Social Responsibility

Hi Class! Today’s post requires meaningful responses TODAY! Share genuine thoughts. If you do not want your responses posted, begin your response with, “Please do not post this.” Here are the topics to discuss:

Question #1
Everything one says or does tells us about that person.
Do you agree or disagree with this statement – explain your reasoning.

Question #2
How do you want others to see you?

Your meaningful responses are due today.

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23 Responses to Social Responsibility

  1. justin says:

    1. I agree, people will always judge by what you do, or say. It’s naturual for people to do that. 2. I want people to see me as a smart, helpful, responsible, respectful , and nice person.

  2. josh b :3) PaInT iS oP3N! says:

    1.I agree because when I see some one hurting some one I think what a jerk.
    2.I want others to see me as a fun adventurous person

  3. kladdy says:

    1. I agree because I have seen it
    2. not to be weird and as annoying as I am.

  4. Kyle says:

    1. I agree with this statement to a fair. The human mind is capable of producing thoughts based on what they see others do and there, they make judgements on what those people may be doing. Some people honestly just don’t care on how one may act. We’re all human and if we’re out to “impress” someone or make new friends then we may act differently to do so. Nevertheless, we should all be ourselves and if people have a problem with you doing that then they can remember that’s their opinion, not yours.

    2. I want people to see me as me, not as some tall,mean guy who’s always sleeping and glum. I understand the fact that I may sleep in class by accident sometimes,but the fact of what I’ve been through and how I think a lot when I’m trying to sleep, thus keeping me up at night until like eleven or twelve o’clock. I would prefer to be seen as a nice,caring,helpful guy who enjoys fun.

    • Mr. Bell says:

      Well said! I enjoyed reading your thoughts.

      • AppleJack- Kyle says:


        • Mr. Bell says:

          I find it difficult to believe people see you as mean.

          • AppleJack - Kyle says:

            I don’t. People say it to me. I understand that I can be all gloomy and upset sometimes, but my mothers got 4 weeks left in her pregnancy and my brothers always being a jerk to me. My family expects so much of me and it’s just difficult to live up to their expectations.

            • Mr. Bell says:

              Though expectations can be stressful at times, it can also be a sign that other people care and want good things for someone.

              My brothers and I were not always ‘blue ribbons’ to each other as kids, but I sure appreciate them too (it’s a getting older thing perhaps).

  5. Joseph says:

    Agree because if you are doing something weird or nice people will see if your someone that they wont to be around. How do I want others to see me? I wont others to think that I am a boss and that I’m a gamer but besides that I don’t now.

  6. Kolton says:

    1. I disagree because someone could look really stupid but be pretty cool
    2. Not as a kid with no life

  7. Anna Stone says:

    Hi its me I miss you so much!! life here is so much fun
    how is everyone? HAHAHA!!! you had to learn about puberty!!!!
    i miss you
    love you , anna stone

  8. Anna Stone says:

    i miss you!

  9. anna stone says:

    hey guys i miss you. how i eeveryone? I am having so much fun! its not that hot here but we get 25 today!! its probaly 30 there
    this school is so awseome!! we are starting track today!!! and we are going to build a house soon!!! so then we will have to move all over again but whatever! how are you guys? you know i have been posting stuff on the blog and knowone has talked to me.
    how is the bear painting?!!? when its done can you post it on the blog for me so i can see it?
    miss you

    Anna Stone

  10. anna stone says:

    hey! my school hours are so difrent than yours. i mean it starts at 85 and gose to 305
    Can you belive that. So you guys have a new kid in your class or mrs hyashy? i know you have knew kid!!!

  11. Mr. Bell says:

    The ‘do not post’ responses shared similar ideas. The students wanted to be seen as:
    – kind
    – nice
    – trustworthy
    – caring
    – smart
    – funny
    – happy
    – respectful
    – creative
    – helpful
    – dependable
    – loving
    – reliable
    – considerate
    – fun
    – responsible
    – cool
    – popular
    – fashionable

    We share common ideas, yet we struggle with demonstrating it at times. Why do you think this is the case? Do you always ‘treat others how you want to be treated’ or do you ‘ treat others the same way they treat you’?

  12. Alex McLean says:

    1. I agree with this because somethings people, do others think “wow that was weird”,
    or “He seems like he is a nice, funny person.

    2. I want others to see me as a nice, friendly person.

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