September 23 (Friday)

  • My Personal Profile (Monday)
    • If you are not coming to our meet & greet, please complete one side of the page with a parent/guardian and return it to class on Monday.
  • Early Closure (Monday – September 26)
    • classes end at 12:30
    • no bussing & no meals program on Monday
    • For Mr. Bell’s class, it is a ‘drop in’ format between 13:30 and 16:30 for learners and family. If you have other learners in other classes, be sure to connect with their teachers for their format.
      • Students will lead the introductions, show off some work and give a tour.
      • Together, we will complete/discuss My Personal Profile.
      • If you would like to set up a meeting to discuss specific needs, we can make arrangements too.
  • Math (September 29)
  • $wimming Permi$$ion (October 6)

September 22 (Thursday)

September 21 (Wednesday)

September 20 (Tuesday)