What if…

Hi Class! Complete at least one of the following what if statements (be sure to develop your answer with several sentences):

  • What if cows gave root beer instead of milk?
  • What if it rained cats and dogs?
  • What if you could walk on walls and ceilings?
  • What if animals could talk?

Remember to answer at least one question with several sentences. Do not answer each question with a single sentence.

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15 Responses to What if…

  1. SMALER#12 HAYDEN says:

    What if It’s not true or what if I don’t care.

    • Mr. Bell says:

      The purpose of this writing activity is to predict what would change. It is irrelevant if the events are possible or not. How much you care is up to you. We are looking for some imagination and ideas to share.

  2. Jacob Kealey says:

    If cows made root beer. I would take the root beer and drink it. Then take the cow and make a fortune selling root beer.

    If it rained cats and dogs. I would look for a cute dog and bring it home. Also I would grab a lot more cats and dogs then sell the rest.

  3. jacob harmon says:

    That would you be awesome if animals could talk because they could talk to you when you are bored. And greet you like this hello Jacob. But then it would just be creepy after awhile.

  4. Steve Scott says:

    If cows gave root beer instead of milk that would be so freaking awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Because then instead of having to drink pasteurized milk I could drink root beer.

  5. Jonny#17 says:

    1 Then we would get root beer in stead of milk. But then we have to find a new way to get milk.2 Well we wouldn’t have to bye cats and dogs, But we wouldn’t get any water.3 That would just be awesome, We wold never need another latter.4Then you would know what they want.

    • Mr. Bell says:

      Quick Fixes – bye is used in goodbye or when you do not have to compete in a round of an event (The team had a bye in the first series.); when you mean purchase, use the word buy.

      Latter means the last in a series: “Would you like cake or ice cream?”…”I’ll have the latter (ice cream).”

      Please write SEVERAL sentences to develop one of your responses rather than one or two sentences for each question.

  6. brant says:

    then I would be drinking root beer all day………….. If it rained cats and dogs their would be a hole Lott of dead on the road

    • Mr. Bell says:

      Quick Fixes – whole (not hole) and lot (not lott)

      Please add some more details to your answers.

  7. RYRY321URME Johnson says:

    1. Then we wouldn’t have that dairy product and milk wouldn’t be in our world. We wouldn’t have something to make our bones healthy. We wouldn’t be very healthy. I don’t think it is possible though.

    2. If it rained cats and dogs we could probably get a lot of animals. We could take them for free or bring them to houses. Maybe even the SPCA but we would probably keep them. You would know not to go outside when the news report said it was going to rain today. No one wants cats and dogs to fall on them. That would hurt very badly.

    3. If I could walk on walls and and ceilings then my life would be even more awesome. it would be fun because you can climb a lot and imagine playing tag on the roof or going upside down on the roof. 😀 . Oh I wish that could happen very much. Plus I think you could save a lot of people like if someone was on the top of the building you could go save them.

    4. finish it later

  8. Mr. Bell says:

    Though walking on walks and ceilings would be extremely amusing, I would dread how much new housework would be created. Just think if you had to vacuum not only the floor, but the walls and ceilings as well. Of course I doubt carpet is desirable on walls and ceilings. This would suggest that one would have to scrub them with a mop or by hand; that would be even worse!

  9. If an animal could talk I would enjoy it as much as I could. It would be like my best friend. It could tell me what it is feeling and what it felt like doing. You would get to talk to it while walking it and tell it how you feel.

  10. Ashley Evin says:

    Then you would have to put root beer in your cereal and dip cookies in root beer. It would be very strange because you cant call root beer, dairy. If cows made root beer then that would make the world very hyper.

    If it rained cats and dogs everyone would have a house load of animals in their kitchen, living room and even bathroom. if you lived in a town that rained a lot then there would be nowhere to walk or drive.

    what if you could walk on ceilings? Then that would be very odd saying that you would be upside down and get very dizzy.

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