Maverick Market Update

Preparedness and Positivity Plummet!

A hasty cleanup caused the Maverick Market to crash near the end of trading Monday. Both stocks lost 10 points (or 10%) when nine chairs went unstacked and classroom materials such as rulers, pencils and protractors were not put away:

Messy Getaway

Mr. Bell believes the quick losses can be reversed if the class does not repeat this phenomenon Tuesday.

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13 Responses to Maverick Market Update

  1. Colby says:

    Luken didn’t put his chair away =(

  2. Kyle says:

    I showed my mom my homework and what was in the agenda (whats happening) and she is happy that i showed her my homework and agenda 🙂

  3. Copter says:

    I found the blog :/

  4. Isabella says:

    Hi Mr. Bell. If you find any markers that say Sargent art ont it, please don’t throw it away!

  5. Isabella says:

    In our stocks on the blog, you put the date 09/19/15 with changes on it. Did you mean to type 09/19/15?

  6. Isabella says:

    Sorry, I ment 09/18/15. Oops.

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