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  1. damien says:

    with 1 rainfall a cactus can live for several years

  2. shaleyea says:

    Deep in the ocean,it’s too cold for plants to grow. Instead the fish and other animals take in the chemicals that form around under water volcano’s. Over the years the animals have adapted to this and live off the chemicals.

  3. sydney says:

    -fox’ s have huge ears too keep them cool,desert
    -vents spew hot chemicals out,ocean
    -volcano’s go dead silent after erupting,volcano’s,volcano’s
    -nervous system will get shot if you are up there too long,space
    -people ware skis because it is easier too get around,artic

  4. Issac says:

    1. You get very weak in space.
    2. We did not explore much of the ocean.
    3. There are more volcanoes in the ocean then on land.

  5. Gabrielle says:

    In the desert there is on about 25cm of rain a year! In the north pole and stuff it is like a winter desert but freezing cold. Oceans are pitch black and freezing cold. Space has no oxygen, food and water. Volcano’s are unpredictable.

  6. Jake says:

    1. volcanoes are unpredictable
    2. deserts are extremely vacant of water sources
    3. the Arctic regions are extremely cold
    4. the pressure the depths of the ocean are extreme

  7. melissa says:

    volcanoes: you never know when volcanoes are about to erupt.
    polar reigns: you need really warm clothing to with stand the cold hearted temperatures.
    oceans: you can’t go in to deep waters or the pressure will collapse your fiddle organs.
    dessert: the dessert fox can with stand the hot temperatures by using there big ears.
    space: if you go into space and float around to much you will go numb and get flabby arms.

  8. kobe says:

    space: In space you need space suit our else you will explode because there is no gravity also no oxygen in space witch makes explode .

  9. JaXs0N says:

    1. The Desert is a extremely hot place that has very little water supply and can be hard to live in.

    2. The Ocean is not easy to live in because it is pitch black and the water pressure would crush you. And you would need oxygen to be down there if you could get there.

    3. The pole regions are very cold and dry. They are the coldest places on earth.It’s also dangerous of other animals and it’s hard to catch the fish under solid ice.

    4. Volcano’s mountains that shoot up lava and at anytime too. So it would be hard living by one in case it blows.

    5. Space is the hardest place to live in. To go up there it takes a long time and a lot of oxygen to keep breathing. also you need a lot of food because there is no other food they can eat on any other planet.

  10. Jillian says:

    Extreme Environments:
    Deserts: There is a cute fox that lives there and keeps itself cool because of its long ears.
    Oceans: The water of the ocean crushes your lungs.

    Volcanoes: There are volcanoes on the ocean floor and so fish survive by eating the chemicals they produce.

    Space: When your out in space your muscles become weak and floppy.
    Polar Regions: There are science camps out in the Polar Regions that scientists go to, to study this extreme environment!

  11. jacqueline says:

    . cacti can live for many years off of the water from 1 rain fall
    . the fish in the sea have adapted to live there
    . in the polar reigns the arctic is dry and known as the polar dessert
    . volcanoes are unpredictable and can blow at any time
    . space can cause uneven blood flow from lack of gravity

  12. spencer says:

    1. In the desert whenever it rains all the rain drops evaporate when they hit the ground.

    2.In the polar regions the temperature has gotten up to -89 degrees

    3.In the ocean it is impossible to get to the bottom because the pressure will crush you and you will die.

    4. In space it is considered the most dangerous extreme environments because if you go into space with no space suit on you will die of loss of oxygen.

    5.A volcano is the most unpredictable of all the extreme environments because it could erupt at any moment and if it does it will burn you to death.

  13. serena says:

    In volcano’s it is extreamely hot and no one can survive in one because of the extream heat. In the desert their is not alot of water but one fox has learned to survive in the desert with its big ears it stops it from geting over heated and it has fur so it wont get to cold at night.The arctic is so cold that you cant have any skin showing or you will freez.No one can handle being at the botom of the ocean because of all the preasure.

  14. rayne says:

    Deserts: If a rain drop lands on the ground it quickly evaporates.
    Oceans: It is very difficult for human go down to the ocean floor because of all the pressure.
    Polar Regions: The snow and ice stays there all year round.
    Volcanoes: When a volcano explodes the lava turns into rock.
    Space: Space is another place that is difficult for human to go to because there is no oxygen.

  15. Shace says:

    Extreme Environments!

    Desert: In the desert u need food, water, warmth, shelter and a fan.
    the hot dry desert will keep u from being able to keep walking all day u can not survive without water.
    BIG IDEA: A single rain fall will keep a cactus alive for a whole year.

    Volcano: Near a volcano you need a heat protection suit so u can go near and not burn.
    BIG IDEA: If you use lava and water you will make some sort of stone.

  16. Kelsey says:

    1. The cactus gets its water by rain. It sucks it all in, it lasts up to several years.

    2. In the ocean its very deep down. Its pitch black and with all the air pressure pushing on your body so its very hard to survive there.

    3. The polar regions are the coldest place you could ever imagine because its freezing cold there and they have no homes to get heat from.

    4. Volcanoes are very dangerous because they are basically fire and there is no telling when they will erupt.

    5. Space is very neat but if you go without gear it wont be very entertaining because there is no gravity there and your body will get all loose and not want to work.

  17. drew says:

    In the desert extreme environment that when it rains it so hot that it evaporates quickly.

    The deep sea climate is quite different with its water and the pressure of it. the pressure of the water crushes the air out of everything. Some of the fish survive off of heat vents that have chemicals.

    The polar regions are cold. The cold plus the wind makes the temperature drop to around -89 degrees Celsius.

    Volcanoes are a extreme environment because they can explode at any time possible.

    SPACE the most extreme environment because there is no oxygen there, no food to hunt, and there is no water. You need a suit to protect you in the cold.

  18. Dylan says:

    1Space legs will get weak and stop from lac of exercise.
    2Desert dehydration you will start to see thing that are not real.
    3Arctic has to keep warm from hypothermia and lac of food.
    4Volcano is able to live in but hot rock fly every were killing lots of people and damaging houses.

  19. shaleyea says:

    Extreme Environments

    In the ocean most of the animals live of chemicals that form from under water volcano’s.

    A type of cactus grows in the desert and can store up enough water from less than 25cm of rain each year to live for seven years.

    There is no oxygen or gravity in outer-space.

    Every volcano is unpredictable.

    -Polar Regions
    It is so cold,if you uncover a part of your bare skin,you can get frost bite in a matter of minutes.

  20. megan says:

    Volcanoes:You never know when they are going to erupt
    Polar Reigns:You need worm close to with stand the cold depressing temperatures
    Ocean:in The deep parts of the ocean it is pitch black no sun light can go down that far so nothing can grow so no food for the Maren animals
    Dessert:there is a species of fox that has large ears to protect it from the heat
    Space:you get flabby arms and numbness

  21. Jacob says:

    volcanic : Never know when its going to erupt.
    outer space :You have no oxygen to breath its very very dark.
    polar : Very cold temperatures dark at night.
    oceans : Dark at the bottom of the ocean also home of the rat fish.
    dessert : Hot in the day cold at night it rains once a year about 25 cm cactus only needs a little bit of water to survive 7 years.

  22. emily says:

    deserts: The kangaroos live in the desserts, and they lick them selves to stay cool! Also there are other animals in the deserts and they stay under the sand to also stay cool during the day and come out at night.
    Oceans: In the ocean there are lots of fish in the top part in the water to eat for the bigger fish then at the bottom of the ocean.
    Arctic:The Arctic is very cold! Also polar bears have very think fur so they aren’t so cold some times and they can stay under water at least 2 min.
    Volcanoes: Volcanoes are all over the world and no one can actually tell if or when they will erupted. Scientist can only estimate when they will explode and who knows where a volcano will be when it erupts too.
    Space: In space there is no oxygen and there in absolutely no gravity. so basically no one and live in space, it would be highly unlikely to survive there. You could only be in space if you would be going on a mission to a other planet. Like mars. 🙂

  23. Shace says:

    Extreme Environments!

    Ocean: In the deep water all the pressure crushes your head and u will stop breathing because it crushes your lungs

    Space: In space u can,t survive. you can,t last long with very little oxygen.

  24. kayla says:

    Ocean: at the bottom of the ocean its pitch black and its hard for divers to explore down there because the presure of the water above them can kill them.
    Volcanoes: volcanoes are unnperdictable they can erupt any time there are 1000 active volcanoes but most of the time they”re calm.
    Desert. it rarely rains in the desert it only rains like once a year and when it does the desert is so hot the rain evaporates when it touches the sand . cactuses can store water and 1 rain is enuf for it to survive sevral years.
    Polar regions: year roun the tempature is freezing and its allice and snow all year round.


  25. cassie says:

    Ocean: deep water in the ocean the preasure of the water can kill you because it presses over you plus its pitch black down there.
    Volcannoes: volcannoes are very hot if you fall in to one you will desinagrate. Eurpt volcannoes can eurpt any time ther are 1000 active volcannoes in the world.
    Desert: In the desert theres a fennec fox that has long ears the long ears help the fox cool off
    Plour regoins: year round the weather was 0 c and the inuit surive is animals food , and skin.

  26. kayla says:

    SPACE: in space u need oxygen and a special suit to keep in the oxygen when your not in a rocket.

  27. Cassie says:

    Space: you need oxygen to breath and a space suit because if you don’t you would get stretched out from the space environment. You can’t survive in space because you need oxygen to breath.

  28. Kaedyn says:

    We know more about space than our own oceans!

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