World Cup…

Hi Class! As part of our World Cup activities, check out this video.


Now, reflect and write a response to the following questions:

  • How is this country’s culture, people and history portrayed in this video?
  • What can you infer about the significance of this event and sport?
  • What new questions do you have (if any) after watching this video?

Your well-written*** paragraph is due before 10:30 Monday (June 9).

***big idea, supporting details, varied sentence patterns, precise wording, transition words, proper spelling, capitalization, punctuation

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15 Responses to World Cup…

  1. matthew :) says:

    The significance of the sport and event is huge the money and time put into it is insane. This is by far the most reconised event in history, Also It is extremly important to everyone who watchs it and cheers for their team. Although there is a huge amount of money put into having the world cup it is worth it because it is byfar the biggest and best sporting event. Furtheremore I think this year will be awesome because it is held in such and amazing place. Finally the fans are the teams also in my mind and in most other fans minds because without the cheering without the support none of the teams would win

  2. Seth says:

    I think that the video was really cool because of all those fans cheering and the fans wearing all those bright colours and waving their flags and everything. In addition, it is very cool to me how the players were doing those big kicks and saves and the fans with the giant t-shirt. The country’s culture, people and history was represented by the jersey colours and how well they were playing their soccer game. Also, soccer is a really cool sport and it is awesome that most people play it than any other sport. The main question to me is how did they make the giant t-shirt?

  3. Thines says:

    Their colture is showed alot in this video with all of the flags, clothes, music and their dancing. I can infer that they love soccer very much like they would do anything to watch the world cup. Even people in the artic will watch the world probably is going to watch the world cup well at lest I am going to watch it.

  4. Brendan R. says:

    the culture is shown by the backround the bands, costumes and flags. The significance is that peaple love it so much that is they lost or felt like the reff cheated that there would be riots and fires mabey even merders! I do not have any questions now but I know I will have some later.

  5. Matthew Ecker says:

    The country’s culture, people and history was show in this video by having lots of different flags and lots of different people. This is a really big event in the world (World Cup) an estimated 1 billion people are going to be watching. I wonder how much money they made off that video.

  6. sydney says:

    The countries culture, people and history are portrayed in this video. It shows all the different kinds of flags that each country comes from. They show everyone cheering, the song portrays a message of everybody getting together and becoming one for the FIFA World Cup. The significance of this event is how soccer is a world wide sport where everyone can play. It doesn’t matter if your 3 or 60 everyone can join in. You can even just play for fun. Getting to move your body is just so amazing. You can make teams with soccer and push yourself to be as good as everyone else. Do you want to play competitive soccer? I wonder if this song will be played at the soccer games in Brazil? What team will win the FIFA World Cup? Will they ever get any of the buildings or homes done in Brazil for the FIFA Cup? So join everyone and celebrate FIFA from June 12th to July 13th You will have a blast!!

  7. serena says:

    All the countries are coming together for this sport which is really cool to see because that doesn’t happen very often. I think it’s cool to see all the different cultures that there is in the video because when your in your country you don’t get to see any other countries culture. I think that Spain is going to win because they did last year and apparently they have the best golly in the world. I don’t think any other sport in the world is played every where no matter what the weather is they will play. All the different people in the video were all different and none were dressed the same. It was cool to see so many people all together for one thing from all different places around the world . The way the way danced was neat to because it’s so much different then what we see in Canada then in Rio. I want England to win because on my Moms side were English . I think it is cool to watch it and fallow the world cup because you get to watch the worlds best soccer teams play against each other.

  8. matthew :) says:

    The culture and people are portrayed in this video from the way they dance to the way they dress. They dance with alot of movment and passion and there clothes are covered in all sorts of things like the shiny pins. The history is portrayed by all the old buildings and the old pictures of the fans and the teams with the cup. In the video I saw all the old legends of soccer with the cup and it really made me think about how its been going on for so long also how many teams have won.

  9. matthew :) says:

    Some questions that come to mind after watching that video is I wonder what brazil will be like if they win the world cup and if the lose the world cup? Also How heavy is the world cup?

  10. Sarah says:

    This video portrays this country’s culture, people and history by showing how they dance, and how they celebrate after maybe a winning goal. This country’s culture is portrayed by showing us how important soccer is to them, and how much this World Cup means to their country. The people in this country is portrayed by showing how they celebrate when their home team plays a game in the tournament. Also their history is portrayed by seeing the kids in this video that they are playing with a wooden World Cup and it looks like they love to watch the World cup too. The significance of this event is astonishing how much these people love soccer. They put so much time into practising and cheering on the team they choose. This is so amazing how big of a party they have when the World Cup tournament is on. Some questions I have is what year did the World Cup tournament start in? Why is this sport so important? But last how many people are on a team?

  11. Alexa says:

    For the 2014 world cup in Brazil a music video was made from the previous highlights of years before. Firstly, this country’s culture, people and history is portrayed in this video by showing a lot of colour, dance, soccer, and happiness throughout peoples faces. Secondly, the history is shown in the clip by people holding the trophy triumphantly and all the teams wearing there jerseys throughout the years.
    Additionally, the culture has very outgoing dancers and look like the people are enjoying them self all the time. Therefore, I can infer that the significance of this event and sport is very important to a lot of people around the world. So many people enjoy this sport to watch and to play so it only makes sense for all the countries to come together and play a friendly game of soccer. Lastly, I have one question to ask. It is, If people think it is a waist of money will one day they stop this event?

  12. aliya says:

    culture is everywhere in this video like when they show the flags or all the people dressed up in specific colours or fancy customs with face paintings or tattoos all over related to this sport. It is also very much cultural because it is history, it has been going on for years now. And soccer is such a good sport to have music video for because anyone can play it anywhere and it is very popular and fun and is good for your health and I would say that the video even did a good job on telling people how great soccer is to. But I still wounder a few things like, who came up with the idea of soccer?, Who came up with the world cup?, and finally how long did it take for the world to become so famous?

  13. Gurisha says:

    For starters, soccer is the most widely recognized sport in the world, therefore making it a really big topic. Brazil’s culture, history, and people show by; the colours, the big flaps, and all those cool out going costumes, though they were a little graphic..! The significance of this sport is HUGE! Soccer is known to nearly everyone of the planet! Over 1 billion people are going to watch the FIFA World Cup, to cheer on their favourite teams! Some of my questions are..
    1. Who will most likely win this year?
    2. What teams will be in the finals?

  14. Kiira says:

    The video for the Brazil World Cup shows all the unique cultures and countries in the different styles of clothing and bright colours. First of all, when you look out into the crowd every person is wearing something different to support their country. They have headbands, costumes, their face painted, and they also have their music. This tournament is huge throughout the globe. It only happens once every 4 years. Secondly, this event is almost bigger then the famous Olympic games. Ranging with over 3.3 million tickets purchased there’s still more room. People go crazy about this sport. In the first 24 hours 2.3 million were snatched. Lastly, a question I have is, When was the first world cup established and who invented it?

  15. Trey says:

    This music video shows in many ways things about Brazil. First the way Brazils culture is portrayed inthis video is festive. They’re always jumping around and smiling. Second the video also shows that their number one passtime is soccer. Therefore I infer that this sport means a lot to the people of brazil and that they would be devastated if and when they lost. That they will fight hard for the win. These are the things I got from and infered to in the music video.

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