Here we go!

Hi Class! What are your thoughts? Envision it, then figure out a way to describe it…more to come next week.

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10 Responses to Here we go!

  1. Audrey Hampton says:

    I think a classroom should normally belong in a school but, I would want a classroom somewhere I could enjoy, somewhere I feel comfortable, and like being. For me that is in my room at home. Setting up a desk and chair would be my first option for a classroom.

    • Mr. Bell says:

      Thanks for your response! Enjoyment and comfort make learning desirable, yet some things we learn are a result of displeasure and discomfort. Why do you think that is? For example when someone put’s their tongue on a metal post in the coldness of winter…

      • Audrey Hampton says:

        I think some things are discomforting because we like doing somethings more then then other things And it can make it uncomfortable. For example sometimes math makes me uncomfortable because sometimes I get the answer slower then most people. but P.E I understand right away, and I feel comfortable doing it.

        • Mr. Bell says:

          Great explanation! Can instant success be both a good and bad thing?

          Quick Fix: then vs than
          – First we made breakfast, then we ate it. (order of events)
          – We like doing some things more than others. (comparison between things)

          • Audrey Hampton says:

            I think instant success is great! but sometimes when you have an idea right away you can miss important details, like you got the answer right away but your not putting time into showing how you got that answer.

            • Mr. Bell says:

              I agree, instant success (gratification) is nice, but…too much instant success may give people a false sense of confidence; so when they aren’t successful on the first try, they do not have the skills to cope and be resilient.

  2. Ava Whitford says:

    Classrooms are a place where people learn new things and have fun with it, we try to be safe and healthy at the same time. Sometimes in situation like this, online is the better way to go. Overall, I think that a classroom should be in a safe and healthy place, even if it means not everybody in the same location at once.

    • Mr. Bell says:

      Thanks for your thoughtful post! I love having fun while learning new things. You’re comment about safety and health is spot on! Hopefully the way we are ‘going to school’ at the moment is giving you a chance to have some enjoyment. I am enjoying this opportunity, but do miss seeing everyone.

  3. gabriel garcia ochoa says:

    It would be awesome to have school in a place like the Bahamas,Hawaii or just in the beach, because eating fish and tropical fruits for lunch sounds awesome,and also imagine having play time and going for a swim on the ocean or going spearfishing or just fishing, then having class and staring at the big blue ocean so i guess my favorite spot to have class would be on the beach

    • Mr. Bell says:

      Thanks for your post, Gabriel – your description sounds amazing (especially considering all the snow that fell today)! If you went to school on the beach and in the ocean everyday, do you think you would grow tired of it?

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