The Ideal Two Week Break…

Hi Class! You are about to have a two week break. Describe your ideal getaway. Where would you go? Who would accompany you? What would you do? Do not concern yourself about the funds required to pay for the getaway. Imagine! Dream! Describe…

Please respond to the following thread using your best writing skills. Develop a detailed response and support your ideas with reasons and examples. Do not submit one or two lines of poorly written, boring, below grade 6/7 writing abilities. Be descriptive in your word choice. Leave the reader wishing he or she could stowaway in your suitcase… Your post is due December 12 (Monday).

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29 Responses to The Ideal Two Week Break…

  1. nadroj/jordan says:

    I would like to go to some place were there is a beach, a pool, no snow. Where i could relax and have ice cream and amazing meals. I would like to have Jaxson, Spencer, and Deven. I would take those people because they are really good friends of mine.

  2. Kyle says:

    Wow two weeks?! I honestly thought it was longer, okay well for my two weeks off I am planning on hanging out with some of my friends and probably going to help out my grandparents with some stuff. During that two week break will be Christmas! It’s rather funny if you think about it this year passed by rather quickly. I plan on hanging out with my family members for Christmas and I’m going to lay off the video games for a little bit. Thats all I’m doing for the two week break. What are you going to do Mr.Bell?

    • Mr. Bell says:

      Is that your ‘ideal’ break or your actual break?

      My plans are to play, rest, and visit. Sledding and skating are fun activities with my kids, so hopefully some snow will fall and the temperature will stay below zero so that we can skate on the outdoor rinks around town. My brothers and parents will be away over the break, so most of my family activities will be with my wife’s side. They are great people and superb cooks!

      Now, if money were no object, I’d like to fly away to some tropical retreat, lounge in an open air straw hut, and swim in the warm waters of an ocean near the equator.

  3. jaxson/ninja says:

    I would go to jamaca or the caribean or someplace hot. and I would take jordan,Spencer and deven. and just joke and swim all day long and sleep for like maybe 1 hour and party with girls all day long.

  4. Remmy koocha says:

    Well If I could go somewhere for Christmas I would probably go somewhere cold because I like my Christmas snowy and know super hot. besides I’m getting something ski related for my present so I would love to use I right away. I have my reasons. this is where I would go.

    • Mr. Bell says:

      ‘know super hot’…did you mean ‘not super hot’?

      Describe the ski related present? What will you do with it? Where will you go?…describe more.

  5. Joseph says:

    If I could go anywear for my break I would go to cranbrook the reasen for this is that meny people in my family live there to addition it cold lots of the time and it snows lot, I love this time of the season. Family is important to me. Its nice to wake up on Chrimtmas seeing family and my grandma makes good food. Hopefully I go this year.

  6. Britt says:

    HARPER ALL THE WAY! I really like Harper Mountain because I get to go skiing. I also like to go there because I know everyone! Because my mother’s side of the family owns it! I really enjoy the snow! and the poutein ,(Which Jack owes me!)

  7. Emilee says:

    My ideal two-week getaway would be an exotic adventure to Hawaii. I would bring my parents and my two sisters. We would spend our time swimming in the clear,blue warm ocean, walking in the hot sand and soaking up the sun. Next we would snorkel and see all kinds of underwater creatures and we would take an underwater camera.
    Next up on our adventure would be to go zip lining above the lush greenery of Hawaii and over majestic waterfalls. We would eat nothing but fresh fruit; coconuts, papayas and pineapples. In the evenings we would be entertained by Hawaiian dancing and maybe even learn to hula. We would also visit the volcanoes and of course take lots of pictures. Our hotel room is ocean view; so every night we see the most beautiful orange sunsets with the palm trees blowing in the wind. We have front row tickets and backstage passes to see the Selena Gomez concert. We would then rent a red mustang and drive the roads and see the scenes of Hawaii. We would lay on the beach until we had the perfect tan and when we got home everyone would ask you must have gone somewhere warm for your two week getaway and finally I can say yes I did, as I show the pictures of me and my family lying on the beaches in Hawaii.

    • Mr. Bell says:

      Superb writing! Your choice of adjectives is excellent.

      Count the sentences starting with ‘We’. How can those sentences be modified to start in other ways?

  8. hank says:

    My two week break I’m going to help out family and just hang out and celebrate Christmas and New Years. Also not going any where just stay in Kamloops try and learn how to make bannock and that’s it probably…..

  9. isaac :D says:

    Well I have two choices that I would do I would probably go to Jamaica or Australia or some really fancy ski resort. I would go to Jamaica because of the sunny weather the clear ocean and i would like to see how life is to live there. And I would like to go to Australia because they have some of the most interesting animals and really cool accents . And well the ski resort would be fun because I love snowboarding and most ski resorts have fun stores and nice hotels .

  10. "KOLTON!!!!!" says:

    For my ideal 2 week break I would go to the north pole and see Santa and his little elf’s. Also when im there i would eat alto of candy canes and make toys.. And im already almost as short as them so I could fit in well with them! 🙂

    • Mr. Bell says:

      Quick Fix:
      – use an apostrophe for contractions or to show possession (never for the plural form of a noun)

      – one elf, many elves

      elf’s = belonging to one elf (The elf’s shoes were tiny.)

  11. melissa says:

    well I would go to Hawaii and swim with the dolphins the person who would come with me would probably be my aunt she is so cool. We would relax and not have a care in the world. I would take surfing lessons and go surfing of the Island. I would paint a picture of the whole Island and bring it to the middle of the Island and leave it there. I would also get my hair done at a fancy hair place or something like that. I would also take a ride in a helicopter and go site seeing. I would find a lake that is really deep and go swimming for hours well in till lunch time. that would be the most awesome vacation ever

    • Mr. Bell says:

      Something to think about: site seeing or sightseeing?

      Use site for a location (e.g. job site, website…); use sight when you mean something worth seeing

  12. "Anna :)" says:

    Well… I think I would go to Mexico and sit on the beach drinking out of a coconut. And probably swim with the dolphins, eat churros and virgin margaritas. Also, go to a spa, get a new wardrobe and a sombrero. There is a lot of things I would want to do also. Like go to Europe and try new foods, see my family, and drive around town for the day. another place I would want to go is Tokyo. It would be so cool! I could get new clothing, learn a new language and make new friends. theses are just a FEW of the places I would go. i am not going to list the rest because it would take way to long.
    By: Anna Stone

  13. Keenan says:

    I would choose to go to some where hot, I don’t care where though. It’s to cold here even though winter really hasn’t started yet and it’s almost Christmas. The place I go to though has to have beach were you can go scuba diving.

  14. Roisin says:

    I like go to Paris and celebrate Christmas with Ruchita and Mariah and to meet Justin B and Selina Gomez. Mariah Wants to meet Justin Beiber. I Want to meet Selina Gomez.

  15. josh b :3) says:

    I would go to Australia. I choose this because I would love to go to the Great Barrier reef and scuba dive. I would also like to see all the animals there. My favorite animal is there the lemur. I like hot weather so I can go swimming in the ocean. I would take my Dad because he was a marine biologist. I wouldn’t take any friends because I would like to do what I want to do not what they want to do.

  16. conner says:

    I would go to …… HAWAII! Since I have never been there and I have always wanted to.

  17. Jonny ! :) says:

    My Ideal Christmas break is to ski every day!! I would go and stay up at sun peaks ever weekend. It wold be soo much fun I would get so many days in! On Christmas we would go to my house and on boxing day go shopping. I would want to ski everyday except Christmas day and boxing day. 🙂

    • Mr. Bell says:

      Skiing for two weeks sounds like fun!

      Take a moment to proofread your work (ever weekend vs every weekend).

      What do you know about proper nouns (such as the name of a ski resort or a holiday on the calendar)?

  18. Ruchita says:

    Where would I go? I always wanted to go to DisneyLand so I think I would like to go to Disney land and bring along my 3 friends, Mariah,Roisin and, Justin.

    • Mr. Bell says:

      – why Disneyland is where you would go
      – why you would bring the people you mentioned
      – what you would do on your trip

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