Fractions Frenzy…

Hi Class! Find at least five amazing links to help students improve their understanding of fractions. Copy and past the URL (address) in your reply. For each site, provide at least a one or two sentence explanation for your recommendation – be specific! For example:

Here’s a great link to work on finding equivalent fractions. It’s fantastic for several reasons: not only can you choose the level of difficulty, and speed of the game, but also if it is a race!

If the link doesn’t work, copy and paste this address:


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  1. Noah says:

    Math Games | Give Your Brain A Workout! – Math Playground
    Math Games – Free Math Practice Games and Apps
    25 Free Math Games for Kids | Math Arcade on Funbrain
    Math Games | PBS KIDS
    Cool Math Games – Free Online Math Games, Cool Puzzles …
    I chose these because I hyperlinked it

  2. Max says:

    1. Tug team fractions

    I like this link because the pressure gets to you! you are forced to work quick!

    2. Fresh baked fractions

    There are so many different levels and lessons!!!

    3. Decimultiplication

    Decimals are fractions so why not work on multiplying them!

    4.Papas Pizzeria

    Connects fractions to something people like!

    5.Math playground

    Because there are TONS of games to play not just one!

  3. Madison says:

    1. Fraction Jeopardy-

    2. Papa’s Pizzeria-

    3. Dirt Bike Comparing Fractions-

    4. Fractions Dolphin Racing Game-

    5. Under The Sea-

    I think that all of the games are a great way to practice on your fraction skills, plus they are really fun and some you can even play with a friend if you want to!

  4. Jacob says:
    Although this wasn’t really a game, I think it could teach people fractions really quickly.
    This game was fun, and a really cool concept, it might be hard for some people who are beginning to learn fractions.
    This was more of a game then anything, but you got to do some fractions after completing the levels.
    This one was probably the most fun game, and It was pretty easy.
    I liked this game, it was really “straight forward” 😀

  5. Kai says:

    I choose:,6th Grade Math Games – Math Play,Fraction Game – Illuminations,Fraction Games – Hooda Math,Fraction Splat – Play it now at I choose these games because math is a impotent thing what better way then do it on a computer.

  6. Jennifer says: is a great link, because it makes math a fun and you don’t even realize that you are doing math and there is a lot of games to choose from. : i love this link i have used it so many times, there is so much to do on this link. : this link is focused more on the math rather than the game, with is a good thing. : this link is a little different than others , because it is a more encouraging and focuses on you having fun. : this link acutely teaches you how to do fractions, witch is great if help isn’t around.

  7. Alison says:
    Soccer math – Simplifying Fractions game, is a fun way to practise simplifying
    fractions! This game is epically fun if you like to play soccer.
    This website has a bunch of different games you can play, depending on what you would like to work on! so games you can play are, Fraction Booster, Dolphin racing, Fraction lesson, and tons more!
    Dirt Bike Tug Team Comparing fractions, is a great way to practise comparing fractions, in a very fun way! You get to compare fractions by playing a tug-a-war game on dirt bikes, and plus the more answers you get right the closer you are to betting the other team!
    This game is looking at fractions on a number line, there is a fraction at the bottom of the screen, and that fraction is equivalent to one of the number line. This game is a very great way to practise your fractions!
    This game is similar to the Dirt bike tug team – comparing fractions, except that it is cars and you are adding fractions, instead of comparing fractions. Again the more questions you get right, the more of a chance you will win!

  8. chris says: – I like this website because Its a adding game with car race when you answer one you will go faster if your answer is incorrect you will go slower.You can play It online with your friends and win first place. – I like this website because Its soccer and If you answer each question correctly you will get a chance to kick the ball then If you scored a lot you will go to the next level. – I chose this website because It is easy for me to target the mixed numbers while avoiding the others. – I chose this game because I don’t know how to play poker and I really want to learn how to play It. – I chose this game because I like pizza and Its little bit easy for me to answer.You just need to put two pizza on the plate If the fraction is 2/5.

  9. jordyn says:

    http://www.speedway fractions
    I really enjoyed this website because it gave my brain a little exercise
    this one was really fun for a lot of people it has lots of games that make your mind blow
    http://www.adding fractions

  10. kionna says:

    1.The number on the top is called a numerator and the bottom number is denominator.
    2.It’s not okay to have fraction with zero underneath
    3.Multiply the whole number part by the number of the fractions and then add that top part of the fraction.
    4.turn the second fraction upside down the multiply them.
    5.You have to get the bottom halves of the two fractions be the same then you can subtract them.

  11. Isabella says:
    This game is a great way to separate and compare fractions. It’s cool in so many ways: it’s an intergalactic space team, and YOU get to arrange them.
    Where do I begin? This game is so unique because it’s a RACE!! Your car is powered on the right answers you get. Best part is……you can race against your friends!
    This game works on quickness and concentration. It’s fantastic because it improved my skills and hopefully yours too!
    This is an activity for those who just want some straight practice. This will ask you how many questions and what you want to do!
    This is an exceptional game where you answer questions to roll a die on the board game. There’s lots of variety in these questions, and I hope you enjoy!

  12. Madison says:

    1. Fraction Jeopardy-
    I think this one is a good way to practice fraction with a friend or a classmate because it can have more than one person or you can just play it alone!

    2. Papa’s Pizzeria-
    This one is my favourite because it is really enjoyable, and you get to make pizza!

    3. Dirt Bike Comparing Fractions-
    This game is a online game where you can play with real people or computers, plus it is really fast past!

    4. Fractions Dolphin Racing Game-
    This game is fun but also fast past and if you want it hard or easy!

    5. Under The Sea-
    This is fun because you get to do little games to try and make a sandcastle!

  13. Kyle says: To work on finding equivalent fractions. It’s fantastic for several reasons: not only can you choose the level of difficulty, and speed of the game, but also if it is a race! This game is a great way to compare fraction. Compare fractions and your team may win the tug contest. Dividing fractions game is another fun and interactive math basketball activity for young students. The game has 15 division problems and multiple levels. In this football math game, students will try to pass the ball to the receiver. For each good pass, they will get to answer a math problem about adding fractions.

  14. Aurora says:

    1. This website is good because it is very easy to understand and has questions for every grade!
    2. This one is good because you don’t have to think very much about it but you are still challenged by the timer!
    3. This one has more challenges and gets your brain working more!
    4. This one has multiple choice questions which I like because there is always a right answer so it feels less stressing!
    5. This one times you and gets you into the feeling of what can add up to make a whole!

  15. Savi says:

    Here’s an awesome link to help you know if fractions are bigger than another or equivalent. You have a team versing you and which ever team gets more questions right wins!
    This game is great for practising reducing fractions to lowest terms. Plus, if you get the question right you get a chance to score a goal!
    This is a fantastic link/game because it not only lets you practice fractions but it gives you a lesson at the start if you don’t understand.
    This game is great because it not only incorporates fractions, it also includes basketball! We haven’t gotten to dividing fractions yet but it sure will give you a head start!
    This game is amazing because you have to put the options into groups of 3 and the groups have to contain 3 equivalent fractions each in order to pass the level, which makes it a great game to practice fractions with.

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