November 28 & 29 (Thursday & Friday)
Rave: Students are enjoying many opportunities at school.
Rant: We haven’t had a ‘Perfect Class Picture’ yet this year.
Review: Get your swimming permi$$ion forms returned.

November 27 (Wednesday)
Rave: Our first Celebration of Learning was exciting to watch unfold…the little learners loved seeing all that you’ve done.
Rant: When playing tag, not making an effort to move (aka getting tagged on purpose) does not abide by the spirit of the game.
Review: It’s cooling down outside…be ready for our walk tomorrow!

November 26 (Tuesday)
Rave: The collections of learning activities for tomorrow’s celebration look great!
Rant: Time management is proving to be troublesome for some learners.
Review: Celebration of Learning displays will be up after school for people to see.

November 25 (Monday)
Rave: This morning’s tag games saw excellent performances by all participants!
Rant: Several authors have yet to send their writing to the printer…our class’s book signing is in two days!
Review: Non swimmers are asked to return completed permission forms (no charge) so that they can ride the bus to the TCC when the intermediate classes are swimming.

November 22 (Friday)
Rave: This morning’s walk was delightful.
Rant: Take your belongings with you at breaks.
Review: Are your learning activities  ready to share at our celebration next week?

November 21 (Thursday)
Rave: The Fiction 55 listening/drawing was outstanding!
Rant: Some of the Fiction 55 stories were unfinished.
Review: Our concert is soon, use rehearsal time effectively.

November 20 (Wednesday)
Rave: Today’s presentation about vaping was informative and the audience was excellent!
Rant: Imagine if the school day started ‘whenever’ and had no specific end time…deadlines matter!
Review: Wash your hands…often…the colds are creeping in.

November 19 (Tuesday)
Rave: The 48 Hours Without Power stores are a hit!
Rant: If only all of the stories (above) were done…
Review: Our celebration of learning is next week. Hopefully you’ll have a buffet of items for viewers to appreciate.

November 18 (Monday)
Rave: Our routines were excellent this morning. 
Rant: The ants are enjoying the food left on the floors.
Review: We have our library visit tomorrow.

November 15 (Friday)
Rave: Our passenger behaviour on the bus was excellent!
Rant: If only we’d had watched TRU volleyball before we started playing it earlier this year…
Review: Our celebration of learner is near…be sure you have some of your learning activities ready to put on display.

November 14 (Thursday)
Rave: Our audience skills were terrific at today’s fantastic KSO concert.
Rant: Taking action is essential for growth to happen…doing nothing achieves nothing.
Review: We are at TRU through the lunch hour tomorrow…pack your food.

November 13 (Wednesday)
Rave: Our ‘Just Talk About It’ activity is going well!
Rant: We agree to the desired behaviours during lunch eating time…contribute your part.
Review: Get your Youth Remembrance entries submitted by Friday’s deadline.

November 12 (Tuesday)
Rave: No one got frostbite during today’s walk (despite many predictions from learners).
Rant: Dress for the weather…we will be outdoors for DPA/BOKS every other day unless it is unsafe to do so.
Review: Our presentation of learning is approaching…will you have your learning activities ready to put on display?

November 7-8 (Thursday & Friday)
Rave: Many positive words of feedback were left by your guest teacher – well done!
Rant: There were some disrespectful behaviours during the Remembrance Day assembly…it’s only A Pittance of Time.
Review: Your 48 hours without power stories are headed to the printer soon…stay on track to meet deadlines.

November 6 (Wednesday)
Rave: Our group’s audience behaviour was excellent during today’s presentation!
Rant: When one asks to ‘work’ with a specific classmate, be sure to know the definition of ‘work’.
Review: Here’s a link to the website mentioned by today’s speakers.

November 5 (Tuesday)
Rave: Our group is extremely polite; it’s great to hear so many learners say, “Thank You.” when things are given to them!
Rant: Be sure to visit the washrooms before and or after breaks…it seems like some learners are using the loo to avoid classroom responsibilities.
Review: ‘Tuning out’ can be problematic when instructions are delivered.

November 4 (Monday)
Rave: For a brief moment this morning, all learners were in attendance at the same time – the first time this year!
Rant: Despite posting the day’s agenda, many students show up to class unprepared…bring you tool box to the job site!
Review: There are three permission forms going home today. Thanks in advance for completing and returning them quickly.

November 1 (Friday)
Rave: The ‘Day After Halloweeners’ were terrific! We had a productive day.
Rant: 30% of learners were absent today.
Review: Take care of your lockers if you’d like to continue using them.