Reading Reflections

Hi Class! If you want to post your weekly reading reflection, go for it! Each week, reply to this thread. Be sure to include:

  • title & author
  • summary of your reading for the week
  • critique of the book (feedback and reasoning using evidence from the text and personal connections/experiences)
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2 Responses to Reading Reflections

  1. Beau says:

    Title: Shell Shocked Author: Eric Walters May 23, 2014

    The book that I am reading is Shell Shocked by Eric Walters. Jack and George have moved into a new house and were helping their Mother unpack. The next day George was caught sleeping in class and was sent down to the Principals office. When he opened the door he saw Jack sitting in one of the chairs. Suddenly the Principal opened the door and began talking to Jack about his school work and the after affects of his pneumonia. Jack and George were also involved in the Canadian Secret Operations so they needed a good cover story. Jack was called John and had failed a grade. He also had pneumonia.

    I can relate to this part of the story because I have been sent down to the Principals office for doing something I should not have been doing. The Principal also talked to me about what had happened and that I should try to make better choices.

  2. Beau says:

    Title: Shell Shocked Author: Eric Walters May 30, 2014

    One night Jack and George were in bed, when suddenly George heard his mothers
    bedroom door open. George’s mother went downstairs and opened up the front door and left the house. George and his mother have had trouble sleeping because there dad is overseas fighting the germans. George thought it was no big deal that his mom was leaving the house at midnight, but George has noticed that his mom has been leaving the house for two weeks now and George is really concerned. One night George followed his mother down the street, hiding behind the houses so he wouldn’t be seen. He waited until his mother walked around the corner, then he ran to the dark house and watched his mother walk down the street. Suddenly George spotted a black car slowly driving up the road, but then it stopped and his mother got in the car. George wanted to get a closer look so he slowly crawled to the edge of the car and in the blink of an eye George was grabbed from behind and the side of his face was smashed into the road. It was the surveillance team! George was thrown into the car right beside his mother.

    I can relate to this story since my Grandfather from my Dads side was in WW2 and he served as a police man. My Grandfather from my moms side worked in the post office and he was in the Korean war. I also have an Uncle that was in the United States Marine Corps. I know about some WW2 history like the great escape, the atomic bombs that were dropped on Japan and Memphis Belle.
    I also like WW2 warplanes like the Warhawk, Spitfire, P51 Mustang and the BF109.

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