Spring Break…

Hi Class! Describe your ideal or actual plans for spring break. Use interesting words to create vivid images in the minds of your readers. (due Wednesday; 100-200 words)

Once descriptions are posted, respond to at least three other students you would like to join on their ideal or actual spring break.


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39 Responses to Spring Break…

  1. justin says:

    Once my dad gets back from camp on the 16th, we’ll spend our first night at My nanny and pupa’s house. after that my brother, dad, and I are going to Kelowna to visit my cousins. Also while we are at Kelowna we will go go-carting. After that my dad says that we will go to Vancouver , although I don’t know what we will do there.

  2. RYRY321URME Johnson says:

    I am not sure what I am doing for spring break, but I hope it turns out good. During spring break, at one point I would like to go to Vancouver or Kelowna to shop or just adventure. I hope this spring break is warm and has no wind. Being able to walk outside without a jacket would be very nice. Hopefully I don’t get sick if there is cold weather. I want to hangout with my friends and have sleepovers. Also my favourite book is becoming a movie and is out this weekend and I am soooooooooooooooo soooooooooooo extremely excited to watch it in theatre’s as soon as possible!! It is called, Hunger Games. I have been waiting forever for it to come out. I also have read all the books and I love them! I want this spring break to be adventurous and enjoyable!

    • Keira :) (122 words) says:

      I would like to also live your spring break to. I would like a non-cold spring break. I want to hangout out with my FRIENDS and all that good stuff 🙂 . I want to see the movie Hunger Games to , but I think I’ll read the book first.

    • Rem says:

      hunger games is gonna be boss

  3. cool c says:

    My ideal spring break would start in Lego land. I would find all the Lego workshops and if possible find somewhere I can make my own Lego set. I would then copy it a lot and sell some and with the money I would buy Lego sets I don’t have. With all of the Lego sets I would make a movie after I bought a movie camera. It would be a war movie and it would be a big hit I’d then be rich and wouldn’t have to go to school because I could hire a private tutor, and I would make my own Lego factory to make sets I need for Lego movies!

  4. Emilee says:

    On my Spring Break I am go to the dentist in Kelowna and spend the night there and shop in the Mall and visit my Grandpa Joe at his house. I like when I go visit my Grandpa because he is a good cook, and his meals are always spicy because he has like a hundred spices. So that is what I’m doing for Spring Break!!!!!

  5. Keira :) (122 words) says:

    For spring break I am going down to Vancouver to visit my cousin Karlee. I am going down on Friday or Saturday and spending the whole week there. We are going to play soccer and laze around all days , Hopefully we will be going shopping and getting our haira and nails done. It would be so relaxing. One of the days I hope my dad will take me for a couple hours at least – Maybe for a delicious supper at “Red Robin’s”. I will be coming back on Saturday and going horse back riding at my mom’s friends’ house. Then on Sunday I will probably be going rock climbing at “Cliff Sides”.

  6. hank says:

    For this spring break I am going to hang out with family, walk around town, SLEEP and that’s my plans for spring break!

  7. JoRdAn says:

    This spring break I am going to do everything I can to try and not learn anything edumacational. I am going to do what ever I want while not being edumacated by any of my family members. I might play soccer with my dad or have a sleep over with one of my friends. I might go swimming or go to Hawaii. I might go to the Philippines and go skydiving. I might go to a gas station and win the lottery. I might go around and try to kill Freddy Crougar and Micheal Myers.

  8. justin says:

    How ever that is only my real vacation . My ideal vacation is going camping some where nice , with big trees and animals, all by a lake. I really like forests and walking around in them, so that would be where I would go for my vacation. While I’m there I would play with my dog.

  9. jaxson/ninja/nosxaj?:] says:

    Well for spring break I have a trampoline competition on March 16,17,18. after I own all of those noobs, I am going to do some hard core gaming on my ps3. When I am done hard core gaming on my ps3, I’ll hard core game on my Wii. After that I will hard core game on my labtop. Finally I will hard core game on my Ipod touch. then I wll sleep for 14 hours. when I wake up it will repeat. that’s my spring break.

    • Mr. Bell says:

      Some unusual word choices for academic writing (noobs, hard core). These words are best used for informal writing to peers rather than for school.

      • cool c says:

        hey Mr. Bell whats YOUR spring break going to be like. ideal or real

        • Mr. Bell says:

          My break will be a combination of real and ideal. To begin, my son has his first hockey tournament next week. I will be helping his team on the ice. Later in the week I will visit family at Sun Peaks. The rest of the time, I hope the sun will shine so I can spend moments outside relaxing, playing and gardening.

  10. nicolas lafrenierer says:

    For spring break i am going down to go to Vancouver. But first my friend Sam is coming over to my house and visiting for three days, then i will get a ride to Vancouver with Sam’s family and stay at my friend Kian’s house and visit other friends wen i am at his house then i will take a Greyhound bus home and hang out with Kolton Ian and Jack. Then i will go school.

    • Keira :) (122 words) says:

      I deffinatly would like to hang out with my friends for Spring Break. Get away from the old family and school and just have fun for once.

  11. REM MURRCAT says:

    Well If I could do anything for spring I’d ride a Pegasus of rainbows named Rainbow Dash up to Sunpeaks and go down every run in five second a jump off Rainbow Dash in to a hole that goes to China and take a katakana and murder Derpy Hoves then barbecue her meat on the sun then feed it to big Macintosh and then kick him in the face make him rage quit and try to eat my soul and then I rip his heart out of his throat

  12. Alex says:

    For spring break I want to hangout with my friends and go skiing, with someone so I don’t have to go with my brother and mom not say that it isn’t fun going with them, it would be more fun going with a friend.I also would to go see the new hunger games movie, I am almost done the book. I would like to going to with someone to the movies.I don’t really want to travel anywhere be I guess it would be fun.I do think I would do any thing else.

  13. isaac :D says:

    for my spring break I don’t really know if im leaving kamloops or not but I do know i am hanging out with my friend probably every day and playing with my puppy and going to blazers games .

    • Mr. Bell says:

      – begin sentences with a capital letter
      – avoid run on sentences – it is hard to write 100+ words in a single sentence

      Please rework and resubmit your post.

  14. josh b :3) says:

    My ideal spring break is to go to Australia and scuba dive along the Great Barrier reef. I choose this because I would love to see all of the fish, study the coral, take pictures. I would also like to go skydiving. I would the thrill of jumping out of a plane that is thousands of feet in the air and gliding down and deploying the parachute. Theses aren’t my plans for spring break but I wish they were. My actual plans are going to Mt.Washington with my brother and dad and then going back to Victoria and visiting my friends and family.

    • Keira :) (122 words) says:

      This is a GREAT idele spring break for almost anyone , including me!! Scuba diving is a “precious” experience. Skydiving is such a thrill. It would be a never-ever-forget experience. It would be a complete BLAST!! And iv’e never been to Victoria so I think that would be cool. Besides what’s Mt.Washington?


    I would wonna fly like superman from my house all the way to rio brazil and then do stuff and then fly into space and go onto the moon and do back flips. Then after that I would Go to italy and eat pizza then go to bed.

    • Mr. Bell says:

      Quick Fixes:
      – would want to (not would wonna)
      – proper nouns (Superman, Rio, Brazil, Italy) all require capital letters

      The expectation was to use 100+ words in your description. Please rework and resubmit your post.


      Then the next day I would hang out with nic ian and jack and play skate and hang out outside, Then we would go so Hawaii and surf and swim with sharks then go swimming in a volcano filled with jello and try and eat it all in 1 day then fly on a magic carpet to new Zealand and do stuff.

  16. Mariah says:

    I don’t know what I am doing this spring break!!! 🙁
    I would like to go to Stratford Ontario because Justin Bieber did live there and still visits there once in a while! 😀

  17. Kyle the emo guy says:

    This spring break I will be staying home for a day or two and rest, take a break from school. Afterwards, I will go hangout with my bros Keagan and Calvin and go out,buy some candy and pop and chill at the park or the school. Later, I’ll be heading on out to my great grandpa’s house to see him and talk with him, then I’ll probably stay home to help out my mom with spring cleaning or whatever it’s called, due to the fact that she’s sick and has Diabetes so she can’t do much. That’s what I’m doing for my spring break.

  18. Braden or BQ says:

    On my spring break I would like to write a novel that depicts a tale of a young boy in our time who soon begins a journey to save the world from the gods them selves. also I would enjoy to add one more language to my collection. with Norwegian appearance and star like drawings and gods. and there buildings are based on tortoises and birds. But the peoples cloths are elaborate and domed.Whites,Blues and blacks!Maybe I could write a second book or create an elegant piece of art work who knows I would love to go to the museum or play tennis I will enjoy my spring break Definitely.

    • Mr. Bell says:

      Quick Fixes:
      – begin sentences with capital letters
      – the buildings belonging to them = their buildings OR the buildings over there = there, buildings are based…

  19. JoNnY says:

    My ideal spring break would be to go to Alaska and go Heli Skiing with my dad and my brother. We would stay up there for 10 days and ski everyday!I would also like to go to Utah and ski! The skiing there is supposed to be amazing and it would be fun to go on a trip to. I would also like to go to Australia and scuba dive and surf. It would be soo much fun to be in the sun all day and be swimming all day! That is my ideal spring break!

  20. .:JOSH N:. :...: says:

    well for my spring break I would like to travel some were like Vancouver on Kelowna to have fun and get a new dirt bike! I would also like to see the movie huger games I didn’t know the movie was so good they made a book out of it? Also it would be fun to long board all day and night board all night.But I will probably end up playing video games like 3 hours a day.Me and Josh B. are probably going mountain biking. I really don’t want to get sick over the weekend because Ive already been sick enough and that would suck well my spring break will be kin-dove boring but thats my spring break plans

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