Raves – Rants – Reviews – Requests

Hi Class! It’s time to post your meaningful thoughts to our classroom’s blog regarding your first two months of the school year. Aside from sharing valuable feedback, this writing activity gives you an opportunity to establish a sensible digital presence for other’s the see and respect. Respond to the following topics with your best writing:

  • Raves – What have you loved at school so far this year?
  • Rants – What frustrations did you experience so far this year?
  • Reviews – Do you have any other thoughts that aren’t raves or rants?
  • Requests – What improvements would you like to have happen?
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27 Responses to Raves – Rants – Reviews – Requests

  1. Mr. Bell says:

    This year, I have loved how well the learners have embraced the random groups. It’s important to develop ‘people skills’; they will serve you well throughout life! Another rave is that the class is doing a great job recycling compared to the start of the year – keep it up!

    The most significant rant to share is the disorganization of many students. In addition to the expectation that learners show up to class with their learning tools (pen, pencil, papers…), we’ve also got predictable routines established like DPA to start the day and Books n’ Snacks after recess. Still, many students are not prepared. Perhaps there is more practice needs and some maturing as well.

    My one request is that our group figures out how we can keep our classroom volume at a reasonable level. It’s okay to be excited and enthusiastic, but it can be shared without yelling.

    To review, I have enjoyed getting to know the students, and I expect to see growth as we go through the year.

  2. Kailen says:

    Rave- I like having gym in the morning, I like how we read a book out loud.

    Rant- I’m not a big fan of boks, because we do it every day I wouldn’t mind doing every second day and on those days when we don’t have boks we could do dodge ball or something else.

    Review- Read a book and then watch the movie.

    Requests- I would like to do dodge ball in gym.

    Thats it thanks

  3. Levi says:

    I have had a blast this year, the boundless it was a great also D.P.A is a great work out and it gets me going and my body too. So for the Chrome books are fantastic, they are so fast, then then the computer lab. But that’s my opinion with them. Mr. bell is terrific too, he is so cool, because he makes boring stuff like math fun and interesting. I hope that he does more fun math activates this year, because I’m looking for wood to it.

  4. John says:

    I like that when I come in for recess and read books for like 15 minutes and enjoy our snack. I like DPA because I never exercise in the morning so I exercise in school.

  5. Sophia says:

    Rave: My rave is that I love that we got to make our own story’s and that there are more things that we can do that we could not do last year like to be an office Mounter or help out with more things.

    Rants: My rants for this year is that I am not frustrated with anything I am completely fine.

    Reviews: I am happy with my classmates my teacher and the subjects that we have. But I am not quite happy that the math is getting harder every year.

    Requests: I have only one request witch is I would like to do more art like drawing or crafting.

    By: Sophia

  6. Avery says:

    This year, I have loved that I have been able to develop new skills in overall just about everything. I have also learned to develop social skills or as Mr.Bell calls it “People skills”. I am overall amazed the work ethic that some people in our class have and I would love to get to know what skills they use to help them in situations. I also love walk and talks because we get to connect, listen and give feedback to are classroom peers.

    The most disappointing thing this year to me is that I didn’t get any rants at all 🙁

    My one request, is that some of the kids in our class don’t really pay attention during lessons and they doze off or goof around. If or when your sitting with them they can get “REALLY” annoying and it gets distracting for some people trying to work so in the future I hope that changes. 🙂

    To review, I have had an absolute blast this year. So far so good!! 🙂

  7. Jobie says:

    what i like is that we do an exercise in the morning

    my frustrations this year are that when it is super loud i can’t work in a loud i would rather a quiet working space

    one of the improvements that i would to happen this year is that my math and writing

  8. Noah says:

    Raves in the year so far are, DPA(P.E), Books and snacks, science, those are the things that i rave so far in the year.
    Requests that i would like to see in the next eight months are special days like the day before Christmas break we would watch a move or something, play games, just fun days

  9. liam says:

    This year , i liked how are doing horrible writing because we are doing it on the chrome books i also like how we do DPA in the morning

  10. Dominick says:

    i like how are teacher is funny kind helpful and caring. what i dont like about the school year so far we keep on playing volleyball every P.E i want to try something different or have an outdoor P.E

  11. Alexis says:

    This year has overall been great so far but there has been some bumps in the road for sure but I am focusing more on the positive things other than the downfalls .

    Some things I do really enjoy are, having the opportunity to use the chrome books and I am very fortunate to get the chance because only two classes in the school get them, not only that but I also enjoy the table groups because when I am at high school next year I am going to need to be able to have the social skills to make some new friends


    I do really dislike the noise level our class can get to I find it really hard to focus. I am not the biggest fan of BOKS because since we do it every morning it gets really boring if we did it every other day I would probably participate more often.

    I don’t have any other rants or raves


    Read books that has a movie that we can watch afterwards

  12. Isabella says:

    In the past two months, I am thrilled that I have made the volleyball team, I get to go to Me to We, and I have gotten the teacher/class I wanted. I love the activities we have been doing and what we will be doing.

    I haven’t been exactly happy with music this term, mostly because we haven’t done anything fun. It’s mostly read whats on the board, copy it down, and then study for a test. That’s it.

    In music, I wish we could have a little more choice in how we do things. Like, do things in songs rather than books, or playing a game rather than taking a test. Also, I hope to have a little more art that we do in class, but that isn’t really a huge concern.

    To review, I have loved to work with these people and I hope to keep working with them in our environment!

  13. Ryan says:

    Raves: I like all the fun projects we do in class and all the new people I get to meet, it’s really nice getting to know new people.

    Rants: I get frustrated with some of the work we do because sometimes it can be difficult and I get really confused, that’s all i’m frustrated with so far.

    Requests: My requests is that it’s a quieter working environment and that people clean up there work area before going outside.

    Review: This class has been a really fun class to be in so far, I’ve loved learning with all of my fellow students! 😀

  14. Brianna says:

    What I like about school is that I have friends that hang out with me and I am proud of all of my projects.My dislikes are when i move my stuff in and out of my locker some times I drop my stuff and it’s hard to pick it up because my hands are full and we seem to only do gym in the gym and the same thing. I have no reviews. We should have some P.E. outside so we can have a different games.

  15. brady says:

    my request is i would like to celebrate some holidays like Halloween i’m not saying go crazy on Halloween but we could at least get some free time or maybe if we are feeling gerastick we could watch a movie or something. i loved with a capital love that we got chrome books this year its awsome. i don’t really have a rant oviasly things happen but other than that i’m pretty happy

  16. Nathan says:

    So far this year I have loved the math that we have been doing because we haven’t done a lot of just solve it and be done (“what is 20×30=) we do more stuff that has a wider span of the problem like how many squares and rectangles can fit in a chess board. Another rave is I am getting to go to a big show\concert called Me 2 We, Basically the show is about being conscious and helping to solve the problems that the world is currently facing.

    This year there have been some things going wrong like, At the beginning of the year I was focused on not doing any homework, And as you can probably tell that came back to bite me in the butt. Another rant is that I have been getting sick lake mad and have had to miss quite a few days of school, So I have had to catch up a lot.

    In review there have been a lot of good things coming my way and even though some bad thing had punched me in the gut I think this will be one of the best years of my school life.

    I want to have less paper tests and more face to face discussion.

  17. Sarah says:

    Rave – This year so far I have loved working with different people! It has let me make more friends and be more open to people I don’t normally talk to. Another one is volley ball after DPA. I really enjoy doing the sport because I’m on the team and it’s good practice.

    Rant – One of my rants is like Mr.Bell’s rant. The volume is very hard for me to concentrate. I hope that by the end of the week we will be able to manage the volume of the class.

    Reviews – I love integers and I like every subject that we have done so far, especially french.

    Requests – I would like to do more art because it’s one of my favorite subjects..

  18. Livia says:

    I’m getting use to DPA and PE, I really like using the Chrome Books and all the all the stuff we do on it. I like how we get Basket balls when we go outside i’m getting better at Basket ball too. I love the math and math games we do it can be hard but it’s still fun!

  19. Issac :)` says:

    Hello! Im Isacc so this year i have been happy with my art and L.A sort of math, and science I really need to work on my writing, math and music.

  20. Noah says:

    Raves this year are DPA(P.E), Books and snacks, and how we do a lot on the chrome books.
    Requests are that i want to have a special day like when its Christmas we should take the last day before the break to have a free day and in that free day we should watch a movie, play games, or just have fun.

  21. Kyle says:

    So this year I have loved how I met A couple of new friends that have joined the school recently, but also that I have noticed I’m starting the school year off way better then last year, and that I got the same teacher as last year. Which makes me really happy and thrilled.

    No rants, but there is one thing. Could we do DPA with our class, more then doing ” Boks ” with other classes??


    Well… I would like to improve on my Math and being organized with my homework and supplies.

    Thats it 🙂

  22. Hailee says:

    I have love how we do boks in the morning, it gets you physical and it is fun because we use colours instead of saying, “you’re in that group and you’re in this group.” It is much more controlled. I also love the schedule we have because I like to be organized. The crome books are amazing, I find it is better to do the work on the internet (it is easier and better for the environment).

    I don’t like how noisy the class is (especially in the morning).

    Maybe sometime this year we could do more hands on activities.

    I think we should do boks every second day so we are not so tiered the next day or the rest of the day.

  23. Rhys says:

    so far this year I liked books n’ snack I didn’t like all the writing we had to do I request that we get more time to read every day

  24. Chloe says:

    I like that we have been doing 30 minutes of books and snacks it has been improving my reading. I have also liked that we have me to we this year I think it will be a great experience for me to go. I have been really enjoying french to. Ever since I made the volley ball team I have been getting better at it and it is really enjoyable.

    I’ve been frustrated about the noise level, it can be hard to do work.

    I have been liking this class so far sometimes it can be frustrating about some stuff but it’s a pretty good class.

    I wish we could do more art and in music class we could do more music related things.

  25. Salma says:

    I like doing boks, and volleyball in gym. I like that Mr.Bell gives us a real life example of what we are doing. I am enjoying math and science because i like working on integers, and compounds and mixtures. I enjoyed Horror-able writing. I like the learning environment in our classroom. I like doing the fashion designs in french.

    I don’t like that if someone isn’t happy or does not like what we are doing, they think it’s fine to distract and be loud and annoying. I don’t like books and snacks at the same time. I don’t like that in music we are doing more studying than learning and having fun. I feel more pressured in music, than I am enjoying it.

    I would like to snack first then read. I would like the classroom to be less noisy sometimes sometimes.

    that’s all 🙂

  26. Mikayla says:

    this year my rave is, i’m pleased with how I have become better as a learner and a student, I’m able to developed ideas and handing in work to the best of my abilities and on time. I am also pleased with having gym in the morning and with BOKS getting lots of exercise.

    My rant is that we don’t get to play many games in gym like, capture the flag, dodge ball or California kick ball I think it would be fun to try something different. My other rant is that sometimes it can get to loud in the class sometimes and will get hard to concentrate.

  27. Isaiah says:

    raves-I like that in the morning i get to see my friends .
    rants-I want to be honest i strongly dislike music class because it is not helpful in life. I would like music if it was more fun.
    requests-i request no music.

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