Thursday – In the Lab…

Hi Class! Hopefully you remember your assigned spots…Here are your options:

  1. Begin researching and drafting your recount of an environmental issue. Once you have determined your topic, click this link to let Mr. Bell know.
        1. Choose a topic that interests you!
        2. Like the example we read yesterday, a five paragraph recount is expected.
  2. Begin publishing your descriptive paragraph using Google Slides (text first, images second).
  3. If 1 and 2 are well underway, feel free to do some research and work on your exercise circuit project or the finishing touches on your homophone story.
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2 Responses to Thursday – In the Lab…

  1. Isabella says:

    Does the environmental issue have to be a personal recount?

    • Mr. Bell says:

      It can be – that will mean there is a stronger connection to the topic and the ability to speak from experience. It can also be researched if there is a topic that you find intriguing or something you’ve wanted to learn more about, but one that you do not have any personal experience connected to it.

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