Hi Class! Have a look at the graphic below and think about where you fit in relation to each idea.growth vs fixed mindset

Next, post a reply about your strengths and your opportunities for growth. In other words, make connections about what helpful thoughts you have, then list a few ideas you want to develop – be sure to explain actual situations that mean something for you. Your post is expected by week’s end.

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Gears to Healthy Living

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Hi Class! Innovative ideas are always in demand! As a result, we need to find new solutions to unknown problems. What type of life-long learner do you aspire to be?

answers cartoon

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Hi Class! How does your 24 hours compare to this:

Healthy 24

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Hi Class – Check out how elements are used in everyday items…it’s pretty interesting! Once you’ve explored the link, post a reply to share at least three discoveries you learned. Your post is due before lunch this Thursday (November 17).

Periodic Table of Elements Comic


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Hi Class! View this short video and post your thoughts/reactions by day’s end, November 10, 2016. Be sure to support your reaction with meaningful ideas.

YouTube Preview Image


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Hi Class! It’s time to post your meaningful thoughts to our classroom’s blog regarding your first two months of the school year. Aside from sharing valuable feedback, this writing activity gives you an opportunity to establish a sensible digital presence for other’s the see and respect. Respond to the following topics with your best writing:

  • Raves – What have you loved at school so far this year?
  • Rants – What frustrations did you experience so far this year?
  • Reviews – Do you have any other thoughts that aren’t raves or rants?
  • Requests – What improvements would you like to have happen?
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Hi Class! Aside from healthy habit building, daily physical activity helps you learn:

active kids

What is your reaction?

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