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Reading Reflections

Hi Class! Post your WEEKLY reading reflection to this thread. Click here for some FICTION reflection ideas. If you have been reading NON-FICTION, here are some ideas for your reflection. You first post is due October 2, 2015. Of the … Continue reading

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Election Playlist

Hi Class! Here are some more videos to inform viewers about Canada’s political system. Have a look! [youtube][/youtube] [youtube][/youtube] [youtube][/youtube] [youtube][/youtube]

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Voter Turnout Debate

Hi Class! Our first blog writing activity of the year is on the topic of voter turnout. The goals in the activity are to write a persuasive paragraph containing a BIG IDEA, several supporting details, and a strong conclusion. Here … Continue reading

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Canada Votes 2015

Hi Class! Here are a few video clips to view and gain more understanding about the upcoming election: [youtube][/youtube] [youtube][/youtube] [youtube][/youtube]

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Maverick Market Update

Preparedness and Positivity Plummet! A hasty cleanup caused the Maverick Market to crash near the end of trading Monday. Both stocks lost 10 points (or 10%) when nine chairs went unstacked and classroom materials such as rulers, pencils and protractors … Continue reading

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Hi Class! As we get going in our first full week of classes, consider how FUN can be incorporated in what we do. Remember this: [youtube][/youtube] This week, share any and all ideas you have so that we can have … Continue reading

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Hi Class! Your first bit of ‘homework’ is to show our blog to a parent then leave a reply to this post before Monday. Use only your first name when replying and the email address required to submit a post … Continue reading

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Wow, it’s time…to… Remember, school starts Tuesday (September 8) at 10:30 and is only a half day. If you have yet to get your school routine going, start now! Eat, read, play, think, sleep, then repeat. It’s exactly like summer … Continue reading

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