Your Favourite Season

Hi Class! What is your preferred season (spring, summer, fall, winter)? Support your answer with several reasons, ideas, and personal connections (at least 3). Use a rich and powerful vocabulary (avoid overused words). The bare minimum is to write at least FIVE SENTENCES (opening, idea #1, idea #2, idea #3, conclusion).

All students must reply this week. We have a computer block today and Wednesday. You may choose to complete your response at home if you have online access.

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69 Responses to Your Favourite Season

  1. RYRY321URME Johnson says:

    My favourite season has to be either summer or fall. I enjoy summer enormously because of there is so many activities you can do in summer. Some of the activities I enjoy doing are swimming outdoors, soccer , suntanning sometimes , school break and much more. My birthday is also in summer and I can do more than I think I could do in winter when it is cold. I like fall to because the trees are so pretty and there is so many brown, red and orange colours. It also isn’t to cold or to warm. I don’t really like winter because it is to cold for my liking. The only thing I like is that you get to ski and sled down steep hills. YAY! Thats all I have to say about that…………

  2. conner says:

    I like summer because I have summer break then.Um my grand parents come….

  3. Keira :) says:

    My favourite season is fall. Why? It is because it’s a beautiful time of year. I also like it because when the leaves turn different colours and then fall off the trees it looks gorgeous.I love the crackle of the dry leaves as I walk along the trail. I think fall should stay longer than it usually does unlike winter which stays forever (it seems like). That is how I see it!

    • Mr. Bell says:

      Lovely description (especially the crackle of dry leaves). I agree when you say fall goes quickly while winter lasts much longer.

      Quick Fix: combining and + then is unnecessary; using one or the other works, “…when the leaves turn different colours then fall off…”

    • Anna says:

      Love fall!!!

  4. Anna says:

    My favorite season is fall. I like fall because you get ready for school. Also because you get to wear reds, oranges and other warm colors. Fall is such a beautiful season because the leaves start to change color, and you start wearing warmer clothes. Fall is when you go out with your dad and get firewood for the cold days, not stay home and text to your friends. Fall is when you hang out with your family, not close yourself in your room. Another reason why fall is so cool is that when it comes around, you stay at home, get a blanket and watch a movie with your family. I just like the fact that you get to make memories.

    • Mr. Bell says:

      Getting, splitting and stacking firewood is a fun way to spend a fall day knowing that it is almost time for a cozy, warm fire and hot chocolate!

  5. Anna says:

    Mr. Bell, what is your favorite season? Please explane

    • Mr. Bell says:

      I will share my favourite season later this week once the class has shared their preferences. What do you think my season of choice is?

      Quick Fixes: explain (not explane); use the Canadian spelling for behaviour (with ‘our’ instead of ‘or’) if you are writing for a Canadian audience, newspaper, magazine and so on.

    • Mr. Bell says:

      Fall is the quintessential season. The warmth of the afternoon brings about fond memories from the recently concluded summer, while the cool, clear evenings and mist filled mornings suggest winter is nearing. The suntanned leaves shed from the trees randomly, providing children of all ages hours of piling, jumping, crunching and raking. Hot drinks steam from mugs at the last soccer matches and the first hockey games of the season. Fabulous aromas in the kitchen and exquisite meals on the table fill our senses and stomachs with the year’s harvest, as families meet and share tales of adventure from the summer gone by. Fall’s beauty is fleeting, missed in the blink of an eye, leaving behind barren trees and frosty greyness. Thankfully, the first snowflake arrives shortly, and masks the dreary, unforgettable remnants of fall.

      • ryry321urme Johnson says:

        wow! Mr. Bell that sounds so good. I am going to try and write like that when I am older.

        • Mr. Bell says:

          Thanks Rylee! Any writer, any age can use vivid, strong words when writing. Pick a new word each day or week to learn and use. Try to write more complex sentences. Like anything else, you won’t know if you can do it until you try it.

  6. jaxson says:

    my favourite season is summer, like conner said you get summer break. The reason i like summer is that most cool things happed such as you go traveling maybe camping and it’s hot out. I say that because winter is so dang cold and you can’t do all the stuff you can do in the summer time. I think, well I know summer is the best season you can get and winter is such a horrible season.

    • Mr. Bell says:

      You have some good points here, but the writing is difficult to follow at times. Proofread your work as it is written; ask yourself if the ideas are clearly stated – if not, then revise your ideas. Once your ideas are clearly stated, edit your work for spelling, grammar and punctuation errors (begin sentences with capital letters, proper nouns require capital letters, I is always a capital letter).

  7. Rem/Starshinedust says:

    Winter is my favorite season because of ski season and other winter activities such as skating, sledding, snowball fighting and many more. The reason I <3 skiing is because it's bosslike and very funnish. Another reason I <3 Winter is because my birthday is in the wonderful season called Winter. The reason my birthday matters is because of the fact that it celeabrates the most wonderful birth since the birth of Albert Enstein. Also in Winter Christmas happens witch is awsome because I love giving. These are the reason I love Winter

    • Mr. Bell says:

      Great supporting reasons for your favourite season – especially the most wonderful birth since Albert Einstein! As academic writing goes, slang, jargon, (bosslike, funnish and l <3) are unacceptable. Good use of commas in your list. Remember the other places for commas we talked about in class Tuesday.

      Quick Fixes:
      – a witch rides a broom at Halloween; use which instead
      – celebrates
      – use Canadian spelling for a Canadian audience: favourite

  8. kladd says:

    My favourite season is Summer because my birthday is in that season. I also like Summer because it’s hot out and I hate the cold. School is off as well which makes it even better and I get to travel and see my dad. Then school comes back and some years you feel exited and others you don’t.This is why Summer is my favourite season of the year.

    • Mr. Bell says:

      Nicely said! What causes excitement for the start of the school year at times?

      Quick Fix: Remember to use commas as we discussed in class Tuesday.

  9. Alex says:

    My favourite season is winter. You can go skiing and sledding, which I like because they are fun. You can have snowball fights, too. Make a snowman\women and than you can break it.There is Christmas, when you get to spend time with your family. You also get presents. I all so like hot chocolate.You can make snow piles and than you jump in them. That is why I like winter.

    • Mr. Bell says:

      You provide some memorable winter activities – nicely done!

      Quick Fixes:
      – “Make a snowman\women and than you can break it.” – this is not a complete sentence on its own, something needs to be added. Also snowman is singular while women is plural – be sure both are the same “snowman/woman”. Finally, use then when you are explaining an order (or sequence) of events.
      – What are some other ways to start sentences besides “You can…”?

  10. Ruchita says:

    My favourite season of the year would be summer because you can do almost any thing you wanna do!, because the weather would be great :D. I mostly like to travel to Vancouver and see my cousins, Then on the way home we can get any kind of food we want!. Summer is also great because you can try out sports and many other things I like to go swimming a lot. Since my grandma’s birthday is in the the summer we get cake and have pizza :P. Thats why summer is my favourite season of the year.

    • Mr. Bell says:

      You share many memorable ideas! Vancouver is a great city in the summer because of the weather and so many things to do.

      Quick Fixes:
      – wanna (slang), use want to instead
      – an exclamation mark and comma do not follow each other (!,) “My favourite season of the year would be summer because you can do almost any thing you wanna do, because the weather would be great!” Of course, now the sentence runs on with ‘because’ used twice.

  11. hank says:

    my favorite season is summer because its hot out not cold you get to have more fun cause you don’t have to go to school and yes i know i did something wrong

    • Mr. Bell says:

      So if you know you did something wrong, why not try to fix it? You have a good start here, keep going!

      “My favourite season is summer because it is hot out, not cold. Summer is more fun…”

      You can do this, so finish what you have started!

  12. isaac :D says:

    My favorite season is Summer or Winter I can’t decide because I love winter for snowboarding and winter sports but i also love summer for the great weather and hanging out with my friends because theirs no school its easier to see them but in winter theirs Christmas and the new year so I can not decide witch one is better .

    • Mr. Bell says:

      Your provide great reasons! Try to read your post as it is written (with one breath)…there is only one sentence there and that is a problem. Please rework your post to make sentences and post your response again.

      Quick Fix: there is = there’s

  13. nadroj/jordan says:

    My favourite season, is spring because my birthday is in spring and soccer starts in spring. I like spring because it isn’t really hot and it isn’t really cold either. Spring is awesome because school is almost over and summer can begin. I like spring because I still get to see my friends, outside and in the classroom. Thats why i think Spring is the best season of the year.

    • Mr. Bell says:

      Nicely said! Try to use synonyms for the word ‘like’.

      Quick Fixes:
      – that + is = that’s
      – I is always a capital letter

  14. "KOLTON!!!!!" says:

    My favorite session is winter. Winter’s my favorite session because there are lots to do like have a snowball fight, play hockey, sledding, and go snowboarding, snowboarding is my favorite sport. It’s also my favorite session cause it’s when I was born. 😀

    • Mr. Bell says:

      You have several fun things to do in winter!

      Quick Fixes:
      – Watch for typos: session is different than season, but the spell check does not do anything because both words are spelled properly.
      – Combine ideas using compound and complex sentences: “My favourite season is winter because….”
      – cause and because are not the same word

  15. shae :) says:

    My favorite season is winter!, because thats when hockey and skiing season starts. And there are so many different choices to do like have snowball fights, sledding, snowmobiling and a another reason winter is my favorite season is because i was born in February 🙂

    • Mr. Bell says:

      Good reasons – now try to write compound and complex sentences: “My favourite season is winter because that’s when the hockey and ski seasons start.”

      Quick Fixes:
      – avoid starting sentences with ‘and’; use and to join two ideas or in a list
      – I is always a capital letter
      – do not combine an exclamation mark and a comma together

  16. conner says:

    I like summer, because I have summer break.I get to play with my little sister and friends. My grand parents come or we go to their house. I like to go on vacation and see relatives.All of that is why I like summer.

    • Mr. Bell says:

      Good details and reasons for liking summer.

      Quick Fixes:
      – no need for a comma after because – I like summer because I have summer break.
      – when typing, put one space after punctuation

  17. amy/frodo says:

    My favourite season is summer!! because you don”t have to wear a coat and you can go swimming in the river or in a outside pool or indoor pool, and you could also go hiking ,hiking is hard because going up steep hills,but I like running down hills! So my favourite season is summer!!!!!

    • Mr. Bell says:

      Your ideas are right on track. Please rework your paragraph using complete sentences.

      Quick Fix:
      – Avoid using ‘because’ when starting a sentence. Use ‘because’ to join two clauses: My favourite season is summer because you don’t have to wear a coat.

  18. melissa says:

    My favourite season is fall because when the leaves change colours its the most fantastic thing ever. when the leaves fall off the trees I like to press the best leaves I can find. well the reason I like fall is #1 the chilled air. #2 the fresh leaves and#3 is the hot toasty warmth that brings the family together.

    • Mr. Bell says:

      The colourful leaves amaze me, yet they last for such a short time. Pressing leaves is an excellent activity as you mention! Avoid using #1, #2, #3; use words instead (first, in addition, finally…).

      Quick Fix: it + is = it’s

  19. josh b :3) says:

    My favorite season is summer. I choose summer because i like the two month vacation and the hot weather. I also choose summer because i like to go to my grandma and grandpa’s house to see my cousins and shoot guns.I like to go to the river to swim and play on the beach. I like to go biking at Juniper ridge. Plus i like to go Salt Springs and go to St.maries lake and swim . :3)

    • Mr. Bell says:

      You mention several fun summer activities. Try to use a more vibrant vocabulary and different sentence structures (you have several “I like…” sentences. Look for synonyms for the word ‘like’.

      Quick Fix: I is always a capital letter anywhere in a sentence.

  20. Mariah says:

    I like summer because it is hot. You get to go to go outside to go swimming. I also like wearing shorts and a tank top, and t-shirt. I love to play in the sandbox to but in the winter u can’t play in the sandbox.

    • Mr. Bell says:

      Good details. Now try to vary your sentences so that you do not follow the subject + verb pattern: “I like…You get…I also like…I love…”

      Quick Fix: use you for formal writing, not u.

  21. Roisin says:

    I like the winter season because it is my birthday and I was born on Dec 7 1998. I like to have a birthday Party. I’ m having it at the Canada games pool. My mom bought a Ice Cream Cake and it was Vanilla. It is cold outside, so I, like to be in the pool that is inside.

  22. Ashley Evin says:

    My favourite season is spring because of the fact that we are almost done school and we have finished another grade. I also love spring because my birthday is in that season. When it’s spring it is not to cold but it’s not to hot. When it’s spring I can go outside and and hang out with my friends. I am excited for spring to play the different sports.

    • Mr. Bell says:

      Good supporting reasons for your favourite season.

      Quick Fix:
      – ‘because of the fact that we’ can be simplified to ‘because we are almost done…’
      to / two / too; it’s not too cold but it’s not too hot…

  23. joel says:

    I like winter, there is so much to do. I enjoy snowboarding and what best time is there to do that, winter!. Also i like to make forts and other extremely cool things like that. last but not lest i to eat warm food, it gives me a excuse to get fat. thats why i like winter its cold i get to hang out with friends

    • Mr. Bell says:

      I love the comfort foods of winter too!

      Quick Fixes:
      – I is always a capital letter.
      – Begin sentences with a capital letter.
      – ‘Last but not least…’
      – that + is = that’s

  24. Jonny ! :) says:

    My favourite seasons are winter and summer. I like winter because I love to ski and to do snowball fights and play in the snow. I like to hear the crunching of the snow under my feet. I like summer too because I love to bike and I love to wake board. Summer is soo relaxing with the sun on your face. You get to go to the beach all the time and swim! those are my two favourite seasons. I cant pick one or the other

    • Mr. Bell says:

      Good description (especially the snow crunching under foot). What are some other ways to say ‘I like…’ and ‘I love…’? If you had to live year round in winter or summer, what would you choose?

      Quick Fix: pick a stronger word to emphasize how relaxing summer is; adding the letter o to so (soo relaxing) does not work; say extremely, especially, tremendously…

  25. .::Josh N::. says:

    my favorite season is all of them , I like every season

  26. Justin says:

    My favorite season is Autumn . The colours of the leaves are lovely, the crisp breeze
    [ which I don’t like, but it’s O.K. ], and you could paint your back yard . I also don’t like
    some things about Fall, such as raking because there can be a lot of leaves at times. One
    of about Fall is , yearly my family and I always go to Playland in Vancouver . I also like to
    adventure around the woods with my dog , it’s full of fun !

    • Mr. Bell says:

      Great adjectives (especially ‘crisp’)! Try not to deflate your opinion with the things you do not like about fall; share more of the reasons you like this season.

      Quick Fix:
      – Proofread this sentence: “One of about Fall is , yearly my family and I always go to Playland in Vancouver .” – Could you clarify what you are trying to say?

  27. Emilee says:

    My favorite season is fall because that’s when the leaves fall,
    Also because it’s halloween, then it’s my b-day!!!!
    After I can set up my trampelen!
    Then I like summer because there is no school!!
    Also because it’s hot and you can set up my pool!!
    After Mc Donalonds has $1 drinks all summer!!!

    • Mr. Bell says:

      You share some good reasons for both the summer and the fall – which is the absolute favourite? The quick switch from fall to summer does not convince the reader of you choice.

      Quick Fix: Try to vary your sentences and word choices to improve fluency from one sentence to the next; too many repeated words lessen the impact of the writing.

  28. joseph says:

    Okay, my favorite season winter the reason for this is that I love the cold and hate being worm. Another reason is I like playing in the snow because you can throw it, form it in to things, jump in it, and eat it but not the yellow. My birthday is in december so that another reason I love this time of the year. Xmis is also in this snowy season. Did you now that all snow flake are differnt. What is your favorite season!

    • Mr. Bell says:

      Great details! Some of the best advice ever given is about yellow snow.

      Quick Fixes:
      – proper nouns (months of year) need a capital: December
      – avoid abbreviations like Xmas – use Christmas instead
      – worm (thing crawling in the dirt); warm (opposite of cool)

  29. joseph says:


  30. BQ says:

    of all the fiery hot and icy cold seasons mine is the colour changing ,life to death season,Fall. The reason I love fall is because it is the season of my birthday,the season of change, and the season of celebration,according to my family,.

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