Help a Classmate…

Hi Class! A classmate would like to know:

Would you rather play airsoft or paintball?

Thanks for your help.

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15 Responses to Help a Classmate…

  1. shae says:

    paint ball

  2. josh b :3) says:

    I would have to say airsoft because it is so much fun and i have 4 guns that are good if anybody wants to play today just talk to me.

  3. .:JOSH:)N:. says:

    air soft is waaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyy better in every way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Rem/Starshinedust says:

    actuly i like paint ball

  5. Alex says:


  6. Rylee Johnson says:

    I would have to say paintball. I would choose paintball because I have played it before and it is fun. Josh I am guessing that you like airsoft because you keep on talking about it and saying it is better than paintball. PAINTBALL it is!

  7. Keira ;) says:

    I would have to say paintball because it sounds extraordinarily fun. Evan though I have never played it before people talk to me about it alot and invite me! But airsoft also sounds very fun even though I don’t know the difference……. Maybe the shooting gun or equipment.

  8. conner says:

    paint ball

  9. RYRY321URME Johnson says:

    Did I already respond?

  10. jaxson/ninja says:

    I’ve played paint ball it’s fun but unless you turn it up to full power then it starts the pain.

  11. nadroj/jordan says:

    I’d say paintball because it looks so ninja

  12. isaac :D says:


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