Electronic Influences

Hi Class! Does watching television, playing video games, and surfing the Internet influence your behaviour? Is the influence positive, negative or both? Explain your answer with specific personal connections (examples).

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18 Responses to Electronic Influences

  1. Jonny#7 says:

    No it does not because when I am on th electronics it’s probably because I am bored and no one is home to hang out with.It is usually positive because I have fun on my electronics and I am probably never mad when I get off my computer.

    • Mr. Bell says:

      You make a great point how electronics can be fun. Is there a danger for people to have so much fun in front of a screen that they forget to have fun with other people?

  2. Well it depends on what you are playing,watching or surfing the internet. It could be positive,negative or both.I would say it does influence your behaviour quiet a bit.

  3. I think if you are on the electronics for hours and hours you probably get a little crabby. If you are on for a short amount of time I think you wont be all grumpy just probably the same as you were before. If you are on for a long time you are more likely not wanting to get off. I think it depends on what you are playing or doing. If you are studying or maybe getting some research you might get a little grumpy after ward because you just want to relax and don’t want to talk at all.

  4. savannah says:

    My influence is both but more positive because I’m zoned out watching hypnosis on you-tube. It’s fun because you have to try to keep your eyes open until the writing or voice tells you, you can blink. It’s sometimes negative because I get frustrated when the inter net’s not working.

    • Mr. Bell says:

      Do you stay frustrated when the Internet is down, or do you find something else to do?

  5. TYLER (WARDO) WARD says:

    Both, I choose both because sometimes when I’m watching the hockey game I don’t want to get up and go do my chores. When I’m playing video games though I turn it off whenever my parents tell me to or when I just had enough and just turn it off. I don’t really go on the Internet except for when I go on facebook or for homework.

  6. Kyle Scott says:

    I don’t really know I have been playing video games since I was about 6 years old and I don’t think the video games have changed my behaviour I’m still Kyle the kid who looks super evil EVIL I tell you!!!!

  7. BQ says:

    I think blogs,TV and movies aim for pre-teens and young people to teach them fashion and attitude .

  8. Allie Sampson says:

    I think negative because when I’m on the computer I am on it for a long time and then I hardly get time outside or I don’t want to go outside because I’m always on the computer most of the time.

  9. Jacob Kealey says:

    Sometimes when I’m looking for a epic picture. Random people for some stupid reason post their picture on the search. That has nothing to do with what I’m searching for. I find it very frustrating that people post their picture on something to get attention. Especially when it has nothing to do with the subject your searching for.

    It actually really depends on how long you play video games as well as anything electronic. But most of the time I play it all day every couple weeks. That way I can hang outside and be active as well as fit.And not a couch potato.video games are fun but not really that good for me at they can sometimes have a negative affect.Even though I’m mostly positive.

  10. Ashley Evin says:

    I thin that watching television can influencing to kids but it also can’t. It can because of you are watching the discovery or nature channel you will learn things. I’m not so sure If it will influence your behaviour but it will teach you positive things. it cant because if you are watching a channel with magical unicorns and pony’s it won’t teach you anything.

    I think that playing video games never influences your behaviour because it’s just telling you to kill people with different kinds of weapons. I think the influence is negative.

    I think that surfing the net can be influencing but also can’t. because it depends on what you are looking at, if you are looking up things for school then it can influence your behaviour. If you search for bad things then no it isn’t going to be good.

  11. Daniel says:

    electronics make me wild and crazy. the only problem is I love them .

    the positive side about it I have fun . The bad side is I get in trouble and i Always get in trouble


    My behaviour is both because one morning I woke up after playing video games for three hours the other night. I was grumpy because I had to wake up and go to school I got up made my lunch got dressed and ready to go. I had a little time left so I decided to play my game and my behaviour changed from grumpy to happy.

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