected to curricular goals)?
Review: Indoor shoes are expected…Winter boots are cumbersome and tend to mark up the floors.

December 10 (Tuesday)
Rave: Reflections on your book talks are insightful and interesting!
Rant: Progress requires challenge.
Review: We are swimming tomorrow.

December 9 (Monday)
Rave: Our first ‘basketball’ activities were terrific!
Rant: Leaving a mess in our learning space is unacceptable…sandwich crusts on the floor, paper towel in the sink drain…what connection are these people needing?
Review: We swim Wednesday.

December 6 (Friday)
Rave: Learners shared thoughtful insights about the driveway paving stones problem of the week.
Rant: Our morning walks needn’t serenaded with shouting and screaming.
Review: If you have 2 weeks of locker cleaning to do, get started Monday!

December 5 (Thursday)
Rave: Our door decor is hilarious!
Rant: Some comedians heed to hurry up…they are going on stage soon!
Review: Dress for outdoor physical activity (especially when the gym is unavailable).

December 4 (Wednesday)
Rave: The digital version of your celebrations are excellent.
Rant: December is a challenging month for many people…kindness is easy!
Review: Our swimming trip is one week away…get your permi$$ion form signed and returned (even if you are not swimming).

December 3 (Tuesday)
Rave: We did the long walk this morning – well done!
Rant: MSES is a busy place right now, ask questions when you have missed something(s).
Review: The second round of ‘Problems of the Week’ is a fresh start. Build your skills based on your experience from the first round.