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Reading Reflections

Hi Class! If you want to post your weekly reading reflection, go for it! Each week, reply to this thread. Be sure to include: title & author summary of your reading for the week critique of the book (feedback and … Continue reading

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The Best Job Ever!!!

Hi Class! This week we read about some ‘interesting’ jobs. Your task was to consider what would be your ideal, realistic job. Thus, a keeper of my parents’ basement / video game technician was out of the question. Post your … Continue reading

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Hi Class! We’ve read a bit about bacteria and antibiotics this week. This is leading into our last Science unit on living things that cannot be seen by the naked eye. Post a summary and several discussion questions for one … Continue reading

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Body Image & Decision Making

Hi Class! Read this link entitled Body Art and post your response to at least 2 of the following questions: What are some internal and external influences regarding the choices you make regarding your appearance? What effects do social and … Continue reading

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Changing Canada Post…Debate

Hi Class! Are you in favour of or opposed to the planned changes to mail delivery in Canada? Post your reaction to the proposed changes to the way Canada Post operates. You are expected to write a convincing paragraph using … Continue reading

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I deserve a day off from school because…

Hi Class! Using this post’s title to begin your response, submit a detailed argument using complex sentences. [youtube][/youtube] Use powerful words. Support your argument. Craft smooth flowing sentences. Be convincing and creative. Though there is not a strict word count, … Continue reading

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Fracking Frenzy

Hi Class! Based on our reading, your knowledge and opinions as well as other credible sources, what is your position on fracking for energy? State your position and support it with evidence and examples. Provide at least 3 website links … Continue reading

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Suspense DIY (do it yourself)

Hi Class! We have begun exploring the suspense genre of writing. Here is your first activity: Write an amazing opening to a suspenseful story using one of the following story starters: It was a strange night, there seemed to be … Continue reading

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Is a Moment Enough?

Hi Class! Here’s a video that evokes a reaction whenever I watch it: [youtube][/youtube] What is your reaction to the video? Share something beyond, “I liked/disliked it.” Remember, a great response always includes several reasons.  Here are some guiding questions … Continue reading

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It’s Time to Ban Halloween…

Hi Class! Can you make a convincing argument? Can you support a position with several reasons? Can you link your ideas with transition words and phrases? Your writing task is to choose one of the statements below and state your … Continue reading

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