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It’s Time to Ban Halloween…

Hi Class! Can you make a convincing argument? Can you support a position with several reasons? Can you link your ideas with transition words and phrases? Your writing task is to choose one of the statements below and state your … Continue reading

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Variables, Expressions and Equations

Hi Class! If you come across some great links to help build our understanding of variables, expressions or equations, please post them here. Include the address AND an explanation for the site’s usefulness. In other words, what did you learn … Continue reading

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Hi Class! What are your reactions and comments to yesterday’s Math activity using the Smart Board remotes? Please share something deeper than, “I liked it.” Were you feeling relaxed, nervous, confident, pressured, focused or distracted? How could you see them … Continue reading

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Hi Class! Today you are charged with the challenge to locate videos related to the Earth’s Crust and Plate Techtonics. Your goal is to identify videos that help students your age understand the big ideas and vocabulary. Here are the … Continue reading

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