My Most Important…

Hi Class! Tell us what is your most indispensable possession? In other words, what do you own that you could not live without? Explain why the possession is of significant importance to you (giving at least THREE REASONS). Additionally, explain how your life would change without it. Show your best writing skills please. Students deemed not to have posted a meaningful response will have a chance to rework or rewrite their response at recess and lunch.

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64 Responses to My Most Important…

  1. Keagan says:

    I couldn’t live without my gecko because she is really important to me and I would never give her away. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  2. Jonny says:

    My most important possession is my bike because if I didn’t have it I would not be able to ride which is my favourite sport and I can’t stay fit or get around town. That is why my bike is my most important possession.

  3. My most important possession would have to be the charm braclet my uncle Steve and auntie Simone gave me for Christmas one year!! πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰

  4. savannah says:

    The thing I can’t live without are my clothes because they’re the only things I have that my mom won’t make me throw out unless she gets tired of doing my laundry and makes me go through them. They’re the only things I can find to do when I’m bored so I drees up for some odd reason. Although they’re all over my room it also gives me something to do when I tell my mom I’m bored; and after a while of doing it, it really isn’t that bad.

  5. mYRAndA/tOTski Wawryk says:

    I would HAVE TO SAY MY PRIZED possession is…..well I don’t have one prized possession [1,2,3,4…and so on for prized possessions] For example:My Dsi xl ,my Ring,my Drawings of Anime and Manga….but the reason for all of these things to be my prized possessions is for all the secrets they hold.

    • Mr. Bell says:

      This does not quite meet the criteria for your post…please enhance your reasoning; give more details.

    • (Calvin) (CCF) (FORBES) says:

      What about your cats aren’t they your prise possessions?

  6. Allie Sampson says:

    My most possession is my dog Kodi because he’s funny,cute and weird at the same time and the first reason is because he always follows me around the house and sits with me and sleeps with me. And the second thing is because he’s really funny because every time my dad rubs his belly he rolls over and my dad rubs him with his foot and Kodi makes weird sounds and he flattens out on the floor and puts his curly,pug tail straight every time my dad rubs him on his back with his foot.And lastly is because he is playful and waits for me to come home from school then jumps on me until he settles down and if I had to live without him my life wouldn’t be as exciting as now and it would be sad if I didn’t have my dog/puppy Kodi.

  7. Hayden says:

    I could not live without electricity it runs almost every thing I do in my house.
    If I didn’t have electricity my refrigerator wouldn’t be cold,I couldn’t watch TV,no Ipods,no heat/air conditioning,no computer. It would be a lot tougher to live and not as much fun.

    • Ashley Evin says:

      But you can do so much other things like go outside and play with friends.

  8. Brant says:

    My most important possession is my bike and dirt bike. The reasons why they are my favourite possession is i like to get exercise and and go balls out fast down a trail. Plus I like to take a jump and land nice and soft and not HARD like LANDING on your FEET.
    Also its nice to have a good reliable bike/ dirt bike thatle do the job.

    • Can't talk!!! Jonny says:

      do you have anything else that is your most valuable possession?????

  9. Anna :D says:

    My most important possession is my hot souse.It is so spicy!
    One day without it and I will freak!Anyone who touches it WILL die.
    If I don’t have it my food will not taste good anymore.
    And my food needs to taste good! If you don’t get me then I’ll put it a way you will.
    Example: What if you got a new puppy and you spent every day with it since you were born and he ran away you would feel so upset. Do you get my point?

  10. TYLER (WARDO) WARD says:

    Three things I could not live without is my family, hockey and golf. I choose these things because they are pretty much my live. I choose my family because they are always there for me when I need them and they drive me to the rink 2-4 times a week. I choose hockey because I love it and it is the best sport in the world. The last thing is golf because it keeps me busy during the summer and the next best sport to hockey. Without these three things I don’t know if I could live.

    • Mr. Bell says:

      This is a very thoughtful post..but…reread the question for today. You are to talk about one possession (I would argue that a family is not a possession, nor is playing a sport).

  11. mYRAndA/tOTski Wawryk says:

    [Continuing on from the last sentence I put]And if I told you all these secrets,then the things I care about wouldn’t matter any more.Hint-hint

  12. jacob harmon says:

    I could not live without my computer because reason 1: I can not go on Facebook to talk to my friends when I move. Reason2: I would be very bored after school when I am done my homework. Reason3: I could not do homework on the computer like last year.

  13. (Calvin) (CCF) (FORBES) says:

    My most prise possession is my bunny his name is thumper. He didn’t cost me or my family a single cent. He is small and fast and when I get home he is always willing to be petted

    • (Calvin) (CCF) (FORBES) says:

      without my bunny I would have no pet to take care of and I would be lonely after school when my mom goes shopping.

    • jacob harmon says:

      why do you like your bunny so much?

  14. Daniel says:

    my family! I could not live without them. Its as simple as that. I love them and they love me! πŸ™‚ <3

    I also could not live without food, water, shelter, and clothes. people don't need all the fancy "toys" that we have now days. People really lived better when there was N.O. no electronics. plus it is a lot of money. I don't know what I would do without food, water, clothes, and shelter.

  15. MAT SHAH says:

    my cell phone. My most important possession is my bike, a long with the gas powered engine.

    • Steve Scott says:


    • Can't talk!!! Jonny says:

      HUH I don’t get it you have a bike with a motor and why your cell phone????

    • Brant says:

      I don’t know how people can live with cell phones ringing in other peoples ears. Plus they break to easy. BYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY brant going out

  16. Rylee says:

    I don’t think I could live without my dog. He loves humans and other animals. He even loves my cat. He always snuggles me. He knows when people are sick and he always follows them to make them feel better. He listens very well but can also be a pain in the butt. I always love him though. I cant imagine what it would be like without my dog. His name is Sam and I am glad to have picked him out of all the other puppies.If I never had picked Sam or had him at all I think I would sometimes be lonely because he always makes me feel better. I wouldn’t have anyone to lay at the end of my bed and wake me up in the morning with a nice big doggy kiss. ha ha! I think I might have been more lonely. I wouldn’t have as much fun. I know that I wont have Sam forever but I don’t like to think about it. Sam is a great dog and I really don’t know what I would do without him. I don’t think I could live without him.

    • Allie Sampson says:

      I can’t live without my dog either. πŸ˜€ I like your post

    • Jacob Kealey says:

      I couldn’t live without my family’s dogs Tinker bell and Suki. Tinker Bell is such a happy puppy that it’s hard to not smile when you see her she’s funny super energetic and extremely social. Suki is timid and scared of you when you first meet her but after awhile she’ll be really excited to see you and even though she’s a timid puppy she’s very affectionate. So I definitely couldn’t live without them.

    • Kimberly says:

      That is really nice what you said about Sam:):)

  17. savannah says:

    My life would be a disaster if I didn’t have my clothes because I wouldn’t have anything to do.

  18. Turner says:

    My most prized possession is my Xbox 360 three reason why I like it so much.
    1. Because its so entertaining to play at home with my brother.
    2. You can play war games with friends on Xbox live.
    3. There are lots of games you can play like war games.

    My life wold change if I didn’t get it because there would be nothing to play after a boring day of school.

    • Can't talk!!! Jonny says:

      What is so amusing of sitting in front of a X-box all day and having no exercise????

      • Turner says:

        Who cares what you say I think its fun to do.

        • Mr. Bell says:

          Everyone is entitled to an opinion. Likewise, everyone can agree or disagree. Rather than say, “Who cares?”, simply state your viewpoint.

          Quick Fix: It is fun to do. = It’s fun to do.

    • Allie Sampson says:

      I can’t live without my games either too

  19. Kyle says:

    I could not live without my laptop for many reasons reason 1: If I did not have my laptop I would go berserk because then I would not be able to go on Facebook and talk to friends. Reason 2: Without my laptop I would be bored as hell because then I wouldn’t be able to play games like plants vs zombies. Reason 3: Finally without my laptop I wouldn’t be able to do homework assignments that are on the computer.
    And those are the 3 reasons why I couldn’t live without my laptop.

  20. BQ says:

    I would say my axe handle is pretty important to me because it gives me good luck like when a brick fell off a old house and the handle deflected it and when I almost fell into a hole bunch of thorns.

  21. Kimberly says:

    Id would not live without my dog because he is 1 of the best dogs I could ever have, he is so cute and adorable he is the best. When I get home from school he is there by the window jumping waiting for me to open the door so I can pick him up and snuggle him.

    • Allie Sampson says:

      Me Too! My dog always waits by the window when I get back from school πŸ™‚

  22. Jacob Kealey says:

    I have a fair amount of indispensable possessions so I’ll say some A toy that my papa gave me before he died,An actual rare Blue Morpho Butterfly In glass that my Uncle gave me before he died,My Naruto gloves that I got from Vancouver,Pictures of when my family and I went for a holiday to different places. Family pictures of my family and myself, Pictures of me when I was a baby,Including pictures of the people that passed away.But my most indispensable possessions are my friends.

  23. Ashley Evin says:

    I don’t think I could live without my dog because he is the cutest dog ever. He snuggles with me when I’m watching T.V, When I come home from school he is always there ready to play with me. His name is K.C and He is a small dog, K.C is 4 years old. Another reason I couldn’t live without is that I would be so lonely. My life would be way different because I would have nobody to play with.

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