Riot Reaction

Hi Class! How do you feel about the riots that took place in Vancouver after the hockey game last night? Could they have been prevented? What could have been done differently? Were the riots going to happen regardless of the outcome of the game? Share your thoughts in a well developed PARAGRAPH.

In case you are wondering about the saying “read the riot act,” here’s a link.

Additionally, here is a link for some of the news regarding the riot.

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37 Responses to Riot Reaction

  1. *U*m*m*m*m*m*m*m*m*.........................................*J*o*n*n*y*?*?* says:

    I didn’t watch the riot so I don’t know.

  2. Jacob Kealey says:

    I think that It couldn’t have been prevented because either way one team would get angry.

    • Mr. Bell says:

      Please elaborate your thoughts in a paragraph. Was it the fault of the team that the riots took place?

  3. hayden has a hayden with an extra hayden says:

    Well a riot like that did happen a while ago in Vancouver on the Stanley Cup finals game 7 when canucks lost.

  4. mYRAndA/orihime Wawryk says:

    I was forced to watch STUPID HOCKEY….I HATE HOCKEY PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!
    but its just silly how people were acting after that game ,it’s just pointless ,it’s not goin to make them win.nothin is goin to change.

  5. Jacob Kealey says:

    Also I didn’t watch the riot either

  6. Kyle says:

    It’s stupid there is no point in going into a riot just because a hockey team lost a game and lost a cup seriously. The Canucks probably would have won if the referees didn’t call bad moves against the Canucks all the time.

  7. RYRY321URME Johnson says:

    I think that those people that started the riot are TOTALLY over reacting. Its a hockey game for goodness sakes. There is next year! I think that the people who started the riot are just gangs and they started it and their excuse is that Canucks didn’t win. stupid, stupid, stupid. People are going crazy. I think if the Canucks won it might of been the same. who knows? ITS JUST TO CRAZY!

  8. savannah says:

    I can’t believe that the riot in Vancouver actually started blowing up cars and liting things on fire. I think they could of prevented it if they hadn’t put Luongo in goal last night. They could have stopped people from drinking and sent everyone home a few minutes before the game ended. I think the riots were going to be in Vancouver even if the game was won by Canucks.

  9. meepamus from meepevil times says:

    A guy was shot in the nuts by riot control

    1.the people in the riots are just sore losers (no offence).
    2.I don’t think the riot could have been prevented.
    3.I don’t think anything could of been done
    4. I don’t know….. you gotta feel good for Boston though.

    • Mr. Bell says:

      Please be aware of your word choices in relation to your audience and your purpose.

  10. Ashley Evin says:

    I feel that even if the Canucks had won the riot still would have gone one and been worse. When there was a huge mob of fans and just random people. They were all fighting against the cops and the cops threw something at them they all started running except for one guy who was just standing there. I think it could not have been prevented because there is no way that more then one thousand people are going to stop because the cops said to. Something would be better if they had way more people to help.

  11. (Calvin) (CCF) (FORBES) says:

    I hate riots they destroy anything even the electronics. I don’t really care but the electronics can help us in our life. WHY WHY WOULD THEY BREAK INTO STORES.

  12. Daniel says:

    I think that the riot was awful. the losers and idiots must have drank way too much beer.
    then they reacted when we lost big time. But I Think there would have been riot anyway because since we lost there was riot , if we won there would be riot and same in Boston. the bruins were screaming with bottles of sham-pane in there hands. They shook it and pulled the cork out and took an bath in it. I really wanted the Canucks to win but what can I say But… May the best team win and there is always next year!! πŸ˜€

  13. I think the riots were pretty crazy,and the Canauck fans were being sore losers and could not take a loss from Boston,But I think it was pretty cool that Boston won.Because they havent won the Stanly Cup in a long time and I mean a long time. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ And maby the Canaucks will win nekt year.. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  14. MAT the awsome SHAH says:

    The rioting was terrible and a little bit cool to see how the people of VANCOUVER do this type of things.

    • Mr. Bell says:

      When can rioting be considered ‘cool’? Does hurting people and destroying property sound ‘cool’?

  15. jacob harmon says:

    I felt terrible when the riot started. It could be prevented if those trouble makers did not come to watch the game! They could of listened to the riot control instead of going around destroying businesses. The riot would be not that bad if the Canucks won the Stanley Cup or it could of been worse.

  16. Anna :D says:

    I can not believe that Vancouver lost and after, all of the Canucks fans were beating up the Boston fans and they got baldly injured. My whole family is so upset. But my great grandpa Sam is happy because he likes the Maple leafs.

  17. Kim says:

    I think that the people that caused the riots are not even fans they are just there to cause a scene and get people to come in and destroy cars that don’t even belong to them. Think if someone did that to you how would you feel. The cars that they blew up had peoples belongings in them. They should feel ashamed of there self they cause a small thing into a hug thing and now it is on the news and people can see it all over the world. that is disgusting what people are doing to that city. they were braking into stores, smashing windows, blowing up cars, starting fires. that is just wrong what they are doing, and now they are probably going to jail for doing all of that stuff.

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