Math…Get Better!

Hi Class! Regardless of your current ability, the point is to learn! Here are a couple of links for activities to bolster your Math skills:

Grade 7

Grade 6

Check out the sections on Probability as well as Data & Graphs to build on the classroom activities we’ve explored this year. Likewise, we are getting close to examining decimal numbers, fractions and percentages in class, so you could prepare ahead of time if you choose.

Naturally, you can choose activities from any grade level depending on your current ability – maybe some high school activities are worth trying! If you find something you love and want to share, or one that is challenging and you want help with, leave a comment, talk to a classmate, tell your teacher…DO SOMETHING!

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2 Responses to Math…Get Better!

  1. beau says:

    There is no doubt that drones need to be used in our society. First of all farmers need drones to look after there crops, if they didn’t have drones they would have to walk or drive to see if there are any dead plants or diseases in there crops. Secondly drones can be used for the military or the RCMP, the military can use them to locate bases and attack strategically. The RCMP can use them to find lost
    hikers or find criminals. Finally drones can be used for entertainment use such as, making movies or commercials.

    • Mr. Bell says:

      Great sequence to your paragraph Beau. The one missing component is to outline your BIG IDEAS. For example, “Some of the uses are in the areas of farming, military, law enforcement, and entertainment.” From there, add supporting details to each big idea.

      Quick Fix:
      – they’re / their / there

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