Body Image & Decision Making

Hi Class! Read this link entitled Body Art and post your response to at least 2 of the following questions:

  • What are some internal and external influences regarding the choices you make regarding your appearance?
  • What effects do social and cultural forces have on individuals’ appearances? Explain.
  • How is your appearance influenced? Explain how you determine/choose your ‘style’.
  • What is your reaction to the body shaping section? Explain several thoughts.
  • What is your reaction the piercing and ornamentation section? Explain several thoughts.

Each response must be at least one paragraph consisting of a minimum of 5 sentences (big idea, 3 supporting details, meaningful conclusion).

One paragraph is due before 12:15 today and the second paragraph is due before 10:30 Monday.




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41 Responses to Body Image & Decision Making

  1. {TJ} says:

    My reaction to the body piercing and ornamentation section. is it would be cool to see some one walking around in Kamloops with a design in there hair or a word on there had that says something in a different language. many adults now get piercings because it is a way of expressing them self to the others.

  2. Garet says:

    Body shaping is really gross for many reasons. 1, It has to be done from a young age. 2, Children should get to choose when they are older because like the book said children are’t quite old enough to decide that stuff. 3, It dosen’t look attractive instead it looks really disturbing. Finally I think that parents shouldn’t get to choose what there child will look like for the rest of thier life.

  3. Thines says:

    why would you want you’re wast to be that small do you want smaller pants to wear or something like that. Also why do you want you’re baby’s head to be that long do you want your baby to have more room in there head for there brain. Also why would you want a deformed foot like that just seems so werid how you’re foot can look like that it must feel werid walking with you’re foot being deformed. Why would you want neck rings you would just look so werid with you trying to get you’re neck longer what’s wrong with a normal sized neck or do you just want to look taller with a taller neck.

  4. matthew says:

    Body shaping causes harm and is extremly painful. Firstly, body shaping is really strange because why would you want your toes broken and bent or why would you want a tiny waist. Secondly, it is only for attention because with the body shaping it does not help you live any better. Thirdly, people who do body shaping are going to have a bad life because when you start to brake bones and squeze your body you start to get infections also you start to mess up your whole body because you wanted a small waist or you wanted a small foot. Furtheremore you should really think about what you are doing also you should think it through before you do anything that warps your body.

  5. Gurisha says:

    What effects do social and cultural forces have on individuals’ appearances? Explain.
    Well, many cultures have different traditions and beliefs. This can lead to many different body modifications such as; piercings,tattoos, and body shaping. It’s not necessary to follow a certain culture to get body modifications. In todays generation, thousands of teens and adults get ornaments and tattoos, in a way to express them selves, and/or be unique. I have a connection actually, last year at my aunts wedding, all the girls (including me) had to get henna on our hands and our arms. It’s sort of a expectation, but not a necessity. Anyways, the effects of this can be, good things and bad things. Such as, you may not like it, but you are still forced to get it (tattoos, piercings,neck rings,lip plates etc..etc.) Over all, I think people should have there own decision whether or not they want to get these intense body modifications.

  6. derek says:

    I found all of the body shaping gross I didn’t like looking at the pictures. The feet binding disturbed me the most. I cant imagine my mom doing this to my sisters feet. I don’t think it is fair that the kids didn’t get a choice.

  7. Cale says:

    I don’t want a tattoo because it ruins your skin and its not easy to get ride of, and it hurts a lot. It can also harm you health with black henna for temporary tattoos and hepatitis for permanent tattoos. Tattoos are bad for your skin and health, i would disagree with what you choose but i would not stop you becasue its your choice. If you want a tattoo you should take in the chances to get hepatitis or black henna. Hepatitis is a realy bad disease
    and is very dangerous for your heath, and tattos just look bad all together, so you should be careful if you are deciding to get a tattoo.

  8. Alexa says:

    What is your reaction to the piercing and ornament…..
    Piercing and ornamenting your body is a risky chose to make. First, piercing can be taken out but will leave a hole for awhile. Piercing can hurt especially when they are done in unnatural places. Secondly, the reason we all pierce our ears and other places is because most people find it fashionable, good for social status, religious ritual and personal expressions. Third, if you wear to wear big hops during sports or activities they could easily be torn out. Furthermore, ornaments are also used to stretch your ears, nose and mouth making colossal holes. Additionally, you start off with a small plate then work your way to much bigger ones. Lastly, those holes made by the plates will not close up, so you will have the space in your body forever. That’s why it is very important to think over and change you make to your body before its to late.

  9. Damien says:

    My reaction to some of the things like who would want their wast to be that small. why would people get their foot deformed. Also why would a person get their neck to be so long that just seems weird to. How did that baby’s head get so long. Why would someone put that huge lip plate in their lip like how could you even eat. How could someone put that ornament threw their nose,its weird that it resembles strength.
    Why would someone sharpen their teeth it looks scary. Why would any body want any of this.

  10. Garet says:

    Piercing and ornamentation is another gross thing not as extreme as shaping though. 1, The one where they put the plate in their mouth looks kind of extreme because wouldn’t their mouth be all stretched out and flap around when they look around. 2, piercings don’t look really bad the main reason they are gross is because they stab through a part of you and put a piece of jewllery in between the gap also if they put lead in you can get poisoned. 3, Getting ornamental tusks in your nostrils seems like it would be pretty painful and not that beneficial other than appearing tougher then before. Finally most fashions don’t really seem like they are worth it.

  11. Gurisha says:

    What is your reaction to the body shaping section? Explain several thoughts.
    Body shaping can be beautiful, or completely and utterly ridiculous. Although a lot of people think it is pretty, I am completely against it. I think you should be happy with yourself, and not worry about what people think of you. You have to accept who you are, and not go through painful expieriences trying to look “pretty”. Also, some body modifications, can be a fatal disasture to your health. You can get infected,break bones, or just simply die. The obviously smart chpoice is just to accept who you are.

  12. Kiira says:

    What is your reaction to the body shaping section? Explain several thoughts.
    Many cultures considered body shaping beautiful. Although I believe that you should always accept your body which you have been given and not try to change your body structure. To me body shaping can be very risky. First, you never know if the process with end well, it also takes many years to complete. Second, Body shaping can be very expensive depending on what you would like to do. Third, when you shape your body differently you have a risk of being judge accordingly, and it may be harder to find a job. You should always consider other suggestions before you go through with it, when you shape your body differently it’s permanent.

  13. Brendan R. says:

    Body shaping is dangerous for your health. It can lead to serious health problems or body disfunctions. An example is wearing a corset was fashionable in the early 1900s.
    In adition to discomfort it can lead to extremely painful broken ribs and disturbed organs. Plus there are body shapings like skull shaping where at a young age your parents yould wrap a soft bark around your head and a basket then tie it tightly cousing your skull to lengthen. There are difrent sourses that might cause one to get difrent body shapings or tattoos or clothing are mainly “friends “, parents, or media.
    Friends for instance might try to encourage you to get somthing because they think its cool. Parents might try to get you to be like them or to follow your heritage. Media such as movies modles or facebook might set new trends and have everyone were what they where or do what they do because it is “cool “. So would you get a tattoo or percing or mabey even a body shaping.

  14. seth says:

    The body shaping section is gross because I don’t like things that make you look skinny and things that dig into your heels. The foot binding is really gross because it tightens the foot and digs into the foot. it would hurt. I also don’t like the corset because I think it would hurt and I saw on a Doctor Oz show, someone was chubby and she wore one and got skinny in a week. It would be scary for me to loose so much weight and fat in a week.

  15. sydney says:

    My appearance is influenced on what is comfortable during the day for myself and does not look old or gross. Usually during the days I wear tights, jeans ,tank tops or long sleeves. I feel safe in these items because i feel covered up. Back in the nation of Vanuatu kids aged about six months will be made a head dress of tree bark, rope and a basket. When they are one year old the child will take on an elongated head shape. It said to mean intelligence and spirituality. Secondly in China mothers give their daughters foot bindings, it is meant to shape the feet and give them beauty. Although this procedure is considered beautiful it breaks bones causing sever pains and causing infections, which back then they could not cure. In 1949 the government of the People’s Republic made it illegal. Thirdly most girls in Ethiopia get a lip piercing. A clay disk is put on the bottom lip which begins to stretch it out. Different expensive clay disks our placed onto the ladies. As the lip stretches. The more the clay plate is worth the more wealth the father will receive in cattle when she marries. Lastly, Know a days people I know do not normally go to such extravagance with piercings. People of our generation get piercings in their belly buttons, ears, tongues, nose and eyebrows which are considered beautiful to the eye of some people. Constantly people are made fun of for what they wear and express them selves as. What is your appearance influenced by? Social media, Culture, mom, dad, siblings or friends? Remember everything you do is pemenent.

  16. serena says:

    Body shaping can be unhealthy and sometimes it doesnt look good. When you shape your body you may get to skinny or to fat and then get really sick. When you get to skinny then it doesn’t look good and it can be painful to do. If your fat then it would be really bad for your heart. Whenm you shape your body you don’t look normal because you are out of proportion and you don’t have good heealth.

  17. Mackenzie G says:

    Body tattoos aren’t stupid because its a way to express yourself. Another reason to get a tattoo to remember family the passed away. When you get a tattoo you have to be safe about it, make sure its a clean needle he\she is using. Be aware of what your skin will and can react to. Tattoos are really hard to get rid of and cost a lot of money to get the removed. So think before you get a tattoo and get a tattoo because you want to get one.ney to get the removed. So think before you get a tattoo and get a tattoo because you want to get one.

  18. aliya says:

    body shaping is incredibly gross and weird. Body shaping very is dangerous for the your own body and can lead to serious injurious. Body shaping can lead to broken bones and disturbed organs. corsets were popular in the 1900 and lead to broken ribs and disturbed organs, this was actually considered beautiful in the 1900. just remember if you shape your body its dangerous, painful and usually permanent.

    Piercing is OK depending where you put the piercings. I have one piercing in both ears and I don’t consider that bad because I don’t have a whole bunt of piercings all over my body. What I consider gross is when people wear piercings all over there body. Getting piercings all over you body can be very expensive. Just remember if you get piercings all over you body and face there their to stay.

  19. tyler says:

    Most of the things you ware come from other people. the clothing you ware you are trying to copy your role model. Role model is someone you look up to and try to look like and act like. some people have tattoos and maybe something bad happens to them and they have to take it off it is a painful proses

  20. Trey says:

    Body art and shaping is completely stupid and idiotic unless it is tempoary. Permanent tattoos are PERMANENT unless you have enough money to get it removed. Imagine getting a tattoo of a butterflie on your right buttock and a dragonfly on your left one. Then when you get old your butt gets saggy and it doesn’t look good and you’re scared to get it romoved because you don’t want anyon looking at your bum anymore. A safer way to get tattoos is tempoary ones which aren’t comepletly safe either. Body shaping is just as bad because it breaks bones and squishes your internal orgins. Filing your teeth is very unsmart because the teeth don’t grow back and you can cut your tongue on them. They can be dangerous to others around you. Like if you trip and accidentaly bite; another person or straight through your lip. Braces are much safer. There are much better and safer ways to do things like change your appearance in any way.

  21. Sarah says:

    Body shaping to me is very gross because it looks unattractive and is unhealthy to your body. First, it would be breaking bones, such as ribs and it disturbs internal organs. Secondly, shaping your body is ruining your natural figure, and your body won’t go back to normal. Third, if you want to shape your neck to make it look longer you have to wear a big heavy metal brace. This brace would be on you since you were 5 and is very uncomfortable. Also, in Pacific Island nation of Vanuatu mothers bind heads of infants with soft tree bark covered with a basket of rope to skull shape. This would look very unattractive and would probably hurt because it would be shaping your skull. Furthermore, Chinese footbinding began in the tenth century, to curl up your four small toes, this would look attractive then. But it would be almost impossible to walk. Additionally, some people shape their teeth, such at filing them to be smooth, or filing them with a point, people now a days people get braces to straighten teeth. Shaping teeth would hurt because you are moving your teeth to a new spot or making them have a different shape. For those reason you should think before you shape your body.

  22. Gabrielle B. :) says:

    Body shaping is disgusting because it looks nasty and painful. Body shaping is dangerous in many ways. Such as, crushing your rib cage and internal organs if you try the waist dress. The foot binding is disburbing and painful putting you in horrific pain while breaking foot bones. Getting tattoos removed causes harrowing pain. Getting a tattoo applied is just as bad. Overall body shaping can express yourself but it can also be extremly painful so stay smart!

  23. Beau says:

    Body shaping can cause serious damage. First of all rib bones can break and internal organs will be damaged. Secondly, stretching your neck and waist looks gross
    and it is really painful, People did this because they thought they would become
    more beautiful. In Addition foot binding can cause damage to your feet so that you
    can not walk. In 1949 the government of China made foot binding illegal. Skull shaping
    is extremely gross because you have to stretch your head and it takes six months which
    is a long time.

  24. Beau says:

    Body shaping can cause serious damage. First of all rib bones can break
    and internal organs will be damaged. Secondly, stretching your neck and
    waist looks grossand it is really painful, People did this because
    they thought they would become more beautiful.
    In Addition foot binding can cause damage to your feet
    so that youcan not walk. In 1949 the government of China made
    foot binding illegal. Skull shaping is extremely gross because you have
    to stretch your head and it takes six months
    which is a long time.

  25. Sam says:

    Body shaping is used by many people and my opinion on it is, that body shaping is strange.
    First of all there must be an effect on your body if you stretch your skull too long, or make any part your body stretched, warped or pushed in any direction. Although other cultures support body shaping I believe that there are no benefits of body shaping because your body is made the way it is and changing that would be abnormal. If I had the choice to have my body shaped, I would turn the opportunity down because I want my body the same way as it is now.

  26. Alexa says:

    What is your reaction to the body shaping…
    Body shaping is a different way to get really slim or creepy looking. First, it is a painful process and very unnatural. Secondly, people wear neck coils at the age of five to stretch their neck to make it look longer which was considered attractive. Third, On the Pacific Island nation of Vanuatu mothers shape their child’s head with soft tree bark covered with a basket and rope. They considered the long skull as an image of intelligence. Furthermore, footbinding and waist slimming both are very painful. The waist slimming brook many ribs and disturbed internal organs. Lastly, footbinding is when the four small toes are tucked under and wrapped together with cloth. These alterations made to their bodes are very painful and risky.

  27. Mariah L says:

    Body piercing and ornamentation in some people’s eyes is unattractive but to myself it is a way to express yourself and it is perhaps beautiful. Although piercing your skin is a highly risky thing to do to yourself because you could get infections and/or diseases from them and they will probably scar and cost a lot! Body ornamentation is much more permanent than piercings and are commonly used for the ears, mouth, and nose. When you happen to get body ornamentation, it will last forever! Stretching the skin will also hurt a lot. Not kidding. So next time you decided to get a piercing or stretch your skin make sure you think it over again.

  28. Beau says:

    Piercing and ornamentation is really bizarre. Piercings and ornamentations
    are mostly used on the ears, nose and lips. Firstly, piercings stretch your ears, nose and
    lips and that is just unnatural. Secondly, stretching your lip with a clay disk is absolutely weird because how are you going to eat or drink. Lastly, sticking horns in between your nostrils is absolutely absurd because the horns are going threw the tissue and that would be painful. In conclusion, all of these reasons support why I am against piercings and ornamentations.

  29. Kiira says:

    What is your reaction the piercing and ornamentation section? Explain several thoughts.
    Several cultures and beliefs think that body piercing and ornamentation makes them appear to be beautiful. Many people get piercings because they have the ability to express yourself. Piercings can be very pretty, but in some cases they go terribly wrong. There are many risks involved with piercings such as, infections, and other sicknesses. Also, there are a lot of just plain out weird piercings. Although piercings are not permanent you should always think through what you’re risking.

  30. Thines says:

    My reaction is why would you want to shape your body whats wrong with your normal body. Also the lip ring looks so panful with your lip to be that big like how would you eat with a lip ring, Why would you want an ornament going though your nose now that look realy panful with something going though your nose. And your wast to be that small you would think you would destroy something like your bones I just don’t think that is normal to have such a skinny wast like how do you digest your food.

  31. sydney says:

    In the body shaping section it is meant to be beautiful for every type of culture. First off woman in Europe wore tightly wound corsets. Which gave them a tiny waist which everyone loved in the early 1900’s. In addition to wearing a tight corset women suffered from broken ribs and disturbed internal organs. secondly this became less popular as the woman had to work outside the house and move freely. These days you always see people with braces. Braces have definitely evolved with the 21st century. Elastics come in all different colours and in the 1900’s they were only clear and silver. You get braces to achieve a certain standard of beauty. In one country known by the name Mentawai they file there six front teeth so they are sharp. Also in Australia they shape their child’s head using a rope basket and tree bark. This makes an elongated head shape for their child. In China woman make there daughter wear foot bindings Causing severe pain. People do these things every day. You might regret it one day. Think before you act.

  32. Gabrielle B says:

    (got a little bit mixed up on the last one) My apperence is influenced by what I’m doing that day. I want it to look nice but be comfy. So if I’m going to do outdoor activities I usually wear leggings or comfy jeans. My mom helps me shop for my clothes the most. Some times Mackenzie and I go shopping as well. What I learned is looks don’t always matter but you don’t want to be one of those kids that wears the same thing everyday.

  33. Damien says:

    body shaping is dangerous and extremely painful and when you do that kind of thing. whats wrong with your normal body who would want a lip ring that would be excruciating pain, like how could you even eat. why would any one want that threw their nose like it looks like you couldn’t even breathe. why would people change their bodies like that its there FOREVER.

  34. Trey says:

    The piercing and ornamentation section is dangerous. Ears, mouth and nose, the most common spots for a piercing are all very close to the brain. The ear is the most common and the most dangerous because it could get infected and spread to the brain. The nose is a dangerous piercing place too because if it’s really shiny a reckless crow could swoop down and attack your face. Ornamentation in your mouth is deadly aswell because it could infect your mouth and then you’d loose them and your gums would look terrible. you could die from piercings in your body.

  35. Mackenzie G says:

    How is your appearance influenced? Explain how you determine/choose your ‘style’.
    Your apperacne is influenced by your friends thinking you are cool or not. Or if you intoxicated or not that make want to do something you will regret later on. It could also be influenced be fashion by seeing something pretty and wanting it. It would be because of culture like body shapping could be apart of your culture. So before you get a tattoo or change your appearance is changed would it upset someone youu love or will you regret it?

  36. Sarah says:

    Piercing and ornamenting your body to me is sometimes risky because of diseases. First, from needles and guns that they use to pierce or ornament your body may not be clean and still be dirty from the last person you used it. If a gun or a needle isn’t clean there is a possibility that you can sick or get diseases from it. Secondly, some piecing can get infective and you have to go to the doctor or even the hospital, and then you have to take the piercing out. Thirdly, piercings or ornaments can be ugly and too big, so then they don’t look nice or pretty. Also, people get pressured into doing it sometimes by their friends even though they might not, and then they can get bullied or made fun of if they don’t do it. Finally, some cutlers have to get piercings or ornaments to keep the tradition going, so the people have to get these piercings even if they don’t want to. For those reasons you should not do what people tell you to do if you don’t like it or want do it, and think about the advantages and diadvantages of piercing and ornmaementing your body before you do it.

  37. matthew says:

    I am influenced by professionals in sports. One way I am influenced is the skate boarders wear not to baggy but not to tight jeans which is the only type of jeans I wear also they wear tank tops or brand name shirts which I also wear. Another way is how professional soccer players wear their track pants and shorts, the brands they wear I buy and wear because they wear it also it is top of the line name brands. The way I get influenced is by what type of close that are in style mostly. Finally, I determine my style from what professionals wear also from what is in style at the time.

  38. Brandon says:

    My reaction to the body shaping section is. That I think that it’s gross and weird! Breaking bones in your feet would hurt so bad. Also wearing a tight corset would hurt.
    Skull shaping is not as bad as foot-binding but still would hurt. this is why i think that body shaping is gross and weird!

  39. seth says:

    For me, the Piercing and Ornamentation part is disgusting because piercing stuff kind of grosses me out. I also think that it is kind of cool because it has been around for so long. What really grosses me out is the part with the lip plate and the white mustache-looking thing. Seeing what the piercings meant 5,000 years ago makes me wonder what they mean now. I do not see myself getting a piercing when I’m older because I think it will really hurt and like I said, it grosses me out.

  40. Sam says:

    There are many people that influence me from: Movies, music, other classmates and many other sources. Of course they have good and bad attributes. Some internal choices from other places are how my hair is styled, how my clothing is bought and some of the decisions I make in my life. I don’t make decisions on how I look, its how I feel after. For example before my haircut I toy with my hair and imagine what I would look like if I had hair like someone else. After my decisions are made I am usually happy and continue to wear that hairstyle.

  41. Cale says:

    Body shaping is bad for several reasons. First it makes you look artificial and weird , it would hurt a lot also. Second it looks strange it looks like you have been hit by a truck and got indented. Third it is gross and you would not look better or feel better at all. Forth it brakes you bones and pushes your organs together. Fifth it is very unhealthy and disgusting and you could get very sick.

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