McQueen Lake Memories and Wishes

Hi Class! Share with everyone your memories of trips to McQueen Lake. If you have never been, tell us what you hope to see and do.

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33 Responses to McQueen Lake Memories and Wishes

  1. Steve is a beast says:

    I have never been to McQueen Lake before.

  2. isaac :D says:

    Iv been before 5 times that 1 of the reasons I’m not going is because i find it boring now that iv been so many times and I don’t like hiking or getting up so early

    • Mr. Bell says:

      Quick Fix: When you want to say I have, use I’ve. If you are not sure how to write the contraction, it is often easier to write both words.

  3. jaxsonpwnsalot says:

    we want fishing one time and I fell into the lake.

  4. Anna:) says:

    One of my memories at McQueen Lake was I caught a frog and it jumped on my arm and I got slime on my sweater. I was upset after we went home. I just didn’t want to leave. 🙂

  5. jxsnpwnsalot says:

    I wish next time i was wearing a bathing suit and it was raining

  6. "JONNY!!!!" "yez i'll be there in a second Kolton." says:

    Ummm when I last went to McQueen Lake I was in grade 5 I didn’t go over night but we went hiking and walked around. It was fun but I hope staying overnight is more fun!

  7. Jordan-awesomeness says:

    Last time i was at Mcqueen lake it was in grade three and it was funish which means kinda fun.

  8. "KOLTON!!!!!" " yez ill be there in a second Jonny." says:

    Last time I went to mc.queen lake we played mission inpossible…….. it was really fun!!

  9. Remmy/bosslike says:

    last time I was at Mcqueen lake I had fun it was pretty bosslike kinda funish and lolriffic

    • Mr. Bell says:

      Great to hear your enthusiasm. Please practice writing in sentences using punctuation to separate ideas.

  10. josh b dawg says:

    I have been to Mc Queen lake it is a lot of fun i hope we get to play flash light tag wooot woot woot every one should go it is alot of fun

  11. Mariah says:

    hello! I went to Mcqueen lake in grade 5 with my class it was fun. We went for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.
    I also went with the girl guides we went for the weekend

  12. amy says:

    i went to mcQueen lake when i was in grade 4 i slept there for 2 nights and came back to kamloops on Wednesday i had so much fun with my best friends Lilah and Matthew.

  13. kladd says:

    I have been to Mc Queen lake before it is so fun. My favourite part though was flashlight tag in the dark.

  14. Emilee says:

    When I went to Mc Queen Lake we played flash light tag!! :3
    Mc Queen Lake is the best place on earth!!!! 😀

  15. mariah says:

    no not really at lest i don’t think so and i was with Brittney watters both of the time

  16. Kera ;) says:

    This will be my third time at McQueen Lake. Can’t wait to go 😀

  17. Brittney says:

    I have been there 11 times and each time is something different!I’m Very exited To go with my Grade 7. friends!!

    R.I.P Tika the 3 year old Beluga in Vancouver Aquarium .

  18. kimberly says:

    I have been to Mc Queen lake 2 time this is my 3rd time going. The most exiting thing about Mc Queen lake when I went in grade 5 was flash light tage. The 2nd exiting thing about Mc Queen lake when I went in grade 5 was the geocashing witch we are doing this year as well.

  19. Brittney says:

    McQueen lake was sooooo Fun! I Really Liked The G.P.S. Challenge , And Of Course The skits!(ITS RAINING MEN!) The challenge Area was sooo fun but it sucks that we didn’t get to go more then once!
    Thanks Mrs.Hayashi/Mr.Bell For Dealing with all of us, and making an awesome GR.7 Trip[!]

  20. Deven says:

    HELLO NICE BLOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Mr. Bell says:

      Thanks Deven! Feel free to share your ideas with our writing topics.

    • Rem/Starshinedust says:

      sup deven whats going on

      • Mr. Bell says:

        Students are expected to use (or attempt to use) proper grammar, spelling and punctuation for our readers. This is especially important considering we have talked about sentence structure (capitals and punctuation), proper nouns, and the use of apostrophes in contractions in the past few weeks.

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