Witch Won Dew Eye Ewes???

Hi Class! Having trouble with the title? For this thread, please post the sentences you wrote using various homophones (to, two, too; its, it’s; there, their, they’re; your, you’re; by, bye, buy; which, witch). Additionally, include your sentences using ‘then’ and ‘than’. Your sentences must use the words properly. You may combine several of the words into a well written sentence.

Your sentences must be submitted no later than Friday (October 14).

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  1. jaxson says:

    WOW, I was suprised when I read that I thought Mr.Bell went crazy no offence. 😀

  2. Rylee Johnson says:

    wait…….Mr. Bell do we have to write the sentences we did for English yesterday ( October 11) ?

    • Mr. Bell says:

      That’s right Rylee. We’ll be doing this in the lab this morning. I put the post up yesterday, but I forgot to delay when it would be published.

  3. Anna says:

    Mr.Bell has gone crazy!!

  4. Anna says:

    1. The dog chased its tail.
    2. It’s too hot outside.
    3. Let’s move our picture over there, on top of the fireplace.
    4. Their party sounds lame!
    5. I went to the store to buy two jugs of milk.
    6. I can’t believe they’re going to that lame party!
    7. I’m your best friend.
    8. You’re my worst nightmare.
    9. I went by the mall, but didn’t buy anything.
    10. Which flavour of ice cream would you like?
    11. You’re a nasty old witch!
    12. I cleaned the house then, I watched T.V.
    13. I am taller than you, and you are shorter than me.

  5. isaac :D says:

    Spelling words .
    They lost there way.

    They’re very mean to Joe.

    Two of us went to the market .

    This is too hard.

    It’s time to go to class.

    The dog chased its tale.

    which witch went to the market.

    they’re meeting Joe at the Blazers game .

    Their eating their food .

    There no where to be found.

    They went by my house well going to buy groceries .

    I said bye to Harold.

    Four is bigger than three .

    I went to Joe’s house then Harold’s house .

  6. josh b :3) says:

    1. I wanted to send the packages two you, but it was too hot out.
    2. It’s a shame that Steve Jobs died, the technology he made, the Ipad, its technology is amazing.
    3. “Hay,look over there,they’re playing pass with their.
    4. You’re very annoying with that toy you got.
    5. I was sitting by the sales person trying to buy a car, but I couldn’t afford it so i said bye.
    6. Which witch was making a potion, the one in the red or the one in the blue.
    7. I was walking down the street then I went to the store and one of the apples was bigger than the other.

  7. shae :) says:

    I went to there shopping mall.
    There were two dogs and two men.
    This is way to hard.
    Its very cold and rainy out side.
    It’s so nice of you to give this away.
    There are two people on the swingings.
    Their are two planes at the air port.
    They’re out side playing soccer.
    your a very nice person.
    you’re the meanest.
    There bye the table over their.
    Good bye see you soon.
    They get drinks and snacks every day.
    Wich one should we buy?.
    the witch rides on a broom.
    then they set it down.
    than they thot they had the same shirt

  8. Jonny ! :) says:

    The two dogs went to the market and saw two cats too.
    It’s the biggest event in the world.
    The tiger chased its tail.
    They’re going to their house.
    Hey look over there.
    You’re the best person in the world.
    Is this your bike?
    The man likes to buy apples and say bye to the cashier.
    By the time i get home you will be at football.
    Which Witch is real?
    He went to Mexico then he went to Hawaii.
    12 is more than -12.

  9. RYRY321URME Johnson says:

    These are my sentences:

    1. Two ladies went to the park and their dog went to.
    2. “Its to far up,” Mandy said.
    3. It’s mom was sleeping while her children went to a party.
    4. They’re going to Mexico for their honeymoon.
    5. “I saw a sea monster right there,” said Zilvia.
    6. Everyone said she was beautiful when she was wearing your homemade hat.
    7. Loudly her mom said,” You’re so lazy!”
    8. Sarah waved and said bye then swung around and yelled,” by the way, you still have to buy me a pop.
    9. The twin sisters looked so alike that people didn’t know what witch was which.
    10. Apple pie is so much better than pumpkin pie.
    11. Margret slipped and then landed in the mud.

  10. Alex says:

    The witch was riding on her broom too steal candy on Halloween.
    They’re at the party ,you told them too be back by the time you get back from the store.
    “You’re buying dinner for us.” she said.
    Your watch is broken again for a second time.
    Their car got stolen last night .
    The bully was bigger than the teacher.
    I went to the store and then went back home.
    Which way do we go to get to me to we.

  11. nadroj/jordan says:

    1. a)Two elephants went to the zoo so I went too.
    2. a)The dog waged its tail an I think it’s awesome.
    3. a)Their new car is over there. b)They’re really drunk/dead because they drank 50 bottles of whiskey.
    4. a)You’re a girl and your name is Robert.
    5. a)I saw a book by:Jordan Elfstrom so I decided to say bye to the book because I didn’t buy it.
    6. a) Which witch is the wicked one.
    7. a)Add eggs then sugar then milk. b)Strawberries are bigger than raspberries.

  12. jxsn says:

    1) I went to the two towers.
    2) There was six people too many.
    3) The grandpa whacked her with its shoe.
    4) “OMG it’s my birthday!”
    5) They’re so many people over there I bet their dogs look like ours.
    6) Over there some goldfish is talking.
    7) “You’re going to buy this for me than say bye to everyone!”
    8) Your mother is a witch rather than a werewolf.
    9) This famous piece of paper was doodled by Jaxson.
    10) I’m getting a ray gun which means I will rule the world.

  13. Rem/Starshinebloom says:

    1.Today I jumped of a cliff and two other people said “I want to do that too”.

    2.they’re over there with their teddy bear.

    3.you’re such a little baby because you are holding your teddy bear.

    4. I deiced to buy a piece of paper that said “bye by Rem Murray”.

    5.which witch does this broom stick belong to.

  14. Kyle says:

    1. He’s bringing two people to the party,where they will drink too much pop.
    2. The dog wagged its tail while thinking “wow it’s a beautiful day”!
    3. “You’re going where”? asked the boys mom.
    4. ” I get the feeling your happy” said the boys friend.
    5. They’re going to their vacation house.
    6. ” There they are”! shouted a person.
    7. ” Which house has the witch in it”? asked my friend.

  15. joel says:

    1. Are two going to the fair, “yes” he concurred, me too.
    2. They’re going to their house, it’s over there.
    3. “Bye “, I’m going by the store to buy some milk.
    4. “YOU’RE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOU HOMEWORK”!, yelled Mr.bell.
    5. This is its tail right, no it’s yours.
    6. Add sugar then cream, but there is more sugar than cream?
    7. “Which witch are you”,asked bob?

  16. Keira* says:

    1.) Let’s go *to* the Blazers game together.
    2.) *It’s* nice to be here with you.
    3.) I see them *their* standing together.
    4.) It’s *your* birthday in November.
    5.) Say good*bye* because he’s going away.
    6.) The *witch* is on her broomstick.
    7.)Let’s get together *then* we will go to the beach.
    8.) The *two* of us make a good team.
    9.)*It’s* very good cotton candy.
    10.) *There* for we are back together again.
    11.) *Your* the person for me.
    12.) Let’s go try and *buy* some time.
    13.)* Whitch* way should I go?
    14.) I’d rather go horse back riding *than* go swimming.
    15.) I *too* would like to have a huge birthday cake.
    16.)*They’re* tired of walking along the beach.
    17.)Lets rocka*by* baby.

  17. Anna:) says:

    Josh b
    Your first sentence is wrong.
    I went to send it to you.
    Not I went to send it two you
    two= 2

  18. melissa says:

    1) I went to the market and bought two candy bars and the person behind me bought the same thing too.2)my mom said that its and it’s are to different words.3)their gonna go on that family trip but i want to go i don’t know that Margret knows the difference between there and they’re.4) your going on a family trip but you’re gonna have to buy me something.5) when I was down by the shore i waved good-bye and mom said she would buy me candy.6)which witch will rule the town.7)my mom says I’m getting taller than her then she gave me a necklace.

  19. Keenan says:

    There are two cookies left to eat. Life is too hard . Its tail had to be removed.
    They’re trying to steal their car. You’re smart and your dog is too. This is a letter by Uncle mart and he said he loves me and said bye. I went to buy a witch costume. Which won do you like. I like blue much better than red. If you don’t like it then why did you buy it.

  20. Anna:) says:

    sentences number 1,3 ,4 ,6 are wrong.
    1 there = here not there
    3 this is way too hard. not way to hard.
    4 It’s very cold and rainy outside. not its, you need an apostrophe.
    6 you did swingings, it’s suppose to be swings

  21. Anna:) says:

    1 they lost their way not they lost there way
    there = here not there
    9 They’re nowhere to be found, not there

    10 is while not will

  22. Ruchita says:

    1.My two friends were fighting over a game.
    2. They’re about to fall off there bike.
    3. The book I read was amazing it was by:Mrs.C.
    4.My cousin is a witch :O!
    5.I’m way better than you.
    6.My mom said, “bye” to go to the store,she came back and she remember to buy me a book.
    7. My friend saw my sweater and said, ” I too have that sweater.”
    8.My mom went to a store then another store.
    9.I just don’t know which one to ware a Hood or a sweater.
    10.My friend was bulling so I said” stop your being a bully and your making them sad.”
    11.There are no clouds and my mom said”it’s about to rain”so I checked the weather channel and saw it’s going to rain tomorrow.
    12.My friend kept shouting “there,there” I thought he’s going crazy

  23. .:JOSH:)N:. says:

    1.”*To* the store”the *two* cats ch-outed, and then on the way a dogs said “I’m coming *too* rrufffffff.
    2.*Which* one is the real *witch*.
    3.*They’re* over *there* *by* the tree and *their* talking.
    4.*You’re* really cool *your* stuff is all so nice.
    5.*bye* cruel world im going to *buy* a portal to another one .
    6.She said that 15 is greater *than* 16 then she got the question wrong.
    7.I don’t have another sentence to write

  24. justin says:

    1. The two twins went to the store , but it was too far
    2.Charlie said,” But it’s to far, and its Gail and Linda.”
    3. ” This is their store , and they’re at the cookie store,” said Charlie.

  25. Roisin says:

    1. its her birthday on october 12.
    2. you’re make a cake
    3. there is a wich in halloween

  26. Jaxson says:

    I’m going two go krazy and ITT meses my speling Up bAdlEy,

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