Desk Dump Coming Soon

Hi Class! June 1st is coming soon. You will be emptying your desk, storing materials in your locker, and bringing them to and from the class on a daily basis as a practice for Grade 8. What do you think will be the good things and bad things about this practice? Will your transition be easy or difficult? Explain your thoughts.

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21 Responses to Desk Dump Coming Soon

  1. It will be easy for me because I have a monster binder and I can fit all my things in there and it will fit in my locker. ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ :0

  2. meep teufele says:

    I think it will be difficult for me because I don’t like getting up to walk around or to get
    stuff from my locker.


    My transition would be easy because I keep my locker and my desk clean most of the time .

  4. MAT SHAH says:

    It would be easy because I will have to get used to it
    the reason why is so that I can be ready for high-school

  5. Allie Sampson says:

    Foe me, I think it will be easy because I don’t have lots of stuff in my desk. The only things in my desk are my books, math book , science book , pencil , eraser , and paper. And I keep my binder under my desk because it takes lots of room. And I just have to sort out my paper in my desk what goes in the garbage and what comes home and what stays at school that I need for the rest of the month on June 1st.

  6. Jonny#7 says:

    Well I don’t think it will be fun because I will have to go to my locker a lot and I am in grade 6 so I have another year until grade 8, so I think it will be boring. But it will be good training.

  7. savannah says:

    The good thing is that my desk will be empty for once and the bad thing is that I have to waste my time carrying books back and forth. It’ll be easy but I probably will just toss it all in my locker not even on the shelf.

    • Mr. Bell says:

      Realistically, you will only need to bring books in/out at the start/end of the day.

  8. I think for some people it will be difficult. I think that because people maybe will forget it in their locker and ask to get their stuff again. I have a feeling it is going to be more difficult than easy. You never know. Some people can be really unorganized and some can be organized.

  9. Kim says:

    I think it will be difficult for some people and maybe easy for other people. I think it will be difficult for some people because they are not use to having all of there thing in there binder or locker. I think it will be easy for some people because all they half to do is get there binder and all of there papers and other things are right there in there binder or locker.

  10. The trans formation will be easy for me because I am neat and organized!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ =)

  11. Ashley Evin says:

    I think that it will be really fun and cool because it will be like your in high school. but I think that everyone will be going in and out of the classroom.

    • Mr. Bell says:

      At first there will be some visits to and from lockers, but it shouldn’t take too long.

  12. With this practise you have to know exactly what your doing and at what time. Unless your prepared to sacrifice five minutes every lesson for us to get ready. ๐Ÿ˜›

    • Mr. Bell says:

      At first I expect a little extra time will be needed while getting used to it. I wouldn’t call it a sacrifice though (at least not like the ancient civilizations we are studying)

  13. I ownzzzz you at biking p.s brant says:

    I think it will be easy and difficult at the same time because going into high school is a big change and it will problem work well training early.

  14. Lea Andrews says:

    I think it will be easy as pie because it is just bringing your things back and forth to and from your locker.

  15. Daniel says:

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