Reading Reflection

Hi Class! It’s time to reflect on what you have been reading this month – remember, students in grades six and seven are expected to read for at least 30 minutes per day! Use some of the following questions and ideas to guide your reading response:

  • What character can you connect with most in your book? Explain.
  • Predict what will happen in the next few chapters. Support your predictions with details from what you have read so far.
  • Write a diary entry for one of the characters to show his/her thoughts and feelings.
  • If you could insert yourself into the story right now, how would the story change?

If you are reading non-fiction, give your reactions and opinions about the subject(s).

A multi-sentence paragraph is expected in your response. Submit your response by September 23.

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76 Responses to Reading Reflection

  1. sydney says:

    The book that I am reading is eclipse.

  2. Trey says:

    The character that I can most relate to is Paulo who is cautious but will do something if given a good reason to do it. He is also very active and friendly but he limits his number of friends to the most trustworthy ones. Another similarity is we like to read but hate book reports.

    • Mr. Bell says:

      You begin to make a few connections Trey. The next step is to support your connections with examples. Are you cautious? Why? When? What are good reasons to do things? How are you active and friendly?

      It’s great you like to read AND this isn’t a book report!

  3. Gurisha says:

    I can relate the most to greg hefley, because like me he has two siblings,and is very wimpy. I cant really predict anything because 1. Its a diary type of book 2. I have probably read it 50 times. Diary entry:

    September 16 2013

    Hi, im Greg. Life is confusing. Why is it confusing? Let me tell you why. So last summer there was a peice of cheese, CHEESE on the basket ball court. When we came back to school…it was still there. It was all smelly,gross,and moldy. This one random kid, decided to touch it. When he touched it he started the “cheese touch”. Since then the cheese touch exploded all over the school! It was crazy! Everyone got the cheese touch one by one. THANKFULLY that random kid moved away and took the cheese touch with him.

    Your very wimpy,
    Greg Hefley

    • Mr. Bell says:

      Gurisha, you start to make connections, but have yet to support them with enough detail. How are you wimpy?

      One goal this year is to read new books rather than revisit one that your have read 50 times.

      Quick Fix:
      – Proper nouns (character names) require upper case letters: Greg Hefley.
      – When typing, you must have one space after a comma, otherwise the words appear crammed together.

  4. Gurisha says:

    If i could put my self in this story it would change ALOT, because im a girl. So i would have different day to day things to do.

    • Mr. Bell says:

      Now go into some more detail (this is expected in Grade 7). Suggest some specific things and events that would be changed if Greg was named Gurisha.

      • gurisha says:

        Well , his daily routine would change, Because he goes to his friends house every day,i don’t. He goes to middle school, i go to elementary school. Things like this on a daily basis change alot.

  5. Sam says:

    I have started reading tiger rising by Kate dicamillo. So far it’s about this kid named Rob, he has a pretty tough life. He escapes bullies, avoids fights avoids other children. He has something wrong with his legs haven’t found out yet, but he finds a list tiger in the woods he can’t stop thinking about it. So far it has been an exciting and Emersive book.

    • Mr. Bell says:

      Thanks for sharing the title and author in your reflection (remember they are proper nouns and must be capitalized).

      What strategies does Rob use to escape the bullies and avoid fights? Would they work in ‘real life’?

      What do you think is wrong with his legs?

      Quick Fix:
      – Use immerse (Emersive is not a word) to say you have immersed yourself into this book.
      – What is a ‘list’ tiger? Do you mean ‘lost’ tiger?

  6. Garet says:

    The thing that I think that I would connect to the most from the Legend of Zelda the Minish Cap would be the hat thing for telling people stuff. I already read the book so I can not predict what would happen.If I were to make a diary of one of them it would be Link’s diary
    I think it would go like “Oh man I sure wish saving the world was easier then it is.”
    If I was in the story I would probably just shoot stuff with my bb gun and want to go home.

    • Mr. Bell says:

      Thanks Garet for beginning your reflection. Take it to a higher level by adding more details and by using a precise vocabulary. Avoid words like ‘stuff’ and ‘thing’.

      Quick Fix:
      – When typing, you must add a space after a comma or a period. This makes the spacing of the text easier to read.

  7. Sarah says:

    The book I am reading is Mockingjay. The character that I can connect with the most would probably be Katniss. I can connect with her the most because she I a girl to start, she’s brave, she’s smart, she has common sense, she likes to take a stand, she is fair, and she is a leader. In the next couple of chapter’s I think the capital is going to see Katniss’s video and do something to Peeta. Also I think Katniss and her team will sneak into the capital to get evidence and hopefully see Peeta/ get him out of there. If I could put myself into the story right now I think the story would change by me not really the best at archery, and she is dark haired but most importantly I think I would get my team and try to get Peeta out of the capital faster than they are, but do more things in different districts too.

    • Mr. Bell says:

      Thanks for sharing the details and connections, your reflection was detailed and interesting – great work!

      Quick Fix:
      – An apostrophe is used to show possession (Dave’s car…) or contraction (It’s cold…). Never use an apostrophe to make a plural noun: “In the next couple of chapters…”

  8. Seth says:

    I don’t think I could connect with any of the characters because they aren’t really like me. So far there was a boy and a girl that met each other and the boy’s uncle made some green and yellow rings that teleport you. The green ring teleports you to another world and the yellow one brings you back. The boy grabbed a yellow ring and then accidently grabbed a green one. He appeared in a really deep pool of water, but he could still breath. He came ashore in tree-filled forest and he saw a girl that he thought looked familiar. Than the girl saw him and thought he looked familiar. I think that in a few chapters they will find out who each other are. I don’t really know what it would be like if I came into the story.

    • Mr. Bell says:

      You share some good details Seth. Be sure to add the book’s title so that your classmates know what you are reading.

      Would you like to teleport? Explain.

      Quick Fix:
      – What is the difference between breath and breathe?
      – Use the word then when you are giving a sequence or order of events. Use the word than when you are comparing.

  9. Gabby says:

    I’ve been reading Holes. This is my third time reading this book. Obviously it’s an enjoyable book for me to read. I can really connect with Stanley when you get blamed for something you didn’t do. That happens to me a lot. If I were to enter this book.. well I’m not sure what would happen.

    • Mr. Bell says:

      Given that you have read the book three times Gabby, more details and connections are expected! What is enjoyable? Do you react like Stanley when you are wrongly blamed? What would you do in Stanley’s shoes?

  10. tj says:

    The book I am reading is “Happy Happy Happy” by Phil Roberson from Duck Dynasty. I can most connect with Jase because he is the youngest and he likes to hunt , fish and he likes the wilderness. I think in the next chapter Phil is going to take his kids to do somthing fun in the wilderness. Phils thoughts are about how poor his family was when he was a kid and how rich his grand childern are now. I dont think I would change the story at all. I llike this book because the Roberson family likes to be in the outdoors all the time and so does my family.

    • Mr. Bell says:

      Thanks for sharing T.J.. Do you and Jase hunt and fish for similar things using similar weapons? Didn’t they once use dynamite to go fishing?

      Quick Fix:
      – Use an apostrophe to show possession (Phil’s thoughts) and for contractions (I don’t think…).

  11. Beau says:

    The book that I am reading is called Shot At Dawn World War 1.
    The character that I connect to the most is Allan Mcbride. First of all
    he likes to hunt with his friend Ken. Allan is smart and courageous.
    What I think will happen in the next few chapters, well the title
    of the book is called Shot At Dawn so what I think is Allan is going
    to get shot either by a German or a traiter of the Canadian
    army. Allans friend Ken did not want Allan to join the army.
    Ken is really mad so he might want to get rid of Allan.

    • Mr. Bell says:

      Thanks for the details Beau! Does Allen hunt how you hunt (in similar places, for similar animals, with similar weapons)? What would you do in Ken or Allan’s shoes?

      Quick Fix:
      – Use an apostrophe to show possession: Allan’s friend Ken…

      • beau says:

        Allan hunts white tail deer and mule deeer. I hunt in Barriare
        in the alpines with my bow but Allan uses a rifle.
        If I was in the war I would not have been a deserter because
        I do not want to be a coward.
        I also would have been smart and not walk right in the middle
        of the battlfield. If I was allan I would turn myself in and tell
        the truth.

        • Mr. Bell says:

          Thanks for sharing these details Beau! It’s wonderful you mention the importance of telling the truth.

          Quick Fix:
          – Barriere (rather than Barriare)
          – A person’s name (Allan) always begins with an upper case letter.

  12. Asia says:

    I don’t really connect well with any of the characters but if I had to choose then it would be the main character, Pandora Atheneus Andromaeche Helena(Pandy for short) because she is just a normal girl(or at least as normal as demi-gods can get.) Also, her personality traits are a bit similar to mine but not by that much. I predict that in the next few chapters Pandy will open the box that Zeus gave to her father who then gave it to Pandy, just like the actual story in Greek Mythology called “Pandora’s Box”. If I were to create a diary entry of one of the characters it would be about the character Alcie. Her thoughts would be like “Why do I have to be related to Gorgon Medusa? I have barely any family now, all of them are stone!”. If I could insert mysef into the story it wouldn’t really change anything so far.

    • Mr. Bell says:

      This sounds like an interesting and extraordinary book Asia! Do you know anything about the expression about opening Pandora’s Box?

      Quick Fix:
      – Add a space before and after parentheses unless it is a period (it is easier to read).

  13. Kiira says:

    So far the book that I’ve been reading is SunDancer by: Shelley Peterson. The character that I can mostly connect to is girl named Bird. I think that I can connect to her best is because shes really shy, she loves animals, and when times get tough she goes outside in a peaceful place where she can smell the flowers, And see the beautiful nature. In the next few chapters I predict that bird will help out SunDancer (a horse) and see why he’s having such difficulties to get along/connect with other animals and people. In addition I think that she will put all her time into helping and healing SunDancer that she wont even have a care in the world for anything else.
    Diary entry:
    Hi, my names Bird I am a 13 year old girl with autism. When I was little I was speaking then when my dad left me and my mom, my mom couldn’t handle anything. She dropped me off at my Aunties house in Saddle creek farm, A little farm where no one visits. After that I never spoke again. The only thing that I really have is being able to connect with animals. I’m better at doing that then connecting with people.

    If I was inserted into the book I think it would change a lot because I would be a able to accept how Bird was and I would try to help her through life instead of her hiding away and not being able to connect with people.

  14. Brendan says:

    The book I am reading is Eragon.The character I can connect most with is Eragon because he is going through a tough and confusing time.In the naxt few chapters I think that the book is going to be simple by Brom and Eragon travaling and fiting a few monster then ariving at there destination.
    Eragons diary entry might be….

    Eragon’s dairy,

    Traveling has made me tired and weary. All the sword training with Brom has been giving me bruises all over the place. the Urgals must be the worst problem though, all was tracking us and all ways tying to kill us. Its like they never sleep. Lets just hope we can make it through the night.

  15. Matthew says:

    I connect with rage the most because he is funny and active. Sorry mr bell I finished the book so I can’t predict the next chapters but if there were going to be more chapters I think rage would finish his rule thing and not go to summer school by getting his grades up. Rage would be mad all the time and he would talk about his crush and that he does not like his moms boyfriend. If I inserted myself into the story right now I would probably change it by helping him to break all the rules and help him with his bully by telling him to back off and help with his moms boyfriend to break them up because she wants to break up with him but she does not have the guts to because she is afraid of him. I would also help him with his girl troubles by getting them to do things together like community things because she likes helping the community and telling her that rafe likes her.

    • Mr. Bell says:

      No worries about not being able to predict…however, can you predict what Mr. Bell is going to say about proper nouns???

      Quick Fix:
      – Names of people require capital letters: Rage, Mr. Bell, Rafe.
      – Use an apostrophe to show possession: mom’s boyfriend.
      – Use punctuation or other words to replace and…and…and. (If I inserted myself into the story right now I would probably change it by helping him to break all the rules and help him with his bully by telling him to back off and help with his moms boyfriend to break them up because she wants to break up with him but she does not have the guts to because she is afraid of him.)

  16. Alexa says:

    Right now I am reading Harry Potter and the Prisoner Of Azkaban. I connect mostly with Hermione because she loves school and wants to take so many classes/ learn a lot. She is very trust worthy and helpful. I have seen the movie so I know what mostly happens but sometimes the book is different. So I think Harry, Ron and Hermione will try to have something to eat but are afraid that Hagrid had been sacked. They will eventually make their way to Hagrid’s house to see if he had been sacked. Once they get there they will talk and try to come up with a plan to stop Hagrid from being sacked. The story would have been changed if I was there because I would have tried to convince Harry and his friends to stay at the castle and not go to Hagrid’s. I don’t like to get in trouble. I don’t think I will keep on reading the books because I have seen the movies and that just gives away a lot!

    • Mr. Bell says:

      Great details Alexa! Do you feel more or less connected to the characters when you read a book or watch a movie? Are the books less enjoyable because you have watched the movie?

      Quick Fix:
      – Read your post and count how many times the word sacked is used. Are there other ways to explain your ideas without overusing a word?

  17. austin says:

    i have been reading alex rider

    • Mr. Bell says:

      What else?

      Please finish your post Austin by answering some of the questions for this topic. In addition, you could answer these questions: Are you enjoying the book? Why? Could you be like Alex Rider? How?

      Quick Fix:
      – I is always a capital letter.
      – Proper nouns (names of people) always have capital letters: Alex Rider.

  18. Kobe says:

    The book i’m reading is PEAK SURVIVAL it’s about two guys . That go powder boarding which I met be doing this year the book is telling me what they are doing . There just looking for a place to build a jump or were the fresh powder is that’s my for now.

    • Mr. Bell says:

      Thanks for starting your reflection Kobe, this is a good starting point to get you writing at a higher level. Remember, details are needed! Your connection to power skiing is great, but now you need to develop more thoughts. Do the two guys ski like you? Will you try to build a jump? What is it that the two guys are doing?

      Quick Fix:
      – I is always a capital letter (I’m).
      – Your second ‘sentence’ is not really a sentence…read it aloud: “That go powder boarding which I met be doing this year the book is telling me what they are doing .” What is missing?

  19. mackenzie says:

    I can’t really connect to the character. I can’t connect with him because he gave up sports and he is starting to fail school. I am reading Northern Exposures by Eric Walters. If I was in the story I wouldn’t accept going to Churchill. I wouldn’t accept because, what I have been reading it sounds like taking pictures of poler bears sounds deathly. Not only because of the freezing weather the book keeps on explaining about how poler bears eat people. meaning the story would have to take another path.

  20. Sam says:

    My book so far is about a spy named Alex Rider, he is a Secret spy trying to uncover the mystery of his fathers death. His Uncle Ian Rider, was a ”banker” or what Alex finds out to be a Spy. Alex becomes a spy because he decides to investigate Ian Riders death and eventually, he faces the dark truth of his uncle being shot to death. Right now Alex is in MI6 training and is called ”double 0 nothing” His team is rude, and repulsive. Alex feels very vulnerable and is not fitting in well. What do you expect in MI6 training? I think Alex is thinking that he would make some kind of friend.

    I think this book so far seems very descriptive, and yet it is fast paced and exciting.

    Thats my book so far….


    • Mr. Bell says:

      You share many good details Sam. Would you like to be a spy? Explain.

      Quick Fix:
      – use an apostrophe to show possession (his father’s death)
      – use an apostrophe to form a contraction (that’s my book so far)

  21. Madison says:

    The character i can most relate to is Tsukune Aono he is in a place where he feels he doesn’t
    be long but his friends make him feel more aseptic.Well I’ve read it before so I know that there is going to be a nether character named Kurumu Kurono she is a succubus who is jealous of Moka Akashiya who to all the other boy’s is the cutest girl in the in tire school . …? Eyes… so… pretty…want… …to… hold her…? Tsukune thought to him self as he was being hypnotized by a love charm.It’s wood be come very hard for me and Tskune to stay sins we’re the only humans in the school.

    • Mr. Bell says:

      What is your opinion on love charms Madison? This book sound interesting! Please try to find some new books to read rather than rereading other ones.

      Quick Fix:
      – There are many spelling issues to work with in your post. Do not get overwhelmed! Instead, try to start using the proper spelling over the weeks to come:
      1) I is always a capital letter.
      2) belong (not be long)
      3) accepted (not aseptic)
      4) another (not a nether)
      5) one boy, all the other boys (not boy’s) An apostrophe is never used to make a plural noun.
      6) himself
      7) It’s = It is
      8) It would (not wood) become (not be come)
      9) since (not sins)

  22. serena says:

    I’m reading a book called the book of awesome. I like it because it’s a bout all the different things that could help you later in life. It has all these random things in it like the fry picking policy and it tells you about what it is and how to use it. It is a good way to make you smile and if your upset about something it could make you laugh. They even have another book called The Book Of Even More Awesome. It has no chapters but they have so many subjects and they are all different and most of the time they don’t even make sense. It makes you feel like a little kid and when you’re reading this you can remember that you did some of this stuff when you where really little and you can remember getting in trouble for doing thees things.

    • Mr. Bell says:

      Great connection to your childhood Serena! Is there a better way to organize this book so the reader does not get confused?

      Quick Fix:
      – What is the difference between a bout and about?

  23. Mariah says:

    The book I’m reading at the moment is Call Me Hope by Gretchen Olson. I don’t really connect with any of the characters in the book. I think that within the next few chapters Hope will continue with her “point system” and her mom will treat Hope a little better I also think Hope will get the gum boots she has wanted and will love them!

    Today was my first day of school I was going into grade 6! I was worried about being the role model for the rest of the school year. You see I’m not the best “Role model”..

    If I were to insert myself into the story right now I would try and change her moms anger toward most people and help Hope with school.

    • Mr. Bell says:

      You share some interesting details Mariah, thank you! How would you try to change her mom’s anger? (Note the apostrophe use to show possession.)

  24. sydney says:

    I am reading the book eclipse. I can relate to the character Alice the most because she is really outgoing and Alice loves to interact with people. I think in the next few chapters that the Volturi will come for Bella and they will catch her scent. Something will happen, Bella will be able to escape, They will fight and everybody will get killed except the cullens who are the vampires, But one other family member will get hurt.

    Alice Thoughts and feelings September,23/13

    I am feeling mixed emotions right now because i don’t want Bella to get hurt. I also don’t want my family to get hurt, I have to fight for what is otright. I am a vampire! The newborn vampires are a lot stronger than older vampires. But we will do our best. We will have to collect all the vampires we can, Starting with our cousins the Delanas up north.

    If I could insert myself into the story right now then i could make the fighting stop, but then the book wouldn’t be any fun or the movies. I would still stop the fighting and just stick around, furthermore I would love to be Alice my favourite character and live in the Cullens house. Secondly I would make sure that I would get to run as fast as I can and jump really far. This is why I am really into this book Eclipse.

  25. Keighan says:


    I like dragonbreath becuese danny is a dragon & I like dragons & danny is the main careiter. & I like the way he thinks & he has a BIG imajinashon & every day is a nother advencher & if your near him you maighte get in troble!

    • Mr. Bell says:

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts Keighan! Can you share an example where you liked Danny’s thinking?

      Quick Fix:
      – Proper nouns always begin with a capital letter: Danny.
      – When you see a word with a red line under it, there is a spelling error to fix:
      because (not becuese)
      character (not careiter)
      imagination (not imajinashon)

      We will look at this skill in computers soon!

  26. Tyler says:

    I like this book because it has wore and all the stuff I like. It has guns and planes, jets…. They just killed three people on the list.

    • Mr. Bell says:

      Tyler, Please share more details such as the book title and author.

      What is your opinion about the violence found in books people read? I find that readers must have an understanding of the difference between reality and imagination.

      Quick Fix:
      – There is a difference between wore and war. Can you explain the two?

  27. Austin says:

    I can relate to alex when i was younger i watched oo7 with my dad
    If i could put myself in the book i would be smithers the guy who gives alex his weapons

    • Austin says:

      I like Alex Rider because when I was younger I would watch oo7 with my dad . If I could go into the book I would be Smithers, the guy who gives Alex his weapons, because he is funny. And gets to make and handle weapons and get paid to do it. One of the funny things I remember is when he dropped out of an airplane and jumped on a guy. If I could invent a gadget I would instant healing band aid

      • Mr. Bell says:

        Your best effort yet – well done Austin! Your idea about an instant healing band aid is brilliant…perhaps this could be a future Passion Project for Genius Hour?

    • Mr. Bell says:

      This is an improvement on your first attempt Austin! Keep Going!

  28. aliya says:

    I don’t really connect to any of the characters in the book but I think the character I connect to the most is Jessica because she would tees her brother sometimes because he is younger, I tees my sister sometimes because she is younger too. but were not the same when it comes to scary things she is a lot braver then I am, I wouldn’t go see what is bang down stars in the middle of the night she probably would.

    • Mr. Bell says:

      You make a great connection about teasing your brother…I did the same to my brothers!

      Quick Fix:
      – There is a difference between tees and tease. When would you use tees (think of a sport)?

  29. ali says:

    In the book a spooky rain storm happened over night and in the morning you could tell the aliens were pretending to be there parents so they could get in there basement and that is all I know right now. So I think what’s going to happen next is they uncover them selves and show how they really are and eat them all or try to take over there planet or even turn them into one of them!

  30. aliya says:

    I think that Jessica in the book feels worried or scared because of her parents being so weird and all of the changes around her like her mom not making her breakfast anymore her parents talking like robots and use new words in sentences like you guys are old enough to fend for yourselves and go to your cubicles, just acting way different

    • Mr. Bell says:

      Do you think most kids think their parents are weird?

      Your post need punctuation and stops in mid-sentence. Use commas and periods to keep your ideas organized and easy to read.

  31. aliya says:

    If I were in the story I think I would change the whole story into a fairy tale because I could never imagine being in a situation like that I think I would rather be in Ariel a lot more than a book like or anything like the visitors

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