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Group or Alone…

Hi Class! Which do you prefer – working independently, or with others? Give reasons to support your response in a well-written paragraph. Do not explain the merits of both. Explain which one you prefer. Your response is due Monday, October … Continue reading

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Help a Classmate…

Hi Class! A classmate would like to know: Would you rather play airsoft or paintball? Thanks for your help.

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Math Expo…

Hi Class! Now that you have chosen your topic, tell us about it in a few sentences (What is your topic? Why is it useful to know?).

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Candy Lovers…Make Your Best Arguments

Hi Class! What is your most favourite candy? Explain your answer using a vivid and descriptive vocabulary. An outstanding response should leave readers’ mouths watering.

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Diseases You Know Of…

Hi Class! Help out a classmate by answering the following question: What are some of the diseases you have heard of? The responses will be used as part of a MathExpo project. Thanks for your help.

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We Day Participants – How Was It?

Share with everyone the We Day experience. What were the memorable moments? What will you do from this point forward in response to the messages your heard?

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Quick Fixes – Your Turn

Hi Class! Read the sentences from the previous thread on homophones. Find at least five (5) fixes from five different people. Rewrite and post the corrected sentences.

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Witch Won Dew Eye Ewes???

Hi Class! Having trouble with the title? For this thread, please post the sentences you wrote using various homophones (to, two, too; its, it’s; there, their, they’re; your, you’re; by, bye, buy; which, witch). Additionally, include your sentences using ‘then’ … Continue reading

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***New Section***

Hi Class! There is a new section for Notes in the toolbar below the banner (at the top of the page). This section will have copies of the notes we discuss and write in class. If you are absent or … Continue reading

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Your Favourite Season

Hi Class! What is your preferred season (spring, summer, fall, winter)? Support your answer with several reasons, ideas, and personal connections (at least 3). Use a rich and powerful vocabulary (avoid overused words). The bare minimum is to write at … Continue reading

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