Body Art…Reactions

Hi Class! What is your reaction to the reading this week? What did you like and dislike? Were you shocked, surprised, disgusted, amazed? How do your ideas about what is attractive compare to the ideas from other cultures?

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14 Responses to Body Art…Reactions

  1. JoRdAn says:

    I was disgusted by the body art of making your foot look like a high heel. I was shocked when I saw the women with the corset, I was disgusted because the corset made her look really thin. I was amazed when I found out that the women wore neck coils, to make there neck bigger as they grow up.

  2. @Bruyere5 says:

    I disliked the lip piercing I thought it was disgusting and all i am wondering about that if it hurt to get. I liked the face painting because thats something that can be fixed and it something are colter does to.

  3. cool c says:

    I was horrified, at some of the things in our reading. The only subject in the article was body painting. I mean really would you like ….

    • Mr. Bell says:

      Do finish your thought please 🙂

    • cool c says:

      Please ignore my first one. 🙁 I was horrified at all of them except body painting. Do you want a clay plate pierced onto your lip. Deformed foot anyone?
      You probably think that it doesn’t happen to you so why should you care,well I DON’T CARE WHAT YOU THINK! that is what I think about what we read.

      • Mr. Bell says:

        What is your reason for adding the ‘I don’t care…” to your post? People will read your post and have strange or weird thoughts. Please share your opinions as a means to strike up a conversation with others. Whether you care about the thoughts of others is up to you, however, it is unlikely others will add to your post when you write with harsh tone.

  4. Ashley :) says:

    I thought the reading this week was interesting. I was digusted by the lip plate and the head shaping. I think that people should not force children and people into torturous things. The only thing I liked was the henna, I thought the henna was very pretty and it showed culture and religion. I disliked almost everything else because it was gross to see that on peoples body’s and it looked like it was very painful. I was very shocked by the head shaping and neck stretching. I never thought that people would make their children suffer like that. I was surprised on the fact that if you have got a permanent tattoo and you wanted it removed that you would have to take chunks out of your skin or sandpaper it off. I am very happy that i don’t have that culture in me because i’d rather not have my foot binded to look like it’s a shoe.

    • Mr. Bell says:

      Great comments!

      Are there painful things (for improving looks) we do in our society? Braces hurt (at least they did when I had them). Some people wear clothes that are for looks rather than comfort, while others rely on surgery and other medical procedures. If other cultures looked at what we do to make ourselves look good, would they be as horrified and disgusted as you were by the lip plate?

  5. Alex says:

    The corset, lip plate, feet binding, neck stretching all are interesting and weird. The feet binding was shocking even though in the culture that they,that think is normal to them but we think it is weird. The corset was disgusting and it was not a fashion.

  6. josh b :3) says:

    I thought the head shaping was disgusting. I think this because your taking a little kids and putting strings around there head so it shapes it like a peanut. Lip plating is also really gross, you pierce a hole between your bottom lip and your gums and put a clay plate and gradually place bigger plates in the pierce untill there lip is really floppy and then the father gets to pick who the girl marries the bigger the plate the more money in cattle the girls father will recieve.

  7. Keira :) says:

    Some of the things in the booklet of “Body Art” are very disgusting. I was defiantly amazed that piercings or tattoos like the ones in the pictures could be done. I was almost ready not to red any more of the booklet after the 1st page because it was so gross , but it is so fascinating that its hard not to read. As we were reading I thought they must think what we do is gross as what we see them do. Over all my reaction is astounded!!

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