September 30 Everyone was able to login to the DEWRS survey! There were too many spectators during PHE this morning. We are outdoors for PHE tomorrow…dress for the conditions and physical activity.
September 27 The bump passes in volleyball are showing improvement. Dress for the weather…we begin each day with physical activity. Our library book exchange is Tuesday…bring your returns if you want new titles.
September 26 The second set of ‘Problems of the Week’ saw more growth than the first. Routines are made to help…use our posted agenda to come to class prepared. Be sure to take the letter about the DEWRS survey home and give it to a parent/guardian.
September 25 Today’s digital literacy/safety presentation was informative. Some diners are struggling during lunch time in the classroom. Problems of the Week are due tomorrow.
September 24 The extra day off did no upset our routines too badly. Take all belongings with you at breaks! Wash your hands regularly. The ‘germs’ are invading our ranks.
September 20 The 55 word story sharing was excellent! Though improved, the classroom is not clean at breaks. There is no school Monday.
September 19 Our morning walk was sunny! The classroom (post lunch) was not cleaned adequately.  What reaction do people in your household have to recent election news?
September 18 Books and Snacks was splendid! Clean your eating spaces before leaving the room. Get today’s handouts home.
September 17 Our first visit to the library was today! Some learners chose to avoid rather that attempt during learning activities, today. Clear your tables at every break.
September 16 The player cards are looking great! Some learners’ eating behaviours are unacceptable. We are outdoors Tuesday and Thursday for DPA/BOKS.
September 13 The MSES Terry Fox Run was outstanding! Thanks for the students’ help! Straw wrappers aren’t floor decor! If you are bringing your own school supplies, have them here next week.
September 12 Participation during PHE was excellent! Some mathematicians were reluctant to try. Friday…run, walk or jog 09:00
September 11 There were many great contributions during 2019 Election discussions. Working smarter requires new strategies. Try it! Get your off MSES grounds permission form signed and returned.
September 10 Your questions in Math were great! It didn’t seem like the day/date plan was too interesting. Forms… Forms… Forms…
September 9 Our whole class art activity started off splendidly. Soggy fields with long grass are not fun. Get forms signed and returned promptly.
September 6 Assembly behaviour was impressive. It was warm in the gym during the assembly. Go to your class starting Monday.
September 5 Four 4s went well! Clean containers before recycling. Wear footwear for safe, physical activities indoors and outdoors.
September 4 BOKS activities were fun! Clean up your mess when you make one. Bring a toonie for Terry if you can.
September 3 It was wonderful to see this year’s Grade 7 learners. 90 minutes flew by quickly. Bring ideas for BOKS playlists.