Technology Day…What’s your vision?

Hi Class! The theme day this Friday is Technology Day. What does this suggest to you? Post your response, join the conversation so we can determine our path on Friday. Give the following questions some thought:

  • What is digital citizenship?
  • How does one become a responsible digital citizen?
  • What technology do you want to have at school to improve your studies? Explain in detail how any given technology will improve your learning and the learning of your classmates.
  • How can technology use improve academics and social responsibility?
  • What behaviour guidelines are necessary to have a Wi-Fi connection for our classroom?
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17 Responses to Technology Day…What’s your vision?

  1. JaXs0N says:

    Maybe people that use a digital Stuff lots. To use technology. We could use our ipods or ipads or our phones to research on what we are doing. or we could text you the answers. it could help us with learning since we already use them 24/7. we would put them away until it was necessary.

    • Mr. Bell says:

      Thanks for your response Jaxson! In this age with so many people having an assortment of digital tools, how should people be expected to behave in a classroom with them? Is it proper to be multitasking, texting, etc while a classmate or teacher is talking? How do we establish an acceptable behaviour where kids and adults are respectful in their technology use? How do we include those with less/no digital tools? What are your thoughts?

  2. sydney says:

    I believe that there should be rules but not rules where kids get board and they do not want to have technology day again. When people listen to what is being expected of them and not using there devices when we are trying to learn. Technology has calculators which can help us in math. They have Internet which can search any known fact for social studies or science. You can read books on them so kids can write and send there responses digitally. It can also be used for strategy games so kids can use there brain to figure out paths. It can improve social responsibility because I think they would learn better if they could text the answers to each other and the whole class can consult together. You can only play games during recess and lunch or text. You have to have age appropriate games to play. You can not use the Internet. Thats why I think that technology is and is not useful in school.

    • Mr. Bell says:

      Thanks for your ideas Sydney! How do you suggest we balance the use of technology and the need to be active at recess and lunch?

      Quick Fix: board (like a plank of wood or a board game); bored (uninterested)

  3. Kelsey says:

    At school we have many different styles of technology. We use technology everyday! I don’t think we should have more technology in the school because we already have lots. We don’t want to have to much computer time unless it’s helping us learn. I think when we are on the computer we should have rules otherwise people could play games when we should be working instead of just crashing the computers. Technology can help you by learning new words, new languages, fun and games and even emailing friends. If we got WiFi in the classroom I think we would have to finish our work before we could get onto it and we could only use it for strategy games or school work and yes that means no angry birds! The only technology we could bring would be phones, Ipods, or DS.

    • Mr. Bell says:

      Thanks for your ideas and suggestions Kelsey! How should we encourage (or police) the use of digital tools in the classroom? Do we trust students? Do we install some type of monitoring tool? What do you think?

  4. Shace shahbazi says:

    because if you have technology you can learn different studies so u don’t have to copy links so we can just go and do it! We wont even need computer time in the lab if we have gadgets. with wi-fi we can look up things that we need to look up so you don’t have to for us. Thank you BTFAE (best teacher forever and ever) 😉

    • Mr. Bell says:

      Thanks for your feedback Shace! Can digital tools be used to improve writing skills in an academic setting? How do we ensure the tools and resources are being used for learning, social responsibility, peaceful problem solving, and acceptable communication for the school environment?

  5. spencer says:

    Digital citizenship is when you miss use technology like using it to do bad stuff on the Internet and like cyber bully and stuff like that. To become a good digital citizen you could use like one of those sites where it doesn’t let you go on certain sites. I can’t really think of any electronics we could use. You could use the calculator app and you could write notes in your phone instead of on paper. No Youtube or bad Internet stuff only stuff we really need help with or stuff that we are told to look up.

    • Mr. Bell says:

      Thanks for your ideas Spencer! YouTube can be used to learn (even at school). There are many great things available, but how do we ensure student behaviours are on task and related to the learning activities? For example, should students be allowed to listen to music while in class? What are the positive and negative outcomes for this scenario?

  6. serena says:

    I think that we should text you the information or the answers and you could text us our spelling sheets. We almost use them all day every day. If we got a WIFI system in our class we would only be able to use it once we are done our work. For Friday we should only be allowed to bring a ds or our phones ipads and ipods.

    • Mr. Bell says:

      There is a great site for texting feedback that we may try at some point. We are fortunate to have the responders for the SMART Board as this is essentially the same as texting feedback. The one advantage of using text messages is the specific comments people can make rather than a limited number of choices.

      Do you see WiFi as an educational tool or an entertainment tool or both?

  7. Jada says:

    Mabe we could bring our phones, iPads and iPods to class and use for school uses only. We could text or somthing to the teacher. If we got wifi, after we were done our work we can go ont the internet and stuff like that. If we were on them when teacher was talking, we should no get in trouble. 🙂

  8. Mrs. wood says:

    Well done Brandon. I like how you are guiding the discussion and responding to each student’s post.

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