Group or Alone…

Hi Class! Which do you prefer – working independently, or with others? Give reasons to support your response in a well-written paragraph. Do not explain the merits of both. Explain which one you prefer. Your response is due Monday, October 31st.

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57 Responses to Group or Alone…

  1. Ruchita says:

    Well for me i would perfer working in a group because if I work by my self I would just have my ideas and in a group I the group would have many great diffrent ideas and you would also get to know someone somtimes.

  2. Keira ;) says:


    I would prefer to work in a group but a group of choice. Maybe once in a while people who I don’t work well with to experience a better work connection but even then I would rather work with a group of 2-4 people.

    That’s how I see it :).

    • Mr. Bell says:

      Having choice often motivates people, but what should be done for people who are not chosen?

      Your second sentence is confusing. Please rework it by adding punctuation or separating your ideas.

  3. Justin says:

    I would prefer working independently ,because I do better working alone . It also depends on the number of people too. If it is to big of a group , you don’t really contribute
    to the group . If you work in a little group , you can participate to the group . When you
    work alone you can do your own thing.

  4. Alex says:

    I like working with others. You can explain what your ideas are to other people and you can listen to what their ideas are. You can think together. You don’t have to think alone. The work goes faster because there are more people giving more than one idea. You have five people, you have lots of ideas. People think differently, so you might end up with better answers.

    • Mr. Bell says:

      Great response! Listening to the ideas of others helps to see things from a variety of points of view. Perhaps you may not end up with a better answer, but you may be more convinced that your answer is the best.

  5. conner says:

    I like working in a group because then there is a lot of different ideas. If one is wrong then the others can help. It also gets you involved. It develops social skills.

    • Mr. Bell says:

      You are correct about the social skills. The ability to be a good listener is often more difficult to master than being a good speaker. Groups that are successful have members who participate. If only one member does not contribute, it can be disastrous for the group.

  6. RYRY321URME Johnson says:

    I like to work in a group sometimes but I would rather work alone.Art wise.

    • Mr. Bell says:

      The idiom ‘sitting on the fence’ is appropriate here. Given the choice which one would you choose, regardless of the task at hand? Add several details to your response.

      • RYRY321URME Johnson says:

        I would like to work alone because I find that is when I think the most. I like to use my idea’s. It is not that I don’t like everyone else’s idea’s it is just I like to brainstorm by my self. I also find it easier.

        • Mr. Bell says:

          Good reasons. Elaborate on your thought about it being easier (how? why?…)

          Quick Fixes:
          – use an apostrophe to show possession or for a contraction (not for a plural noun); my ideas (several ideas); everyone else’s ideas (the ideas of others)
          – myself is one word

  7. josh b :3) says:

    I prefur a group than working alone because in a group you get to cooperate with others and it’s blast.

  8. Rem/Starshinebloom says:

    I prefer to be alone because I don’t like it when people are like ” No, we are not doing you’re idea it’s stupid”

    But I also like to come up with ideas on my own. Yep thats how I roll 😀

    • Mr. Bell says:

      Your ideas make sense, but you have presented them in an informal, conversation style response. Please take the time to respond in an academic way. State your position, support your position with reasons, sum up your response.

      You need not include, “Yep thats how I roll” in this style of writing.

      Quick Fixes:
      – an idea belonging to you = your idea
      – that is how I roll = that’s how I roll

  9. mariah says:

    i would rather group because it’s why easyer too work with people u are friends with then alone.

    • Mr. Bell says:

      Please put your answer in a paragraph.
      1st sentence = state your preference
      2nd, 3rd, 4th sentences… = reasons supporting your preference
      5th sentence = a conclusion for your ideas

  10. kladd says:

    I like to work in groups because there will be more ideas and more getting done. What I don’t like is sometimes someone will disagree and the we don’t get it done in time.I like it when there is an equal amount of boys and girls in the group though.All the boys think the same and all the girls think the same as well.

  11. jaxson/ninja says:

    I rather work alone because I can do more work than I can in groups.

  12. isaac :D says:

    I would way rather work in a group. Because its easier and if you need help someone can help you out. And being social is more fun.

    • Mr. Bell says:

      Opening sentences with ‘Because’ and ‘And’ is not desirable. Usually, the words ‘because’ & ‘and’ join ideas:

      “I would rather work in a group because it’s easier than working alone. In groups, someone can help you out, and being social is more fun.”

      Writing a formal paragraph is different than a conversation.

      Quick Fix:
      – it is easier = it’s easier

  13. shae says:

    I would rather be in groups because I like being with other people because if I NEED HELP THERES PEOPLE TO HELP ME

  14. "KOLTON!!!!!" says:

    I would rather be in a group because I dont like working by my self and its easyer in a group.

    • Mr. Bell says:

      Write using a paragraph format:
      1st sentence = big idea
      Middle sentences (2 or more) = supporting details
      Last Sentence = conclusion

  15. Ashley Evin says:

    I would prefer to be in groups rather then alone because I like working with people. I don’t like to be alone because you don’t get to share your ideas with anybody. When you are in a group other people can help you.

  16. Jonny ! :) says:

    I prefer being in a group because the other members of the group can help me when I’m stuck and I can help them when there stuck and i just like to be with other people.

    • Mr. Bell says:

      A good start to your response (one sentence). Please add more to it.

      Quick Fixes:
      – “…when they are stuck…” use they’re
      – I is always a capital letter

  17. nadroj/jordan says:

    I prefer groups because I can have more fun working with friends than being stuck on a question and someone in my group could know the answer. Usually the work is easier because its a group activity. Sometimes it can be a fun competition between groups

    • Mr. Bell says:

      You raise some good points about working in a group. Improve your paragraph by linking your thoughts to a central theme – ‘why group work is fun’.

      Quick Fix:
      – “it is a group activity” = it’s a group activity

  18. joshthebeat says:

    I perfer working in a group becauae get lots of ideas and 2.its more fun get more done

  19. Kyle - "that's what she said!" says:

    I would have to say I like to work alone. I like to work alone because I do better work when I work alone because there is nobody to distract me and I can focus on my work more. If I have to work in a group then I will,but I just won’t work that well because I will be distracted a lot.

  20. joe says:

    I would prefer to do it by my self. The reseen for this is that I can do my ideas and I dont waste time by arguing or/and getting mad at each other. You can be pard of with some one how is lazy and I like to do stuff by my self I dont now wy.

    • Mr. Bell says:

      You are right when saying that group work can be challenging when people argue or do not contribute. Still, it is important to learn the skills needed to work with others because you are likely to have to work with other people in your life.

  21. Emilee says:

    I would rather work in a group because if I don’t get something then I would get help and because I think it is really fun working in a group. 🙂

    • Mr. Bell says:

      Organize your ideas into a paragraph.

      1st sentence = state your preference
      2nd, 3rd, 4th…sentences = reasons supporting your preference
      last sentence = conclusion to sum up your opinion

      This takes several sentences (not one).

  22. hank says:

    i would prefer working in a group so you can brain storm and get subjects done faster and it’ll be a little more easier i think

    • Mr. Bell says:

      Good ideas Hank – now take the time to organize your thoughts into sentences, then a paragraph.

      I prefer working in a group for several reasons. First, you can brainstorm and get many ideas. Second, you can work faster…..

  23. "Anna :)" says:

    Well, I my self would prefer a group because than you can help others and they can help you. And if things don’t go right then you may ask the teacher.
    Also, it’s nice to have different opinions, and it’s really nice to have a project with so many different pieces of art and info.


  24. jaxson/ninja says:

    I rather work alone because I get more work done. If I work in a group (with people I like) I get a little bit of work, and that’s not good for my work. But I like to get my work done so I just prefer to work alone.

    2nd paragraph,


  25. melissa says:

    I like to work in small groups. Why because when I am in a group I can listen to what other people have to say. Then it gives me a chance to share my ideas. Than we can work on group projects more. I like to work on group projects this is why I think group work is the best.

    • Mr. Bell says:

      Your make good points.

      Quick Fix: Why is a question, so punctuate it with a question mark. (I like to work in small groups. Why? When I am in…)

  26. Braden or BQ says:

    I Myself Prefer to work alone because there is no one to bump me while working IN PEN! there is no one to spill murky malaises liquid on my art, and no one to bug me in strange ways I did not know and should not know. It always brings me silence, peace and relaxation, not what has been firmly stated in the sentence above. This is what I like and this is what I want.

    • Mr. Bell says:

      Good points – Is it possible to work alone on everything?

      Quick Fix: Writing “i, myself” is redundant; use one of the words rather than both of them.

  27. joel says:

    I like to work by myself I like to rely on my own knowledge rather then others. if I mess something up I’m fine with it I will learn from my mistakes. if I work in a group and someone does something that I would have done right then I feel hatred for that person.I want to be friends with everyone then I end up ” doing the right thing” by saying its fine but I’m angry. If the project is meaningless like I can make it up latter then I don’t care.

  28. amy/frodo says:

    i like working in groups because… i get to share my ideas and they get to share their ideas too, so we don’t just have 1 idea we have more than 2 ideas.we get to share the work,so 1 person dosn’t have to do all the work.and its more fun then working alone !

  29. Roisin says:

    i would rathen in the group because it’s why easyer too wore in group.
    with Ruchita Maraih Klye.

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