Tap Dancing

Hi Class! Today we have performers in our school from the Vancouver Tap Dance Society. What do you think about tap dancing? Explain your answer.

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45 Responses to Tap Dancing

  1. Ashley Evin says:

    I think that some tap dance is really cool and looks fun to do.

  2. Daniel Brandon-Parsons says:

    I think tap dancing is okay, but its not my favorite. πŸ˜€

  3. Mateen shah says:

    i like tap dancing

  4. Turner says:

    I’ve never seen it

  5. Well…………………………..I don’t really like tap dancing,it is not my favourite so ya!!!!!!!!

  6. keagan says:

    I think tap dancing is neat but I don’t like to do it.

  7. savannah says:

    I think tap dancing is really hard because you have to move your feet allot and really fast.

  8. Jacob Kealey says:

    I think tap dancing is ok but mostly find it really weird.

  9. Turner says:

    I t might be fun to watch

  10. Tyler says:

    I don’t really like tap dancing generally, but I like the sound it makes.

  11. mYRANDA/tOTski Wawryk says:

    I don’t like tap dancing…..because its boring,loud……and i dont have much interest in it.Weird stuff.

  12. Hayden Smale says:

    sound tappy I have no idea what it will be like ill just find out…………

  13. Allie Sampson says:

    I think tap dancing is cool because I like to hear the sound of the tapping and the rhythm to the tap dancing shoes.

  14. kimberly loucks says:

    I think tap dancing is very interesting when you here it and see it.

  15. Rylee Johnson says:

    I am not a big fan of tap dancing. It depends on what kind of music they are taping. I find it interesting how they just use their feet. I wouldn’t want to do it myself but I kind dove like watching it!

  16. Steve Scott says:

    I think tap dancing can be rlly fun if u dance to a good song.

  17. jacob harmon says:

    It looks fun

  18. mYRAndA/tOTski Wawryk says:

    I don’t like tap dancing…..because its boring,loud……and I don’t have much interest in it.Weird stuff.

  19. Jonny says:

    I kinda like tap dancing its cool how they move there feet that fast but I don’t really like the music. Unless it is music I like then I like it.

  20. Anna says:

    Well I think that tap dancing is umm……….. very unique.
    I am not that interested in tap dancing but i up for it.
    I mean its not that bad ,but it not the best.
    I am sort of happy that we get to see but at the same time I don’t want to see it.

    • Mr. Bell says:

      A thought I had reading your reply…how can something be very unique? The meaning of unique suggests that it is different than all others.

  21. Calvin says:

    I would say that tap dancing is hard so I wouldn’t like to try it because I’m already in base ball so I already run and I don’t need much exercise πŸ˜€

  22. Lea Andrews says:

    I love tap dancing it has lots of beet to it and it is awesome how they can keep the beet with their feet. Tap dancing takes lots of practice and I should know that because I was a part of a Tap dancing group and it was hard.

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