October 31 (Thursday)
Rave: The results from the ‘check up’ on integers were impressive.
Rant: We will try some new strategies when learners do not clean up their spaces.
Review: Limit your sugary treats at school…a tween’s growing body and sugar spikes/crashes is not an ideal learning setting. 

October 30 (Wednesday)
Rave: The class showed impressive volleyball spiking skills for its first try.
Rant: When we do group work, be sure to contribute your knowledge and/or ask questions.
Review: Be mindful of the costume rules at school.

October 29 (Tuesday)
Rave: Today’s concert behaviour was terrific.
Rant: Clean up before leaving the classroom at breaks.
Review: It’s colder…we’re still going outdoors for walks, jogs and games.

October 28 (Monday)
Rave: There were many positive comments from today’s guest teacher.
Rant: The clean up at day’s end was unimpressive.
Review: Dress for cooling temperatures…we will go outdoors for PHE as long as it’s safe to do so.

October (Thursday)
Rave: Many students are doing a great job on the Book Talk Hooks.
Rant: If you know something, be sure to show it so that we spend more time learning more things.
Review: There are no classes tomorrow…see you Monday.

October 23 (Wednesday)
Rave: The BOKS training was terrific!
Rant: Nameless papers are not useful.
Review: There is a ‘Check Up’ (quiz) about integers next week.

October 22 (Tuesday)
Rave: Many learners shared details about the election results – well done!
Rant: It’s obvious when you are struggling…not trying is not an option. Asking for help and trying something new are good places to start. Do not expect success on your only attempt at something.
Review: When you are unsure…look around you…there are many learners doing the right things.

October 21 (Monday)
Rave: The walk had a great pace this morning.
Rant: Raisin lovers need to find their mouths rather than the floors.
Review: Doing something gets you somewhere…doing nothing goes nowhere.
October 18 (Friday)

Rave: Students participated in Student Vote’s parallel election…how will their results compare with Monday’s election?
Rant: Stack the 6-7 chairs in the four corners of the room at day’s end.
Review: Many students do not have permission to go to the YPC performance on October 29.

October 17 (Thursday)
Rave: Though the school was slower, our class’s behaviour during today’s fire drill was excellent.
Rant: ‘Books and Snacks’ (after recess) requires two parts.
Review: Do not wait for the last minute to submit permission forms (e.g. YPC)…if you have lost a form, talk to Mr. Bell.

October 16 (Wednesday)
Rave: Mathematicians found many interesting ways to find the sum 4 by adding integers. 
Rant: Different results occur when different actions happen…try something new to promote growth.
Review: If you are unable to participate in Physical and Health Education activities due to injury, a note is required from a parent.

October 15 (Tuesday)
Rave: Learners were on track this morning (which doesn’t usually happen after a long weekend) – well done!
Rant: Diners seem to think a school dining room is different than all of eating places…it’s not…no need to jump on chairs, roll on table tops,nor visit other classrooms.
Review: Share your Six Week Snapshot at home…get it signed and returned. 

October 11 (Friday)
Rave: Today’s assembly saw students behave extremely well.
Rant: Some learners saw no growth in French today by their own doing.
Review: There is no school Monday and next week’s book fair cancels our Tuesday visit.

October 10 (Thursday)
Rave – Today’s fire drill was almost excellent.
Rant – The day’s agenda is posted…be prepared for class…always bring a writing tool.
Review – Unless you are a lunch monitor, you are expected to eat in our classroom, seated, at a table.

October 9 (Wednesday)
Rave – The mini volleyball games showed improved passing skills compared to last week!
Rant – If you put in the effort to hide your mess on the floor, why not use that same effort to clean it up instead?
Review – It’s cool in the mornings…dress for outdoor physical activities. 

October 8 (Tuesday)
Rave – Students remembered to bring their library books.
Rant – Simply being in the classroom does not guarantee growth or learning…taking new actions in response to feedback is a better strategy.
Review – Learners needing more support are encouraged to work with Mr. Bell during ‘Books & Snacks’. Let him know when you need some support.

October 7 (Monday)
Rave – The entire group was in a terrific reading mood during books and snacks.
Rant – Many minds were unavailable during  Math today.
Review – Photo day is tomorrow…we won’t overdo it during PHE so that your smiles aren’t sweaty.

October 4 (Friday)
Rave – The volleyball skill slides are looking impressive.
Rant – Follow the directives for your volleyball skill slides; some are missing key details.
Review – Photo day is next week (Tuesday).

October 3 (Thursday)
Rave – Looking forward to the positive feedback from today’s guest teacher.
Rant – What ‘unexpected’ behaviour will happen?
Review – Learners are dismissed at 12:30 Friday.

October 2 (Wednesday)
Rave – Learners were prepared and purposeful today.
Rant – Diners left many items behind when leaving the room.
Review – Notice the election signs, read the paper, listen/view others, then share your information about the upcoming election in class.

October 1 (Tuesday)
Rave – We completed one-third of the FSA.
Rant – Some learners are struggling with unkind and unsafe behaviours during breaks.
Review – Be sure to complete two or three sections of ‘Booktalk Hooks A-Z’ every week.