Connect At Home & Email Contact

Hi Class & Parents!

As discussed this afternoon, please show our blog to your parents at home. This resource is meant to assist and inform students and parents throughout the school year. Some key features include:

  • Agenda – assignment details and links to handouts
  • Subject Sections – with useful links
  • Daily / Weekly Questions – designed to share ideas

Students without Internet access at home will always have opportunities at school.

Any suggestions are always appreciated, simply send a reply to this post.

Parents interested in receiving periodic email contact can reply to this post with their name and email address. This information will not be posted in the blog.

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12 Responses to Connect At Home & Email Contact

  1. Joseph says:

    I think u have a really cool blog and I’m first to comment. (:

  2. Mr. Bell says:

    Thanks Joseph,

    Let me know if you come across any useful & educational sites I could add.

  3. Rem Murray says:

    happy you’re my teacher 😀

  4. Rem Murray says:

    i don’t like my picture wish i could change it

  5. Alex McLean says:

    I did my homework.

  6. isaac :) says:

    Will our homework be put up on the blog every day ?

  7. Sherrill Elfstrom says:

    I think this blog is a great idea!!! As a parent I like to know what is happening in my son’s class. Sometimes you don’t always get the whole picture. I would appreciate periodic e-mail contact.


    • Mr. Bell says:

      Hi Sherrill,

      Thanks for the feedback. One of my goals with the blog is to better connect parents with the classroom. I will add you to the email list. Please let me know if you have any ideas that would be useful for parents and students to add to the blog.


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