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Year Round School

Hi Class! A year round, or balanced school calender (approximately three months of school, then one month off, then repeat), is in the news for some school districts in Vancouver. The current school year is historically based in the need … Continue reading

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McQueen Lake Recap

Hi Class! Write about your McQueen Lake experience. Share your highlights & lowlights using a vivid, descriptive language.  Incorporate the words from the handout Mr. Bell gave you this morning into your paragraph(s).

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Rules, Rules, Rules

Hi Class! Are rules important to follow? Explain your answer. Consider some of the following questions: What steps must be taken to ensure rules are followed? Why do people choose to follow rules (or break rules)? How many chances does … Continue reading

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Friday Desk Disasters

Hi Class! At last count there were three water bottles left on desks, several empty milk bottles (yet to be rinsed) in desks, as well as a partially sealed container of cantaloupe buried in the back of a desk. Perhaps … Continue reading

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McQueen Lake Memories and Wishes

Hi Class! Share with everyone your memories of trips to McQueen Lake. If you have never been, tell us what you hope to see and do.

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How’s It Going?

Hi Class! How are you settling in to the school routine so far (as well as the change of routines at home)? What are your likes and dislikes after a week of classes? Share at least one positive idea and … Continue reading

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First Post of the School Year

Hi Class! Imagine you could travel to one place in the world and take one person with you. Where would you go and who would you take? Support your choices with several reasons. Your response should be at least 4 … Continue reading

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Blogging Expectations

Hi Class! It is time to outline the expectations for our blog when posting and replying. This is an academic activity, therefore use your best writing skills. Avoid slang, jargon and abbreviations used when chatting or sending text messages to … Continue reading

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Connect At Home & Email Contact

Hi Class & Parents! As discussed this afternoon, please show our blog to your parents at home. This resource is meant to assist and inform students and parents throughout the school year. Some key features include: Agenda – assignment details … Continue reading

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Wednesday – Physical Education

Suggest an outdoor activity for Wednesday’s PE class. Make your case in a convincing manner.

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