Pink Shirt Day – February 29, 2012

Hi Class!

Read the story using this link. What is your reaction? Can cyber-bullying be eliminated? If yes, how; if no, why not?

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7 Responses to Pink Shirt Day – February 29, 2012

  1. JoRdAn says:

    I don’t think so because they could be someone that has your email address or you mobile phone number and they could move to a different continent than there is really nothing you can do unless you can block him. You could go to telus to get the number blocked from contacting you.

  2. RYRY321URME Johnson says:

    I think that cyber- bullying can defiantly be eliminated! If we all do our part in being respectful, caring, and just showing you are a nice person. I believe that if we all do those things we can make the world a better place. The hard part is not everyone wants to change there ways and those are usually the people that are having a bad day or life and/or people that don’t care about other peoples feelings. Cyber-bulling is horrible and should be stopped!!

  3. justin says:

    parents who know that their child is cyber-bullied should tel their child to ignore, or find out who they are . If we all stand up to bullies cyber-bulling will stop. But it is hard to tell who’s the cyber-bullies.

  4. KeIrA lOvA yOu !! says:

    Bullying can defiantly be beaten down. But like people say you have to start with little steps !! People need to stand up for eachother and for themselves. If that cant happen then I’m thinking there would be no chance. After that step adults, teenagers , and kids need to make more groups , include more people and have more anti-bullying days. Bullying can be a very serious thing and can take some peoples life so people need to STOP bullying and at LEAST try to make a little change. <3

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