Fracking Frenzy

Hi Class! Based on our reading, your knowledge and opinions as well as other credible sources, what is your position on fracking for energy? State your position and support it with evidence and examples. Provide at least 3 website links with your paragraph and connect them to your views. Be convincing! Your post is due December 16.

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42 Responses to Fracking Frenzy

  1. Matther E says:

    Fracking is a very dangerous thing and should not be done people might lose their houses and if they don’t harvest the gas it could go in the air and the water it could kill people there could be a war because of fracking.
    And fracking harms the environment in many ways it puts methane in the ground and it gets left there for 1 billion years and i dont want to have my house under a bunch of methane.

    • Mr. Bell says:

      Thanks for your thoughts Matthew. Please reread your post with this in mind:

      – You have a big idea but do not give it its own sentence (Fracking is a very dangerous thing and should not be done.)
      – The next step is to connect each link to part of your argument. What site supports the idea that people will lose their houses? What site suggests there could be a war? What site talks about methane?

      Please repost your work once this is done. Be sure to use commas and periods to keep your ideas organized and easy to read.

    • Matthew E says:

      Fracking is A bad thing because people drill holes in the ground and it could release bad chemicals.
      Like for instance methane if they don’t harvest it properly it could go into the air and water also it could harm animals.
      Here is a website that demonstrates fracking
      There are some good things about fracking like getting energy for one hundred years.
      But what happens to the left over waste?.
      It goes here
      Fracking may sound good because it produces energy for one hundred years but it really is not good at all.
      This next website Has Loads of faqs about fracking
      Personally I do not believe in fracking it is stuipid and a waste of time.
      People should just go with clean energy and use solar panels and wind mills Even Hydroelectric power would work also.

      • Mr. Bell says:

        Thanks for your revised post Matthew – it is much better than your first attempt. You have mentioned some clean alternatives, but they are controversial as well. Hydroelectricity, solar and wind power change the landscape with dams, turbines and panels. Why are these energies more appealing than fracking?

        For future posts, please use the default font for your name and do not include a website link. When you do this, your posts will end up in a spam folder and get lost.

  2. Sam says:

    Fracking is a very serious thing and is becoming more and more popular over the years and is happening much more. Fracking causes a lot of environmental harm and would destroy Canada with many health issues, but at the same time giving jobs to many. Fracking has many pros such as: Jobs will boost the economy and be wealthier as a country, and having oil for 100 years is a lot for only one drill. Fuel for Canada would prove us to be self-reliant. But with everything there are pros and cons, now I will list the cons. There are many cons and should be taken very seriously: First nations land is a very precious value to them and thought of by high regard, their land may be taken by the fracking drill. Although giving jobs to those who need them also, gives their bosses more than enough money, and do not pay back the environment from extracting fuel. Earthquakes may be caused and the company who would be responsible, would not be able to pay for the damage. 100 years is not that much compared to earth and even though it would be a lifetime for the average human, once done taking fuel from the earth they would just go somewhere else in Canada!
    Sometimes when drills are in the ground drinking water would be poisoned. Lots of Canadians have seen what happened in the U.S.A when people would put a lighter on their drinking water and would set on fire! My supporting links are:

    • Mr. Bell says:

      Thanks for your thoughts Sam, you’ve share many insights on both sides of this issue. Now, clearly state your position for a strong opening. Fracking is _____________ beacause__________ (or something like that). Once your position is clearly stated, rework and repost your writing so that the links directly support the points you make: “This video (add link) proves __________________. Therefore ____________________.”

  3. Gurisha says:

    I am against fracking. Fracking may give us 100 years of clean air, but it also releases methane gas and causes earthquakes. It harms the environment and creates anger between protesters and people who support fracking‎ It also may be cleaner and cheaper than oil, but it also has its downsides. Its not safe for the earth, and it uses a lot of water.…/water-for-fracking-in-context/

  4. Asia says:

    Fracking should be banned because it is dangerous, and there are more cons than pros. There are many reasons against fracking, the main one being that it’s harmful to the enviroment and the enviroment is more important than jobs. Another reason why fracking shouldn’t be done is because there are up to 600 chemicals used in fracking fluid such as lead, radium, uranium, methanol, and mercury. Also, it uses 1-8 million gallons of water just for one fracking job. Furthermore, drilling holes in the soil causes earthquakes. In conclusion, there are far too many dangers and shouldn’t be done.

    • Mr. Bell says:

      Great opening statement Asia! Your next step is to connect your links to your ideas: “On his website (add link), Edouard Stenger says________________________.” Try to do this with all of your links, then repost your argument.

      Great use of transition words too!

  5. Kiira says:

    My position in which I stand for fracking is against. Fracking doesn’t just harm people it also harms our environment. Fracking can cause earthquakes, and possible sinkholes. Further more it also releases dangerous methane gases. Fracking requires huge volumes of water. Between 3.5 and 30 million liters per job. This dangerous job has a huge impact in contamination in our drinking water. Some interesting websites I found are

    • Mr. Bell says:

      You’ve got a good start with your ideas, though your opening sentence is confusing. What is the gist of your argument? There is no need for I statements or ‘My position…” because we know you are the author. The next step is to rework your writing to connect each site you’ve listed to one of your arguments. “According to _____________, earthquakes are a potential result of fracking.” Your repost will be even better when you do these things!

  6. matthew says:

    When I was on this website I found out that Approximately 40,000 gallons of chemicals are used per fracturing. Also when I found this website I found out that fracking shifts the plates because it goes into the shale plate and moves it around, so it causes earthquakes.While on this website I found out that On one farm, 60 head of cattle drank from an allegedly wastewater-polluted creek while 36 drank clean water. Of the 60, “21 died and 16 failed to produce calves the following spring. Of the 36 that were not exposed, no health problems were observed, and only one cow failed to breed.”

    • Mr. Bell says:

      You have discover some great details. How are these details connected to your argument? You have not stated what your position is on this issue. Revise your post and take a stance on this issue, then use your research to support your position. Finally, repost your argument.

  7. Tanner says:

    I am against fracking because of all the chemicals that are released in to the ground and the air. Here are three websites the can tell you about fracking these websites tell you that fracking is bad because of all the chemicals and gases that are in the ground and the chemicals go into the water and poisoned the water,‎, › . And these are the websites about fracking. Also, the websites tell you about the gases and chemicals. There are 600 chemicals that are released by the drillers that drill for fracking fluid. During the process the methane gas and toxic chemicals are released in to the ground water. in the gases there are lead, benzene, acid and citric.

    • Mr. Bell says:

      Thanks for your post Tanner. Chemicals are always being released into our atmosphere. What is dangerous about the chemicals used in this case?

  8. Trey says: Here is a picture that shows you why I’m against fracking. They’re doing it right by our supply of water and the fracking is polluting it and the air is about the pros and cons of fracking .

    • Mr. Bell says:

      Can you elaborate your thoughts Trey? You mention you are against fracking and have a link to support one idea. What does the second link do to support one of your case? What other arguments and support do you have to make your position stronger? More research and writing is needed, then repost your thoughts.

  9. Beau says:

    I think fracking is absurd because it is harmful to the enviroment.
    Toxic chemicals are realeased into the air that are dangerous.
    You can get very ill. Fracking can cause tiny earthquakes. These tiny earthquakes
    start when the stone fractures.
    The website says that when fracking starts it
    contains 80-95% of Methane which is a green house gas (ghg). It also can be
    highly explosive if it is put under to much pressure. According to the website fracking brings up a number of land issues. Fracking
    involves horizantal drilling. The website says
    fracking uses up one and eight million gallons of water. In conclusion, all
    of this information proves that I’m against fracking.

    • Mr. Bell says:

      Good inclusion of websites in your paragraph Beau! Look at revising the first half of your post. Your sentences need transitions to flow smoothly.

  10. Sarah says:

    My position on fracking is against because first, it uses loads of water (each gas well requires an average of 400 truckloads). It takes 1.8 million gallons of water to complete each fracturing job. Second, approximately 40,000 gallons of chemicals are used per fracturing. Up to 600 chemicals are used in fracking fluid. Furthermore, during this process methane gas and toxic chemicals leach out and contaminate nearby groundwater. Contaminated well water is used for drinking water for nearby cities and towns.
    Here are some websites that helped me:

    • Mr. Bell says:

      Thanks for sharing your stance Sarah! The next step is to refer to your sites within your writing: According to _____________, ________________________.

  11. sydney says:

    Fracking are you for or against. Against is the way to go. Putting things such as methane in the earth and using over 100 litres of water. This website shows you how Fracking is done in the process therefore you will learn how bad Fracking really is. Fracking creates lots of great paying jobs but at what expense. If they Frack to much there will be nothing left if they use too much of everything. Fracking is something that will grow it will keep polluting and ruining our earth. We could be the ones who make a better cleaner future. We can help. Fracking is dangerous and it will help if we can minimize it.

  12. Aliya says:

    I’m against fracking because because it is very harmful. fracking has caused people getting very sick from the water and they don’t like frackers using there land after they say “no!”‎ and‎ shows how fracking is harming the water.
    secondly it is very bad for earthquakes, as shown in…/Fracking-DID-cause-109-earthquakes-Ohio-confir…it shows how many there are and how thay are created.
    finally it should be banned because acording to‎ fraking is killing uspeople killing us!

  13. Seth says:

    Fracking must be stopped because it can leave people homeless and fracking in Marcellus shale can result in anemia, cataracts, cancer, and increased mortality. Also, the radon present in the shale will mix with the gas and travel in the via pipeline into houses and businesses of its end users. It is even more dangerous because it can result in a war and people can die from it. The protesters and the police can fight about keeping it and not keeping it. If it gets out of control, there can be a riot. If the riot gets out of control, someone can die.
    I also think fracking should be stopped because police cars are being set on fire and people are getting arrested. It can also cause earthquakes because when the drill drills through the rocks and all the rocks shatter there can be an earthquake.
    Fracking also send off a green house gas known as methane, witch causes global warming. It traps 20 to 25 more heat than carbon dioxide.
    Furthermore, it can’t only kill humans, it can kill animals. When the animals drink the water, the chemicals and poisoning from fracking can kill them.

    • Mr. Bell says:

      You present strong evidence against fracking Seth, well done! Try to put your evidence in your paragraph: According to ____________________, fracking is_______________.

      Another important skill is to put words in quotation marks that come directly from other sources: According to Alison Rose Levy of, “The radon present in the shale will readily mix with the gas and travel with it via pipeline into the homes and businesses of its end users.”

  14. Alexa says:

    Fracking must be stopped. On I found many interesting images and information about fracking. Like each gas well requires 400 tanker trucks carrying water and supplies to and from the site. Also 1-8 million gallons of water is needed to complete each Fracturing job and approximately 40,000 gallons of chemicals are used per fracking. During the process methane gas and toxic chemicals leach out from the system and contaminate nearby ground water. Lastly, harmful VOC’s is released into the atmosphere creating contaminated air, acid rain and ground level ozone. Another website that was helpful was…/global-warming-and-energy/The-Problem/fracking. With every picture there is a little caption that tells you information about the image. The last interesting website I saw was This website tells you about how fracking works and shows a little video as well. After seeing all these websites and other articles I am certain that Fracking must be stopped.

  15. Alexa says:

    My first website did not show up.
    It is in the second sentence!

  16. Fracking is a outrageous idea. What’s going to happen after those 100 years of energy? If you keep fracking for ever we are going to run out of room and water. I know there is a lot of water on Earth but we can run out quicker than you think. After the 100 years are we going to go back to the electricity we use now? Either way both ideas pollute the Earth. There is enough pollution already. What happens if there is 100 years of gas under the Earth’s crust. Do you really want 100 years of more earth quakes?

    • Mr. Bell says:

      Thanks for your post Gabby. Work your links into your post: According to ________________, fracking is _____________________.

      Do you have ideas to satisfy our energy needs other than fracking?

  17. serena says:

    I’m againts fracking because it can hurt the enviroment and it affects our water and then we could become sick. It also affects animals because they have to drink that water and then we would have our animals die. It will affect the fish because they have to breath in that water and they would start to die to. It would effect the trees and it would make everybody sick. It would destroy the athmosphere and then we would have very poor air to breath and we would have to by air like they do in china. We would be spending more money then we would need to and then we couldn’t pay for anything that we ned but air. And it would probably be so expensive we would run out of money before we could even get any air.

  18. Madison says:

    If you go to it will show you of what terrbleble thing they are doing to the enverirment like drilling in to the earth and createing earthquakes if they countine we will all fall in to ruen.

  19. Cale says:

    Fracking is a very dangerous job eventhough it gives people jobs its still very dangerous.
    I am against this many people have died doing this job it also effects water sources like has tought me that fracking is dangerous with cheimicals

  20. Cale says:

    also these other web-sites too have tought me about fracking of all sorts

    • Mr. Bell says:

      What else can you add to your stance on this issue. We need energy. If fracking isn’t the answer, what alternatives would you suggest?

      Quick Fix:
      – Shorten a URL (web address) with sites like or tinyurl.

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