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Hi Class! What are your reactions and comments to yesterday’s Math activity using the Smart Board remotes? Please share something deeper than, “I liked it.” Were you feeling relaxed, nervous, confident, pressured, focused or distracted? How could you see them … Continue reading

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Hi Class! Today you are charged with the challenge to locate videos related to the Earth’s Crust and Plate Techtonics. Your goal is to identify videos that help students your age understand the big ideas and vocabulary. Here are the … Continue reading

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Reading Reflection

Hi Class! It’s time to reflect on what you have been reading this month – remember, students in grades six and seven are expected to read for at least 30 minutes per day! Use some of the following questions and … Continue reading

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Hopes and Fears

Hi Class! Share the hopes and fears on your mind coming into this school year. Making the year extraordinary requires contributions from everyone! At times this year, the learning experiences will be fun and easy, while at other times you … Continue reading

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First Impressions

Hi Class! What are your reactions to our first day together? What are you looking forward to? Is there anything you are dreading? Take a moment to respond. Remember you are writing for school: develop your ideas using complete sentences … Continue reading

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Alphabet Book Ideas

Hi Class! Share a thought or two about your ancient civilization alphabet book. What theme could a letter have? For example, A = architecture, activities, animals; B = books, battles; C = culture, cuisine, creativity… Remember to note your sources … Continue reading

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How do we get grit?

Hi Class! Consider the image and caption below. Is grit important? How does a grade 6/7 student develop grit? How can classmates, teachers and parents help? Post your meaningful thoughts by the end of Wednesday (May 29). Reply to all … Continue reading

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Reading Reflection…Part 1 & 2

Hi Class! Post this week’s reading reflection to our blog. Aside from a brief retelling of the big ideas, be certain to make several connections to your reading. Finally, pose a question for others to answer with interesting ideas. Post … Continue reading

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Allons au cinéma! (French)

Bonjour les amis! Using the National Film Board of Canada website. View some animated children’s movies in French – if you forget how to filter your search, ask for help! There are many to choose from so do not simply … Continue reading

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How old???

Hi Class! With a provincial election approaching, there are many issues related to citizens who are not permitted to vote because they are under the age of 18. What is the ideal voting age? Explain. Additionally, you are expected to … Continue reading

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