All Together Now…

Hi Class! Post the beginning of a story for your classmates to complete (at least 50 words). An interesting opening  paragraph will entice a classmate (or several classmates) to finish your story. Do not write a dull opening paragraph or on a topic of little interest to others. Be creative, be exciting, be imaginative, be appropriate for the school environment!

Your opening paragraph is due Wednesday January 11th.

Once your opening paragraph is posted, you must complete three other stories or more. Use at least 100 words when completing each of the stories. Remember to use a variety of powerful and interesting words. Additionally, you are expected to use transition words and phrases between sentences (here is another link for transitions). Your three story completions are due Wednesday January 18th.

Finally, write your ending to your story (at least 100 words) by Monday January 23.


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  1. RYRY321URME Johnson says:

    There once was a guy named Ted who was a daredevil. He would jump off buildings but always put out his parachute at the last second just so he wouldn’t die. He was a crazy maniac. but one day he was trying to do another risky move jumping out of a train that was going full speed he……..

    • RYRY321URME Johnson says:

      There once was a guy named Ted who was a daredevil. He would jump off buildings but always put out his parachute at the last second just so he wouldn’t die. He was a crazy maniac. He also once sled down Mount Everest, he only fell once and got injured but not enough for him to stop. He just kept going. He was very brave. He flew up in the air from a rocket and put five bouncy castles on top of each other on the ground. Whatever goes up must come down. It was a risky move but he just almost missed the bouncy castles. He didn’t get hurt one bit.

      • isaac :D says:

        Until one day he was getting ready to do a massive stunt off the emperor state building on to 500 pounds of pillows . He had a a back up para shoot just in case everything seemed to be going to plan . But what he didn’t no is that the pillow truck was running late and there was no pillows . So he jumped without knowing then he realized there was no pillows his heart was beating rapidly his whole career was going threw his mind he tried pulling the para shoot but wouldn’t budge he was droping closer and closer to the ground then smack ! he hit the ground the crowd was silent in horror the medical team rushed to his aid to everyones surprise he was fine and walked away with only a few bumps and bruises and Ted ended his career shortly after that

      • shae says:

        the next day Ted decided to the most intense the most craziest move ever. He had planed to jump off the world tallest building ever on a moped with out a parachute. The drop was more than 1000 meters on the day of the event he made a broadcast out to his family members say if he didn’t make it he would like his brother to carry his carer on. as he climbed the stair case to the top so much was going through is crazy dare devil head as he got to the top and looked over the edge the a tingle went through his stomach ….

    • josh b :3) says:

      was about to jump off the train when every one yelled don’t do it, he ignored them and jumped, he broke every bone in his body. He was in a coma for two years, they were about to pull the plug when he woke up. He started to get his memory back. He decided to try a new stunt, he went to the top of the airport with a helicopter below with its wings going full speed. He would try to jump through the blades and then landing in a shark tank with flesh eating sharks. He was about to jump when he changed his mind, because he wanted to jump from a plane with out his parachute. He was up in the plane going to jump he did. Faster he went down the sky as fast as a speeding bullet. Smash, every one thought he was dead they went around the corner into someones back yard and saw him swimming in the pool.

    • Alex says:

      He was ready. But his suit got caught and he had to get off before the train fell off the tracks wear a gap was. He got his suit uncaught but he could not jump off the train where he was. So he had to climb on the side of the train while the train was falling off the tracks. He jumped at the end of the train and hit the hot metal tracks and seared his elbows and hands. He was in the hospital for five months. that did not stop him from doing what he does. It didn’t even scary him.

  2. Keira :) says:

    Once upon a time , there was a little girl skipping down an alley in the dty crackiling leaves. Her name was “Sophia”. She lived in the middle of no were and was an only child , so she never had any one to play with but then on her 7th birthday she got a …

    • "KOLTON!!!!!" says:

      Homeless person to play with they played catch with a ball and stuff. But one day when they were playing catch the ball rolled on the street and sophia wen’t to go get it but it rolled down the hill . But she ran after it but after 30 min of chasing it she got it. Then when she was walking back up the big hill a semi hit her and she terned into a pancake and died….

      • "KOLTON!!!!!" says:

        And fell down a big black hole and was never ever found again. And people tried to find him but they couldn’t everyone was sad but gilbert was deid. To remember im they dropped a rainbow down the hole and 2000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 bombs and thats what happened to gilbert the awesome rain bow unicorn. Every one hated him he was a big player and was mean to every person he saw. Thats why they dropped 200000000000000000000000000000000000000 0000000000000000000000 bombs down the pit of death. 🙂

    • melissa says:

      puppy Sophia was so happy that she got a puppy she walked it and Sophia took that puppy to the fields one day and her puppy had a blast at the fields then the puppy saw a lake and jumped right off the dock but the puppy did not now how to swim and Sophia wanted to jump in and save her new puppy but she was still in training so she remembered to try to calm the dog down she was talking to it and all of a sudden the puppy diapered in to the blue lake and Sophia started to call for help but no one could hear her then this women came up behind her and said what seems to be the problem and Sophia explained what happened to the puppy and the woman grabbed a net and put it in the water then up comes the puppy he was fine and still breathing it was like it never even happened.

    • Alex says:

      she got a puppy and named it Finn. She played and played with her new puppy until the day was over. She was so happy nothing would stop her. Sophia was on top of the world. But one day she lost Finn. He could not be found. Her family put up posters but living in the middle of a forest where no one but you live it is kind of hard. She ran away from home she was so angry. she came to a cave and a bear came out. it roared and Sophia tried to back away. But the bear roared and charges. A wolf looking dog jump out of the bushes It was Finn. Finn took the bear down, and it was a happy ending.

    • Keira :) says:

      Soccer ball , that special soccer ball went with her every where she went. One day she was playing soccer and a famous person just ha-pend to walk by and saw her then he signed her to a girls team. She grew up to be a all star soccer player and had soccer friends with a soccer room. She loved soccer! For every birthday from then on she got a new soccer ball. People loved her so much and thought she was so nice and they worshiped her birthday every single year.

      Thats my ending of the story.

    • Braden or BQ says:

      ball. ,”A BALL!”Sophia cried “A BALL! What kinda friend is a Glass purple smoky swirly-turly BALL. I Hate it!” as Sophia Sobered upon there old home made couch, her mother knelt down beside her. It had bean along time since she had seen her beautiful mother. It had been six years since she last saw her. It had been her fathers fault because he refused to believe in his wifes tails of her child hood. He called her fraud and told me never to believe in things that are not true.” I told you that this was a bad idea” nagged Sophia’s father
      “And you told me you loved me for who I am”. But before her father could speak Sophia yelled “Dad! Mom! STOP!”
      “But Sophia…”
      “Dad stop. Mom you had something to say”Sophia soothed.
      “Herald get out”
      “mom what are you doing”
      “remember the stories I told about your grandmother and her adventures. They are true and so is the magic ball.”

  3. isaac :D says:

    once upon a time there was a hairy milk monster you stole everyones milk so everyone got angry and the town decided to make a plan to catch it. they decided to put loads of milk on a table out in the forest. Then throw a big net on it when it came and eventually it did come and they threw the net on it but then ……….

    • RYRY321URME Johnson says:

      the hairy milk monster ripped the net of him with its sharp teeth and growled. The whole town was terrified. They stood there with there eyes wide open, never moved a muscle. The milk monster grabbed the bate, which was the milk and walked away while chugging the milk. All the town still stood there. ” We just got owned,” said one of the citizens, and walked away sadly!

    • "KOLTON!!!!!" says:

      The net sucked and didn’t work. So the milk monster got mad and started to eat the town. But it got to full and started to feel really bad. The milk monster took some Tums and felt back to normal. But there was no more milk left in the town so the milk monster turned in to the baby monster. The baby monster ate every baby in the town to the army came to town and shot the baby monsters head off the head landed on a homeless persons “house” squished it. But the homeless person got mad and ate the headless baby monster..

    • isaac :D says:

      The monster ripped and shredded the net and ate all the milk and attempted to eat the people the people ran for there lives they all met in the church they hit the children behind the adults they heard they monsters foot steps of the beast coming closer and closer they were terrified it knocked and banged on the door but couldn’t get in the town was very surprised a big monster like that must be able to break a stupid door then all of the sudden it did it smashed it to pieces and ate everyone now no one will ever leave there milk out again …

      • Mr. Bell says:

        Isaac punctuation is required otherwise this is a run on sentence which is hard to read let alone understand and can be confusing for the reader not to mention that Grade 7 students have seen and written many many sentences and know how to capitalize and punctuate

        The comment above is an example of a horrible run on sentence. Do not write in this manner.

    • Keira :) says:

      The evil milk monster ripped open the net and chugged down the milk , it ran back into the forest that it lived in. When all the towns people were sleeping and the guards were switching shifts it snuck into the town and started destroying all the land with the houses and farms and all that stuff. People started running around in a mad motion. The monster was killing people and hurting people. Finally a few people got out of the village and ran away. The milk monster was the new king and had all the milk in the world! The village people were his slaves and the milk monster made them breed cows.

    • Alex says:

      It did not work. So the hairy milk monster got all that milk. The town would make a different plan using pulleys to catch him.”This plan with not fail because it is better and smarter than our first one”, a town person said. So before the hairy milk monster came, the town made a trap. The town waited for days. After five days they thought he would stop coming but no. He did come. they did not expect him but they still caught him. He was angry and wanted some milk. The town did not give him milk yet. The town took him to the forest to his home and gave him a life long supply of milk. the milk monster never cane to the town again

  4. "KOLTON!!!!!" says:

    Once there was a little cat named barf field, he like to eat pizza. And one day barf field was walking down wall street and he smelt a delicious cheese and anchovy pizza on top of the tallest building. He was really hungry he didn’t eat that day so he was determinated to get that pizza. So he walked in the building but the security guard through barf field out. So he started to climb the building and……..

    • Keira :) says:

      He climbed and climbed until the top floor and he sneaked past 2 security officers and then got his pizza and started to leave until one officer spoted him. They had a sudden show down and there fingers were cracking and the bullets and pizza were flying and as “Barf feild” was getting away he went on the railing and spead to the bottom out of the door and into heaven .. as in Pizza truck. The officer came runnning after but by the time he got down and spotted him Barf field had already started eating and the truck was driving away. The officer yeled “THIS IS NOT THE LAST OF ME”!

    • josh b :3) says:

      his paw slipped and he almost fell but he got his grip again. He new he wouldn’t be able to get up the whole way on the outside so he jumped in an open window. He looked down the hall way and the security guard was at the end so he hid be hind a beam. When the guard moved on he ran down the hall, he looked right and then he looked left, the coast was clear he continued on his journey. He found a stair way but had to find a way to open it. He thought he would trick the security guard when he came back so barf field waited. when the security guard got back he saw Barf field and chased him so barf field hid around a corner right by the stairs so the guard thought he went there. When the guard opened the stairs and looked up and saw nothing he ran down barf field went up and sneaked by the guard. He was at the top of the building and saw the pizza, he ran for it he got it and was hugging it and spinning around in circles. The guard opened the door and ran after barf field, barf field jumped off the building and landed in a truck full of pizza. THE END

      • "KOLTON!!!!!" says:

        But the pizza was really cold and it froze barf field to death. 100 years latter barf field thawed out and came back to life. But he was super hungry. He went to the nearest pasta place. Barf field stopped liking pizza 2 years before he got thawed out of ice. But when he got to he pasta place the manager said NO cats allowed. Barf field was very sad he clawed the manager then walked off a big icy, rocky cliff and died. THE END

    • Jonny :) says:

      He climbed up the tower. He started to climb but he kept slipping so he went over to the clue shop and bought some never stick glue. He went back to the tower and started to climb Barfeild climbed and climbed. He was half way up when he saw a big juicy bird. Barfeild reached out to get the bird, but once he reached out he almost fell, soo he kept climbing. Barfeild made it to the top and once he got there he could smell the pizza, Barfeild started running but he couldn’t move. The glue had got stuck to the ground. He tried everything to get out but he couldn’t , soo he started to lick the clue away. He licked away and 1 hour later he finally got the pizza and ate it. After Barfeild ate the pizza he found a parachute soo he could get off the tower. He put the parachute on and jumped off the pulled the cord and floated to his house.

    • Ashley (: says:

      He went up to the top of the building by climbing a latter. Barf field was tyring so hard to get that pizza because he was so hungry! On the roof of the building he found a door on the ground , he climbed into the pizza place , so quietly, hoping that the security would not hear him. He came to a stop , he seemed to be in a storage room. Barf field tried to find his way out. He did! But he still could not smell or see that delicious cheese and anchovy pizza. All he could see is people walking around, these people were wearing white uniforms. Suddenly Barf field saw the pizza , But the chef was handing the pizza into a customers hand. Barf field quickly followed the customer. The girl went into a cab. Barf field was determined to get that pizza so he followed in the back of the cab. The cab went to an apartment.

    • nicolas says:

      He was just at the top bot then boom he fell right on his tooshie. For the rest of the day he was so upset, until he saw a beautiful cat siting on the roof of his house. So he ran as fast as he could and jumped on the very top, then Barf Field tried to took to her she just turned her head. Then he got really angry and beat the cat up until it was time for bed. So his owner called him in and and he went to bed. And fell fast asleep in a worm bed beside his owner.

  5. nadroj/jordan says:

    In a world were there is so much awesomeness. One person will risk his glasses to save the universe from total bad things that will come to earth from the depths of the star wars generation. He will have to ninja past Darth Vadar to get the legendary button that will send the star wars people back to where they came from.

    • jaxson/ninja/nosxaj? says:

      But there is one hope his name was Retyl. Retyl was the bravest cyborg in all of Darth Vader’s Kingdom . He said, I’m going to slay Darth Vader. And then on they came together and had a tea party.
      And then they started to get to know each other.”Wow this is really funish”,said Retyl. Darth Vader
      said, we are best friends you know what we should go to the awesome beast like amusement park.”And that’s when it happened Retyl took out his double sided blueish greenish lightsaber. Then he shanked Darth Vader in the back and Retyl started laughing his head off and started yelling out noob and ran away and Retyl went crazy and eventually he shanked himself. And then so on and so forth. The END.

    • nadroj/jordan says:

      Reply:Glen the one that will risk his glasses has bin jumping on a diving board for an hour to try and get high enough to get to the ship. Glen finally jumped and made it to outer space and saw the ship. The ship was located on a small planet called “The Thing up there” The Thing up there was inside a snow globe. Glen opened the snow globe and took of his space suit. He did 50 backflips in one spot then opened the door and threw up. When his stomach calmed down put on his ninja suit and took his swords out of and pocket, unfolded them, opened the nosel, and blew them up. He ran all the way to the chamber where the kept the button. Glen was staring at Darth Vader and waited and waited and waited. Darth Vader finally went to the bathroom. Glen thought it was a good time to get the button but then Anakin Skywalker stepped out of a room and took his place.

    • Remmy koocha says:

      Part I : Beginnings. (star wars music) one day a man named George Lucas made a movie called “Star Wars” little did he know his characters were about to come to life. Part II : attack of the clones. When everybody was on coffee break the guy that played all the clones started multiplying and soon there were millions of storm troopers murdering people except the person that played darth vader. They put on there amour and took over the world (insert evil laugh). Part III :The Survivor. To be totally honest there was one survivor and he was were pathetic his name was Raul The Stupid or for short R.T.S and it was his job to destroy darth vader and his army. He grabbed his little league base bat that said loser on it and went out to take the empire down. Part IV: The Battle. Raul ran into darth vader’s house and killed all the storm troopers then walked in to vader’s room and saw him in the middle of a love moment. Vader got up and though Raul against the wall then force choked him. At that time raul was desperate at that time so he grabbed vader’s light saber and stabbed vader. Part V: ending. After vader died Raul ran to the magic button and sent all the “Star Wars” people home

      the end

      • cool c says:

        The one hope to save the world is Joe. One of the other people named John set out with everybody else who was going with Joe to get the button,but Darth Vader was paying John to sabotage the mission. So John rigged the rocket to blow up when he touched the detonator. So when they made to the Death Destroyer he blew up the ship that was also a signal for the storm troopers to attack. So when the storm troopers came he started shooting at his”teammates”so Darth Vader’s team won and the name John inspires fear in all. THE END.

  6. jaxson/ninja/nosxaj? says:

    Once upon a time there was a princess who was the ugliest princess ever. Until one day there was a girl named Medusa came and turned her into stone, and then people wouldn’t have to look. But Medusa started destroying the princesses village and Medusa made the village promise that they would have to look at the princess for ever.

    • nadroj/jordan says:

      Jaxson’s Story: Medusa made everyone bow down to her. She made everyone make sculptures of her and she made the village make a castle of solid blood. If the villagers did not make the castle she would turn them into stone or make them pick someones nose. She would force them to conjure up potions of pure evil so she can conquer the village. The potions that the people had to make for her would hypnotize them all. She didn’t know why she wanted the people to make the potions because they would already do what she said. And that is the story of how Medusa conquered the village.

    • keenan says:

      One day though when Steve had to go look at the princess he died because the stone of her squashed him. The stone of the princess broke and she was alive again. So Medusa came over but, the princess grabbed a mirror. Medusa was smart not to make her into stone because then it would reflect and hit her. The princess told every one to go home because she didn’t know why every one was there. Then surprisingly Medusa shot and hit the mirror and reflected and hit her. Then the princess went down to the town. She found out that the were all lined up to look at her to see how ugly she is.

    • Remmy koocha says:

      But there is one Medusa fears. Her tongue he is Dovakiin, dragonborn . The day Dovakiin was born Medusa attacked his village killing everybody but himself. Dovakiin grew up to be a great man .being raised by himself he adapted to the cold snow and found the finest weapons and amour and swore the he would kill Medusa. He went to the nearest village to get directions to Medusa’s house. He ran to Medusa’s house and saw her about to turn the princess into stone. Medusa dropped the princess and ran to Dovakiin and he yelled “Fus Ro Dah” and Medusa’s head came right of. Dovakiin went to go kiss the princess but went he took every thing of her face lights lit up ,music sounded and a loud voice said “you just got punked”

      The End

  7. Ruchita says:

    It was a stormy night the mice were crawling, the house was empty but there was just one little girl and that girl was Justina! No one liked her not even a dog would lick her, sometimes she would stand in front of a landing area where the planes land so people would look at her but it did not work. Justina would walk home singing like a monkey just got waxed, But when she walked home she saw

    • melissa says:

      Another girl her name was Kayla she had the same problem so Justina and Kayla became friends but one day Kayla got a new best friend and Justina did not like that at all so Justina asked if Kayla would not hang around her new best friend because Justina thought she was evil but the next day Kayla bf started to become a witch and she destroyed the whole town and then ran into the sun and vanished for ever.

  8. Mariah says:

    It was a sunny day in Antarctica, when a new baby penguin was born named Justina Bieber. She was always got laughed at because of her name but her and her family loved it. she did not care if everyone laughed at her name. The years went by when her mom died. she was extremely sad. the only thing that made her happy was her crush Ryan, but she did not know Ryan’s last name though.

  9. nicolas says:

    Once upon a time there was a 20 year old man named Milerd Taboodil who still lived with his parents. And he loved cheese but his parents hated it, so he would sneak it in his room every night. Until won night when now one was home an ant found this chunk of cheese under the bed. That next morning wen he woke up there was at lest 500,000 ants in his room there was ants in his pants, there was ants in his bed, there was ants on his chair and ants in his hair, there was even ants in a stuffed poler bear named Clare.

    • cool c says:

      So he had to go and get some anti-ant spray. When he got to the store everybody screamed and ran away so he just grabbed all the anti-ant stuff and began walking to the bank. But the same thing happened so he just grabbed all the money as he did so he began thinking “I could get anything I want like this covered in ants”. So he began robbing everything but one year later the police caught him and scrubbed of the ants,but he would not be beat so easily for he had…….CHEESE. So the ants dug him out and he was free. THE END

  10. Jonny ! :) says:

    Once upon a time there was a rainbow unicorn. He eats rainbows and poops out butterflies. He is the strongest unicorn in the universe, he can fly and teleport. He lives in rain forests and plains of rainbows. His name was Gilbert. Gilbert likes to play hopscotch and when he gets hungry he goes to the plains of rainbows and chows down on a rainbows. When he gets full he runs to his house and goes to his jar of butterflies and poo’s out more butterflies. After that he runs around the forest, but he has to watch out for the flying cows. Gilbert runs through the forest and finds the invincible power up……

    • "KOLTON!!!!!" says:

      gilbert ate 18 rainbows one day and he had to go poo so he ran home but when he went to go poo no butter flies came out, gilbert was so sad that when he was crying he flooded the rain forest every unicorn was mad at gilbert so the next day he try’d to kill him self but it didn’t work the rope broke and just hurt him really bad so the next day gilbert pilled up all of his clothes and jumped off of them , ( gilbert was a blond ) he landed on his bed and his bed broke so gilbert ate a poisonous frog and died..

      • Ashley (: says:

        His friends had a funeral for gilbert the next day. They were all saying there words to gilbert when his best friend saw one eye open! They were all so surprised , they thought they were dreaming! Gilbert was alive again. He went back to his house feeling dizzy and felt like he was still dead. Gilbert went to bed feeling hungry, so in the middle of the night he woke up and went to the rainbow plains and had a couple of rainbows. Gilberts best friend came to see how he was doing the next day. The people in the forest still did not forgive him..

    • Joe the gamer like a boss says:

      Its like god mode on CoD [Call of duty]. Gilbert can: fly enywere he wanted, go throw wall, kill all of the flying cows he wanted, and instead of pooing butterflies Gilbert pooed commando butterflies that have miny RPG’s. Gilbert wanted to do something good with his powers so he became Gilbert mAnIsh. He helped out all of the good unicorn that lived in Billbow town. Everyone like Gilbert except for Steven. He was jealous of Gilbert because everyone liked himand Steven has never had friends and that he has super powers. Steven made a ray gun from Fallout new vegas to kill Gilbert. Steven went to Gilbert and yoused the gun on him but he was to strong and Gilbert mAnIsh kill Steven and everyone loved him. THE END.

  11. Ashley (: says:

    Once upon a time there was a a magical creature that had the power of never dieing. Well at least thats what we think. His name was Minch. He had a best friend who was a unicorn. Minch lived in a huge forest that him and Munck, the unicorn spent all of their time in. He was the most powerful creature in the forest. The wicked witch of the east, Lucina has been trying for years to destroy Minch. Lucina has fifteen minions , they are flying purple pigs. Minch is very scared that his power will be broken by Lucina. The only down fall of Minch’s power is he can’t run very fast…

    • Jonny :) says:

      One day Lucina decided to have a attack on Minch and Munck. She got all of her minions to make a power drainer to take all the power away from Minch. The minions worked for days a days on the power drainer while Lucina made a plan on how to get into Minch’s castle. Minch and munck did not know that Lucina was planning a big attack. So Minch and Munck went off and did there thing out in the forest. 10 days later Lucina and minions finally finished the power drainer (which they named Bessy) and the plan to get into the castle. That night Lucina went off on the attack. When she got there, none of the guards were there soo Lucina went in and set up the power drainer. In the morning she went back to the power drainer and it was gone. She looked around then finally saw Minch and Munck aiming it at her. she ran away , but the drainer got her and drasined her of her powers she ran away.

  12. cool c says:

    Do you long for adventure,danger,and treasure. Then go to pier 7 charter a boat to UN-dead, island and start looking for your next clue but beware the UN-dead that walk the island. Don’t get bitten by one of them if you do you will turn into one of them. Look out for the skeletons and especially look out for BIG BONES and you will immediately know BIG BONES IF you see him.

    • cool c says:

      cool c is also conner

    • Braden or BQ says:

      BIG BONES the only pirate with a jewelled eye the longest living undead of his own and the most feared of all legends. He alone is the god of evil, casting ships upon his shores and eating the delectable spirits of the bewildered sailors and stowaways. Yet most dye many get close and some afar they all search for BIG BONES body. People say that when BIG BONES ship, The Pirates Nightmare crashed throwing over board Gib Onebs, the captain of his revolting crew. When the many pirates went down and found nothing but bones and no jewel,therefore they rearranged his name to BIG BONES. And after this many said it was story but anyone who still enters the domain of UN-dead island never come back. Many say that mermaids took the body and stole the jewel. Others say that animals took him for food, but I know he lives.

  13. Remmy koocha says:

    This story is about a you boy named Bilbo and his mother. Bilbo stayed in his room playing with his toys barley seeing anybody while his mother sat on the couch and watched christen programs.One day Bilbo’s mother received a message for the lord saying “your son has been corrupted he must be taken away from everything evil”
    ” I will do what you say my lord” said Bilbo’s mother.

    She came busting into the Bilbo’s room and took all of his toys. later that day Bilbo’s mother received anther message from the lord saying ” your son is still corrupted you must look him away form everything that is evil”
    “I will do what you say” said Bilbo’s mother
    she ran to Bilbo’s room and locked him in. The next day for the last time Bilbo’s mother was called upon by the lord. the lord said”you have done what I have told you to do but I still do not see faith in you you must give me a sacrifice”
    ” I will do what you say my lord” said Bilbo’s mother
    she ran to the kitchen to get a cleaver. Bilbo saw her coming. he didn’t know what to do. but at that moment he saw a trap door to his basement. he know this was his way out of death

    • nadroj/jordan says:

      Rem’s story:Bilbo was standing in the basement while his mother went out to Wal-Mart and bought a Michel Myers mask because she was caught up in the moment of killing Bilbo. Bilbo was standing in the basement trying to figure out how to stop his mother from shanking him with a cleaver. He found a machete and a Jason mask. He put the mask on and took the machete so he can shank his mother. It will not be easy to kill his mother because Michel Myers has taken over her body. Michel Myers was not very happy that he was in a 60 year old womens body. So Michel went over to the barber shop and told him to cut his hair and his face of than he told him to sew the mask onto the womans face.

    • jaxson/ninja/nosxaj? says:

      Bilbo was doomed he didn’t know what to do but then he found a rock. Bilbo sharpened the rock with a carving knife he found randomly in his hand. When his mother got in his room Bilbo threw the rock like a boss and hit her right in the eyeball. She screamed in pained and Bilbo kicked her in the shin and ran away and went to go see the lord. But first he needed some weapons. Bilbo went to the house of knives and got a pretty boss like sword and then went to the lord. there was guards every where so Bilbo went Rambo on them . Took a rock and threw it at his head and made everything explode randomly. THE END

  14. justin says:

    In a very stormy day in the middle of the Atlantic ocean ,a man was lost for days but nothing to eat but fish that jumped on his raft , and one inch of water. He is known as the of Sam, the greatest sailor you may have seen, but you might seen better but he is pretty good. Then suddenly…

    • keenan says:

      A shark came up and tried to eat him but missed him and hit his raft even more. He had to come up with an idea so that he could save his live. The best idea for this guy was to try to go to land or an island were their could be trees or something. There could even be food that he could eat because he must be hungry. Then he would start to sail even know there is more dangerous creatures out there that could kill him he kept on going. He had some coconuts but he was so thirsty because he was on a sea were if he drunk some water he would get more thirsty.

  15. melissa says:

    Once upon a time there was a dog who tried to chase the sun because it was big and bright but one day the dog sat in front of the sun staring at it and when the owner came home the dog looked moon blinked because the dog sat there day after day then the dog was ………………………

  16. josh b :3) says:

    Fred was a chicken, he wasn’t any normal chicken, he was a chicken that was born to soon be killed and made into chicken pot pie. Fred had many friends at pot pie ranch, Fred new what would soon happen to him but had no idea what and when, Fred was grabbed by the owner of the ranch Mrs.Petunia “don’t worry little chicken you won’t feel a thing”. Fred was put into the chicken slicer and was strapped down but at the last second…..

    • cool c says:

      … He pecked at Mrs. Petunias hand and while she screamed in pain he pecked away at the straps and ran away from the chicken slicer then, ran out a hole in the fence he knew about and ran into the country. Fred knew he could never go back to the pot pie ranch unless he wanted to get sliced up again. So he went to the big city where he thought nobody would try to strap him into a chicken slicer. But that thinking soon came to a end when a man put him in a shop that sold chickens. The next day Mrs. Petunias came and said she was looking for a fat chicken and the man said he had just caught a fat chicken recently. So alas Fred got chopped up in THE END.

    • shae says:

      Fred used his big bird powers and broke free, right when he stood up he grabbed the antidote that was on the silver plater beside the chicken slicer bed and stabbed it into his leg. he looked at his arms and they were slowly turning GREEN he was tuning into the chicken hulk. he started running he got faster and faster he looked back and mrs.petunia was getting closer to him on her pink moped. it was a wild chicken chase fred ran out of breath and mrs,petunia ran over fred and the next night she eat his chicken breasts the end!

      • Rylee Johnson says:

        But… that actually wasn’t the end. Fred was in Mrs. Petunia’s body but he wasn’t about to give up just yet. Fred was strong. The strongest chicken alive, at least to himself he was. He was just in the middle of going through Mrs. Petunia’s digestive system. The only thing not chewed up was his chubby chicken leg. He obviously couldn’t see because no chicken has eyes on their legs, well except for messed up Margret! yukky. That girl has serious problems. Anyway Fred was crawling through Mrs. Petunia’s body hoping to find an opening to get out. Any opening would do at the time. Fred was crawling through when he ran into two small round balls that were blocking him way. He grabbed them and held them in front of himself. He could see he chubby chicken legs. Those round things were his eyes. ” wow I gotta lose a little weight,” Fred thought in his head. He plucked his eyes at the top of his chubby chicken legs. He was ready to roll! Fred was climbing through again when he saw something yellow. He trotted over to it. It was his beak. He carved a slightly deep whole in the middle of his leg and placed the beak in. The only reason Fred was still alive was because he was chicken Hulk and he was invincible. The light speared through a whole not far from where Fred was in Mrs. Petunia’s belly. He ran and ran on his chubby chicken leg as fast as he could. Mrs. Petunia started to feel sick. She had no idea what was going on in her stomach. She ran to the toilet. Fred jumped through the opening and come out of Mrs. Petunia’s…………………………

    • Keira :) says:

      He used his ultra animal sound emergency call to call animals to rescue him. Cows Zebras , Camels , Caterpillars , and many more ran to the woman and took her to the groud , while the other animals quickly unstrapped Fred. People from all over the world called Fred the lucky chicken. The old hag was sent to jail for 1 year for tryin to murder Fred. Fred became the most popular animal none to man . Everbody kept the chicken alive until it * Died * from old age. But then when it was dead it laid an egg and the famous chicken cycle began.

    • Joseph dead space & fallout fan says:

      the giant chicken from family guy jumped out of the window and started to beat up Mrs.Petunia and they left the place. Well they were running Fred asked what is your name, he replied I dont have a name. So why did you come to help me because your the chosen one. Dan dan daaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnn. GC:Your going help me kill kernel sanders, Fred: the kfc guy, GC: yes, Fred: I hate that guy lets kill him, GC: not yet you have to train. 50 year later, GC your ready. Fred sreched far and wide and Fred found him, Fred: I have come to kill you kfc guy: inyour dream they fought but in the end Fred was dead and made in to CHICKEN POT PIE. THE END.

    • josh b :3) says:

      He broke free and hopped out. He didn’t know were to go, he was about to escape but Mrs.Petunia grabbed him and locked into a cage and put him into a truck. He was in the truck for about two or three hours when they opened the back of the truck they were at the airport. They were taking Fred through the airport and stopped at the flight gate. Fred looked at the sign above and it said Rio. It was a long torturous plane ride to Rio (which is in Brazil). When they landed he was put on another truck for another 4 painful hours. When they got to their destination there was a sign that said Uncle Fred’s Chickens compound. Fred was put on a table and his head was about to be cut off when he ran away and lived happily ever after.

  17. .:JOSH N:. :...: says:

    Once during the spring break josh B and keenan were having an airsoft war up at the base in the valley above joshes house. as they were up there keenan was being mercied and said you can shoot but I have to take off my helmet or it will get scratched… Josh B. was saying the that would be a weird Idea and josh B was thinking about what to do when suddenly keenan…

    • Kyle the emo guy says:

      Sprung up and disarmed Josh of his weapon. Josh staggered while Keenan ran and took cover, while Josh was recovering from his stagger, Keenan was unloading Josh’s weapon and taking some pellets when suddenly, Josh fully recovered and was searching for his weapon until he realized that Keenan had taken it. So Josh was dashing toward Keenan while also taking cover, because Keenan was shooting at Josh until finally, Josh made it near Keenan and he retreated to a farther, better spot for cover. Josh looked around, found his weapon and picked it up. He looked in the ammo clip and found only around 20 pellets, when he started out with about 50. Josh started searching for pellets on the ground, but alas the only pellets he could find were about 10. Afterwards Josh moved up with the ammo he had left and went into an epic airsoft battle until eventually the champion emerged. It was Josh and he took the downed Keenan’s weapon and left. The End.

  18. Braden or BQ says:

    Long ago in a world of no future only past there was said to be a renowned child more clever then the seven thieves of raZmORach.who could get there treasure no mater how many locks locked it. braver than the army of furdrake. an army made of magic for every one of them were floating piles of armour in addition they could not be killed. and lastly had the power to…

    • cool c says:

      …destroy anything except the renowned child in battle. So the army of furdrake searched for the child for they would die under the child’s might,but little did they know the child was an elf from the forbidden forest. And everybody knows only elf’s can survive in the forbidden forest, other people just turn into trees even furdrake. Even the 7 thieves of raZmORach fear it they lost 6 of them they used to be 13. So when he was old enough he set out to defeat the army of furdrake, when he got there he was greeted by lots of locks so he just touched them and boom they were unlocked, so he went in and fought two of the furdrake and kept on fighting his way through and won. THE END

  19. joel says:

    BOOM, five planes go down. it was general gestapo, the hole town screamed in fear. the people of Very Very Close by ran down to there bunkers in a fear. but one man name joel, was sick and tired of seeing his friends and family shutter in fear.

    • keenan says:

      So he stayed in bed and he didn’t know where any one was. He got up went out side and there was no one out side. He thought that he was special but, then planes smashed and hit the ground. He couldn’t move so he started yelling help but no one came because they were under ground. They all came up an hour after and started cleaning up there houses. When Joel’s family went to there house he wasn’t there. They were scrambling looking for him and they found him. He was all beaten up with broken legs and arms. His family took him to the hospital and found he had to get surgery. So he got surgery and it went fine and Joel and his family went home

  20. keenan says:

    there was once a potato that had wings so he would fly up into the sky with the birds and planes. This potato was special because none of the other potato’s could fly including his mom and dad. This potato was so extraordinary that he could jump of the Eiffel Tower and still lived so he tried something awesome, he tried to carry his mom and dad but then…………….

    • Keira :) says:

      As he was getting higher and higher his parents were getter heavier and heavier. He was 2000 feet up in the air , and his parents were slipping. His dad said “Let me go son save your mother” the amazing potato son let go of the dad and the dad squashed into a thousand pieces. The mom had slipped to but fell into a picnic basket and had got eaten now it was just the extraordinary potato soaring over life. As he went on in life he found a girl and the girl had there baby and the baby had an amazing gift .. The power of FLYING! The gift was getting passed on, and the little boy grew older and got the gift privliges. – 125 words.

      • Ashley :) says:

        The son of the original potato had fallen in love with a very special girl, by the time he was 15 years old. They both loved eachother very much , they demanded that after they were finished with high sscool that they would get married. One month before they wedding , the potato father came to visit his son , and he brought news with him. The father told his son that he could not marry the girl of his dreams because she was a mortal and the son was a potato wizard! The boy had two choices; one is that he would have to give up his powers just for the girl he loves , or he would never see this girl again and keep his powers for all entirnity. The father left for two weeks so the son would have time to make his decision. Two weeks was p and they potato boy still did not make his choice. The father came back and told his son ” I will come back tomorrow and if you do not have your decision made by then , I will pick for you!” So the dad did come back the next day , and the boy had made up his mind. His decision was…

  21. hank says:

    Once upon a time they was a monkey named donkey he was always a banded from groups because of his he didn’t really like it so one day he went to a group and asked why do you guys always do this to me? they didn’t respond to him so donkey just walked away than later on that day he ran away from the jungle and moved to the city and he became..??

    • Joel says:

      and he became a business owner he called this M.B short for monkey business. his business was thriving and the monekey, his friends call him. they call him that because he makes lot of the yellow ( by yellow I mean money). One day he was going to work and one of his old friends form the jungle stopped him, they stopped at bananabuckes to have a cappuccino. this friend talks to donkey about a problem that his people are facing and ask if they could get some help. the monkeys who were not letting him play with them were gong crazy. they would they would bully people for no reason, and would heart peoples feelings. so donkey being a rich man got his personal army to intervene. he got 4 banana bombers, 8 banana jets, and 2 tankers. the bullies has no defence so they lost and the villagers got killed in the crose fire. and everyone leaned the importance of bullying

  22. Kyle the emo guy says:

    A long time ago in a jungle there was a young warrior named Timothy. Timothy was a young, small and weak warrior, but was accepted into the military because they thought he would make a valuable meat shield or suicide bomber, but they were wrong. Timothy and his squad were on a special operation, to sneak their way into a enemy compound and capture a man known as Kafforov. They were silent and stealthy all up until Timothy shouted “ENEMY SPOTTED!” and blew their entire cover and position and got them capture.

    • josh b :3) says:

      They were taken into a holding cell till further notice. They had to come up with an idea to escape, Timothy came up with an idea. Timothy would pretend he needed medical attention, every one liked that idea so they decided to do that. The team yelled Timothy is hurt, the guards opened the cell door and came in to see what happened. While the guards bent down to help Timothy, Gus and Bob took a the knifes from the guards belt and stabbed them in the back of their necks. Timothy got up and went with Gus and Bob. They got to the gates of the prison and sneaked into the armory. When they got in they went over to the weapon shelf they had to decide which weapons they wanted,Timothy chose a M4A1 and a Five Seven. Bob choose a Barret .50 cal and a Striker, Gus choose a MP5K and a Javelin. First Timothy went up to the guard guarding the gate and snapped his neck and then hid the body. Next Bob went up the look out tower and stabbed him and through him off behind the tower. Then Gus ran and shut the power off. Before they all escaped they had to capture Kafforov. Bob gave Timothy the signal and Timothy breached into to Kafforov’s compound and shot the two guards and ran around a corner and got close lined by Kafforov. During this time Gus is guarding the security room and using a small generator to make power for the computer to hack into the security system and open the gate. Bob is guarding the outside of the compound where kafforov is hiding. Timothy is on the ground fighting kafforov for his life, Kafforov stabbed Timothy in the stomach and started loading his gun. Bob doesn’t see any one and gets suspicious in an instant he was shot in the back by a sniper, the sniper goes down from his post and walks up the tower and sees Gus in the other room and he is about to shoot him when Bob gets up and shoots the sniper in the back of the head with his Striker. Gus opens the gate and runs in to Kafforov’s compound. Timothy is about to be shot in the head suddenly Gus tackles Kafforov and starts fighting him. Kafforov starts punching Gus in the face repeatedly in the face. Timothy yells “HEY KAFFOROV” and shoots Kafforov in the head. Gus comes and picks Timothy up and then goes to pick Bob up and runs for the gate where a helicopter is waiting for them and they escape. They escaped and Timothy had a full recovery but Bob died on the helicopter from blood loss. In the end Timothy and Gus were rewarded the medal of honor. THE END

    • Joseph says:

      They got taken to there base were they interrogated them but no one said anything so they left. Timothy had a plan to get out. He had a pencil Timothy stabbed the man beside him and yield to get the guard to help him out and well he was helping the man he knocked out the guard. They escaped the room and Timothy toke the guards gun [to be exact a l96a1]. The alarm went off so Timothy grabbed the guards keys and they all started to run. They got to the door that was locked and they could hear the guard get closer and closer. They didn’t know what to do but Timothy remembered that he had the guards keys, but their was too many. The guard were getting closer so he gave the keys to Billbow to try to get the door open well he defended them. He started to quickscoping the guards, he was a MLG pro but the guards where hard scoping noobs so he ran luckily the door, there was no one there. Timothy ran throw the door and shut it and shot the nob off. He terned around all of his team mates were dead and say Kafforov holding a minygun. Kafforov started to shoot Timothy got under cover and quickscoped Kafforov. THE END.

  23. Emilee says:

    Once upon a time there was a boy named Benjamen who had a blue,green,brown and red coat he had nine brothers,Benjamen was favored by his Dad,Jacob.Then one day the brothers had a plan to sell Benjamen to the King of Egypt he was a slave…….

  24. Joseph says:

    Fred was walking down the street when a super mutant behemoth from fallout 3 jumped out of the sky. Fred looked into his pipboy and saw a alien blaster in his innovatory. The monster was to strong so he ran but it was to fast so he jumped down a pipe and so…….

    • nadroj/jordan says:

      Joe’s story:Fred did some backflips in the sewer then the monster tripped and fell onto the road but he was so fat he broke the road and fell in a big pile of cow poopie. Fred didn’t know why someone flushed a big pile of cow poop down the toilet because that would have flooded his house completely. But he didn’t care at all he just did more backflips down the sewer and climbed the nearest ladder out of there. He ran home and sat down on the couch. He was so scared of the monster he turned on the TV. He watched Friday the 13th because he could use a good laugh.

    • Remmy koocha says:

      He saw a pack of death claws chasing him. He took out his “alien blaster” and shot two of the nuisances. They died almost instantly. He had realized that the alien blaster was the best pistol ever (the runner up being “mysterious magnum”) he jumped up to the surface and killed the super mutant behemoth. Right when he was about to leave five legendary beast game and ripped him in half. The monsters soon later devoured on not only on his body but his soul as well. In the end he died and had nothing left of him. The End

  25. Alex says:

    My skis cut though the snow like a knife cut butter.The snow was smooth,fluffy, and it was powdery.Probably the best snow of the season.skiing in the tree-filled forest with snow up to your knees is pretty fun and exciting too.After a little bit I came in to a open space, then a icy patch won ski fell off crevasse and one ropes and no help.

    • Alex says:

      then hit an icy patch where my ski fell off. I fell in to a crevasse with no help and one rope…

      • Alex says:

        After trying multiple times to throw the rope up, and hook it on a branch right beside the spot where I fell, I stopped. It was not working. I tried a new idea. There was enough space for me to take off my ski, and I tried to jab it in the wall of ice above me. I thought if I could put the ski in tight enough, I could use it to pull myself up. I was feeling extremely unsatisfied with this mountain, at the moment. Stretching as high as I could, I stuck the ski in tight to either side of the crevasse. My freezing cold hands gripped the ski and I pushed against the walls of ice with my ski boots digging in. I carefully pulled myself up praying the ski wouldn’t budge. I threw up one knee into the snow and then I rolled to the side. I laid on my back, looked up at the sky and shouted, “Thank goodness.” I know it sounds crazy, but then I heard a helicopter and I jumped up waving my arms. The pilot saw me and looked for a flat area to land. I climbed in and thought, I am never skiing by myself again.

  26. Emilee says:

    Once upon a time there was a girl named Lucy she wanted to get a puppy but her Mom and Dad were to pour to get her one so her Mom and Dad got her a little stuffed dog. She named her Dog Pal, She was happy to have him, but she really wanted a real dog. Then she went up to here room to play with Pal.Then a man came and banged on the door dad answered the door.The man said are you Danny More?? Well yes I am, who are you? I am Frank.I need you to come work with me…….

    • Mr. Bell says:

      Quick Fix: too poor (not to pour)

    • melissa says:

      well I’m here with my family as Lucy watched at the staircase her dad Danny more went off to work then she came down and asked to go to the park so her mom took her to the park and out of no were a dog followed Lucy home and Lucy noticed but didn’t tell her mum and when they finally came home Lucy said “mum there i9s a dog over there can we keep it please ………..” and her mum said “well we can’t keep it we need to find the owner and if the owner doesn’t come for the dog -” Lucy didn’t let her mum finish her sentence and blurted out “I can keep it!” and her mum nodded yes and Lucy ran up to her room with the dog and Lucy couldn’t figure out what to name her new dog but she thought of buddy and the dog seemed to like that name and once her father came home she would tell him about her day and she would mention that buddy was free and they lived like the wealthiest people in the world THE END

    • justin says:

      ‘Why should I do that , I don’t even know you, and also I don’t know what I’m suppose to do.” The man named Frank had explained to him that he was working in Alberta , as well that the government needed
      him working in that mine. This was of course hard for Dan , namely because Alberta half across the country where the More family lived. So when Frank left , the house began to basically erupt from this exciting and sad news. It was a rough night for Lucy , and especially for Danny . Lucy began to be depressed , by the fact that is father was going to Alberta , and not seeing him for three months, but suddenly she began to think about the bright side . She thought about having a dog after her dad returned . All day tomorrow Lucy helping her dad as well with her mother in the house but suddenly …

    • amy says:

      “in the white house in the U.S for the government your a body guard with me. and her dad said to her family after frank left guys pack up your stuff were moving to the U.S!!!! and they packed their stuff and caught the next plane out of there.the next day,her dad went to work and he seen frank and frank said to him, “your here oh yes i forgot we get payed 8000,000 million dollars a month”,and lucy’s dad jaw hit the floor and he said,”i can’t belive it”.and when before he got home he got his money and then quit after words.
      THE END

  27. .:JOSH N:. :...: says:

    d. so the guard took them under the compound to the wine cellar and locked them there. Soon later the elite Opretive Yuri who had been in an under cover mission to find and kill Kafforov. he was under cover as a prisoner guard and had freed the squad in the wine cellar they had a plan the squad would cause a destraction by freeing all the prisoners and causing a riot as Yuri would get to Kafforoves L.Z. and ither kill him or plant a traker becon on Kafforoves helicopter. So they went along with the plan. kafforov was killed and the squad and yuri were rewarded with great prizes.


  28. "Anna :)" says:

    Once upon a time there was a little short man with red hair and green clothing. He lives in Ireland. His name is Gibber-Snapper, but people call him Karl. He has a lot of gold, but nobody knows that because he thinks somebody will steel it. His home is extremely
    small. The doors are only 3 feet tall( to him that is HUGE! it is really that tall for his friend who is 2.8 feet.) You may not know this but Gibber-Snapper(or Karl) is a…………

  29. amy says:

    Once there was a kid named Ralph, he had no family he didn’t know what to do, so he walked into a fire department, and said I have no family or friends, and I have no home, or mom and dad, can you help me?and the dumb fire guy said to the other fire person, “can we keep him please”…and the other guy said, “no”and the other guy said,” please please please”, then the other one said,” fine okay we can keep him but your in charge for every thing like…

  30. Emilee says:

    The Next day Justina’s sister read her journal and went up to Ryan and asked his last name.He said it was Peter, he also said my full name is Ryan Dan Peter. Justina’s sister toled Justina what she did, Justina was angry and happy at the same time. Ryan came over to her and said Hi, wuz up!!!!! Justina said h…..i….. oh, just…….swimming…in..the pool!!Oh thats cool catch you later, Justina!!! Oh Bye!!! Justina’s friend Lizzie said Hey how about you and Ryan go to the last splash party on Friday!!! Ya totally!! The next morning, Ryan knocked on Justina’s door, Hello Justina said,Hi Justina Ryan said with flowers in his hand do you want to come with me to the last splash party?? Justina said yes totally!!Ok see you tonight!! Justina Ran up the stairs and called Lizzie, Guess what! What Lizzie said, I am going to the last splash with Ryan!!! YAHOO!!!!!!THE END!

  31. nicolas says:

    So I tried to get out for hours until I just gave up I eventually gave up. It was such a bad idea to ski by my self, after several long hours I had hatched a plan I thought if I poked one half of the hole out I might be able to clime up the side. As I was climbing up the hill I saw a tree in the way so I grabbed the top and pulled my self out then I walked down 0the hill and got home safely.

  32. Roisin says:

    Once their was three wizard power but their was a powerfull wizards called Alex,Max,Justin, russos but their all live in a substation


  33. nicolas says:

    He was looking for the power ups for hours until he found a field of rainbows. He was having the time of his life until he stumbled across a lepricon and his pot of lucky charms when he tried to eat some of the lepricons charms the lepricon freaked out and took his four leaf clovers and beat the unicorn to death the buried him under the end of the rainbow with a bowl of lucky charms.

  34. Rylee Johnson says:

    bling doly doly

  35. Mariah says:

    …. she saw Justin Bieber. She was like so in love with Justin Bieber. All of her walls had Justin Bieber posters on it. She went to all of his concerts everywhere she could go. she had all his music and books. She even had twitter to see what he was doing! She ran up to him and said…. can you sign my JB book? He was like sure little girl. she was so happy and out of everyone she was that special little girl. But then a television crew came up and asked him what he was doing. Justin Bieber said I’m signing her book! She said yea, I’m a big fan of Justin! I’ve been to every concert he’s done!….. Later that night she went to go watch t.v. because here Bieber fever show was on. she started watching it but it went black every t.v. in the neighborhood was black even if they weren’t watching the show. she thought it was her fault but then the news came on. She couldn’t even change the channel. So she watched it the heading said breaking news, Justin Bieber in the neighborhood signing a book for a little girl. But then the power went out. So she had to go to bed…. The next day she got ready for boring school. she was late for school again but she didn’t care because she was always late for boring school when all the kids walked up to her and said.. you are so cool you got to meat Justin Bieber. After all she was special in her own way!

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